HC Deb 16 March 1993 vol 221 cc221-7W
Ms Mowlam

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland (1) if he will list the contracts awarded by his Department to(a) Cooper and Lybrand management consultants, (b)

Management consultancies awarded by the Scottish Office
Consultant 1991–92 Project
CEAS Consultants Review of Livestock Improvement Schemes
Price Waterhouse Unit Costing—Further Education Colleges
Price Waterhouse Management Information Systems—Further Education Colleges (Phase 1)
PE International Business Review of Directorate of Telecommunications
Castle Consultants Customer Care and Communication.
Ernst & Young Business Review of Financial Information Systems
Ernst & Young Public Expenditure Survey Feasibility Study
Coopers & Lybrand Market Testing in the Scottish Office
CCTA Education Department Information Systems Strategy Study
CCTA Social Work Services Group Information Systems Strategy Study
Peter Hyde Strategy for Change Information Systems Policy
Office Futures Office Information Systems
SRU Ltd Strategic Framework for NHS in Scotland
Touche Ross Procedure Manual on Contracts
PE International Review of Scottish Office Office Superannuation Division
Peat-Marwick Scottish Office Superannuation Division—Administration and Information Technology Support Systems
PA Consulting Services Scottish Criminal Record Office Automatic Fingerprint Recognition System
Quality Consulting Services Scottish Prison Service BS5750 Quality System
Marketing Initiatives Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning
HEDRA Scottish Prison Service—Management Planning System
Coopers & Lybrand Scottish Prison Service—Organisation Review
HEDRA Prison Board Workshop
HEDRA Scottish Prison Services—Information Services Strategy Study

Touche Ross management consultants, (c) Price Waterhouse management consultants, (d) Ernst and Young management consultants, (e) Chrichton Roberts Ltd., (f) KPMG management consultants and (g) Leopold Joseph management consultants, with the total cost of the contracts with each contractor, for (i) the past 12 months and (ii) 1991–92;

(2) how many contracts for consultancies were awarded by his Department over (a) the last 12 months and (b) 1991–92.

Mr. Lang

[holding answer 24 February 1993]: My Department does not hold centrally records of all work commissioned from external consultants. Details are, however, held centrally of my Department's use of management consultants; information for the year 1991–92 and for the current financial year to 31 January 1993 is set out in the table. Also set out are the total costs of all contracts with the named consultants. In two cases, only one project was undertaken and because of the need to maintain commercial confidentiality the contract cost has been withheld.

Consultant 1991–92 Project
Price Waterhouse Commissioner and Provider Roles
PA Consulting Group Local Authority Services
Peat Marwick McLintock Scottish Natural Heritage Pay and Grading
Investment Property Databank Financial Performance of New Towns Development Corporation Property Assets
PIEDA Housing Initiatives Survey
Coopers & Lybrand Local Development Companies Disposal of Industrial and Commercial Assets
G. Stobbs Management and Maintenance Review
Price Waterhouse Valuation of East Kilbride Direct Labour Organisation
Coopers & Lybrand Debt Write Off
PIEDA Interim Evaluation of Strathclyde Integrated Development Operation
PIEDA Highlands and Islands Interim Evaluation of National Programme of Community Interest
Goddard Kay Rogers & Associates Limited and Recruitment & Assessment Services Recruitment of Director of Human Resources for NHS—Management Executive
Hay Management Consultants Ltd Development of new pay system for NHS Managers
KPMG Management Consultants NHS Trust Application—Financial Evaluation
CSL Group Ltd NHS Management Executive—Accountancy Support
CSL Group Ltd Review of Contracts in NHS
Capita Scottish Office Market Testing Programme
Coopers and Lybrand Staffing Structure of Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
PIEDA Interim Evaluation of Strathclyde Integrated Development Operation
PIEDA Highlands & Islands: Interim Evaluation of National Programme of Community Interest
MVA Oil Related Employment Survey
HFA/PACEC/St Andrew's Economic Consultants Impact of Ferry Subsidies paid to CalMac on the Western Isles
Solid Solutions Scottish Electricity Privatisation—Collection of Final Instalment
MacKay Consultants Evaluation of Agricultural Development Programme for Scottish Islands
Dr. A. Rowley Scottish Agricultural Science Agency—Quality Assurance
Coopers & Lybrand Computer Migration—Historic Scotland
Touche Ross Pay and Performance Review—Historic Scotland
Touche Ross Structure of Local Government in Scotland—Advice on Financial and Qualitative Appraisal of Options for Change
KPMG Management Consultants Specification of Scottish Office Superannuation Division. Future Administrative and Information Technology Support Systems
KPMG Management Consultants Scottish Police College—Training and Information System Strategic
Touche Ross Scottish Police College Training Needs Analysis for Sergeants and Inspector Ranks
Price Waterhouse Police Service in Scotland—Activity Analysis Presentation
Faulds Advertising Evaluation of Campaign on Car Crime
Criminology and Law Research Group Identification of all non-police led crime prevention community initiatives in Scotland

Consultant 1991–92 Project
MVA Consultancy Evaluation of Scottish Office Funded Drugs Helpline
The Arkle Organisation Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning (2)
The Learning Centre Scottish Prison Service Training College—Industrial Relations
Anderson Lyall Scottish Prison Service Training College—Prison Officer Training
QTAC Business Services Scottish Prison Service Training College—Pilot Accreditation Study
Centre for Action Learning Scottish Prison Service Training College—Governor 5 Training
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service Training College—Total Quality Management
Savage Young and Associates Scottish Prison Service Training College—Quality Programme
Open Learning Centre—Perth College Scottish Prison Service Training College—Training for Trainers
PA Consultants Ltd Scottish Prison Service Training College—Governor Development
Hoskyns Group Plc Scottish Prison Service—Information Network—Full Study
MMM (Consultants) Scottish Prison Service—Procurement Review
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service—Review of Regime Activities
W. Marshall Scottish Prison Service—Review of Sex Offenders
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service—Migration Workshop
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service—Management Development
HEDRA Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning
Marketing Initiative Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning Workshop
PA Consultants Ltd Scottish Prison Service—Strategic Planning Workshop
Ernst Young Public Expenditure Survey: Phototype Development
Dr. Shelia Clarke Study and Review of Further Education Colleges Development Plans
Coopers & Lybrand Further Education Colleges Development Plans
Price Waterhouse Further Education College Implementation Planning Phases 2 and 3
Newell & Budge Service Level Management—Information Technology Services
LOGICA Data Communications and Cabling Strategy
SPEC Systems Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme Softwear for the Calculation of Transfer Values
Dun and Bradstreet Purchasing software Modifications (2)
Castle Consultants Information Systems—Policy Workshops
Peter Hyde Consultancy Skills—Training
LOGICA Information Systems Full Study
CCTA Information Systems Strategy Study
LOGICA Technical Support for the The Scottish Office Technical Strategy
PA Consultants Ltd Information Systems Full Study
Office Futures Preparation of Briefing for The Scottish Office Technical Strategy
SEMA Quality Assurance of The Scottish Technical Strategy
CCTA Support for Technical Strategy
Peter Hyde Policy Implementation Review

Value of contracts awarded by The Scottish Office to certain management consultants
Year and consultant Total cost of all contracts £
Price Waterhouse 119,000
Ernst and Young 49,800
Coopers and Lybrand 196,000
KPMG Management Consultants 92,500
1 April 1992–31 January 1993
Price Waterhouse 464,400
Coopers and Lybrand 107,500
KPMG Management Consultants 134,000
Touche Ross 80,700