HC Deb 23 June 1993 vol 227 c235W
Mr. Ainger

To ask the President of the Board of Trade if he will list the type and quantity in tonnes of(a) drilling chemicals and (b) production chemicals notified to him as discharged by offshore operations in each year since 1979; and what is his best estimate of the proportion this represents in each year of the total amount of each chemical discharged into United Kingdom waters.

Chemicals used/discharged 1991
Chemical Product Drilling Production Quantity (tonnes) discharged
Antifoam X X 5
Asphalts/asphalt based products X 32
Biocides X X 252
Carrier Solvent X X 1
Coagulants/Deoilers X X 119
Corrosion inhibitors X X 568
Cutting wash fluids X 16
Defoamers X 83
Demulsifiers X 119
Detergents/Cleaning fluids X 742
Dispersants X 268
Drilling lubricants X 163
Dyes X 32
Emulsifiers X 565
Fluid loss control X 628
Gas Treatment X 1,934
Gels X 5,361
Inorganic chemicals X 24,873
Lignosulphonates lignites X 245
Lost circulation material X 1,882
Oxygen scavengers X 116
Polymeric viscosifiers and filtrate reducers X 2,577
Shale inhibitors X X 3,300
Shale inhibitors/encapsulators X 1,100
Thinners X 83
Viscosifiers X 3,284
Weighting agents and inorganic gelling agents X 152,649
Total 200,997

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