HC Deb 27 July 1993 vol 229 cc841-5W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list the numbers of staff by grade that are employed in his Department and agencies in the automatic data processing functional specialism.

Sir John Wheeler

As of 1 July 1993, the following numbers of staff are employed as IT specialists to serve in the central business development service, the information systems units of each of the six Northern Ireland departments, the Northern Ireland Office, and the Police Authority for Northern Ireland:

  • 2 Grade 6
  • 13 Grade 7/Superintending Systems Analysts
  • 71 Senior Systems Analysts
  • 154 Systems Analysts
  • 147 Programmer Analysts
  • 144 Programmers

Additionally, there are a number of staff employed in the operation and support of mainframe computers in DHSS:

  • 1 Staff Officer
  • 6 EO1s
  • 4 EO11s
  • 9 AOs

Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list all the computer consultancies employed by his Department and agencies, since November 1991, the tasks for which they were engaged, and the total cost to his Department.

Sir John Wheeler

The information is as follows:

Department of Economic Development
Consultant Task for which engaged
Logicom Feasibility Study into Facilities Management
Logicom Software Support
Logicom Software Tailoring
Oracle Software Support
Quadratron Software Installation Review
Hoskyns Systems Administration Support
Oracle Database Development Support
Oracle Consultancy
CSC Index Corporate Information Management
Total cost £79,855

Department of Agriculture
Consultant Task for which engaged
Unisys Ltd. Sizing capacity of the Animal Health System for contingency purposes
Hedley Computer Consultants To check the Animal Health System to identify potential problem areas before the Spring business peak.
Stonehenge Consultancy Services Ltd. Study to advise on strategic, operational and data management issues as part of a Client Database investigation.
Stonehenge Consultancy Services Ltd. Advise on a Request for Information to the Trade for potential Data Dictionary suppliers and evaluation of responses.
Capita Management Consultants Ltd. Delivery and Quality Assurance of a Framework Report for a Geographical Information System.
Hewlett-Packard Ltd. Linking of equipment to the Laboratory Information Management System at the Veterinary Sciences Division.
Portfolio Systems Advice on software development and hardware procurement for the Grants and Subsidies System.
CCTA To appraise the way forward for the implementation of a computerised accounting system within DANI in the context of NICS policy on convergence.
Systar Ltd. A capacity Management Study to consider the efficiency of and identify any problem areas in the Animal Health System.
Systar Ltd. To assist in completing acceptance tests of a contingency Animal Health System, by a comparative analysis with the existing system of the capacity and performance of both systems.
CFM Group Ltd. Consultation on Oracle Financials for the Common Accounting System
Total cost £64,353

Department of Education
Consultant Subject of consultancy assignment
Touche Ross and Co. Information Systems Strategy Study in the Education Service
DIGITAL Development of IT Contingency Plan Procedures Manual
DIGITAL Networking Review of Digital Equipment in DENI
McDonnell Douglas Consultancy on Civil Service payroll Interface with CAFIS
CCTA Quality Assurance of IT Strategy
DIGITAL Equipment Company Pathworks (Lan) Software
CCTA IS Strategy Definition
Total Cost £169,130

Department of Finance and Personnel
Consultant Task for which engaged
Oracle Corp UK Ltd. Consultancy on UNIX systems
Oracle Corp UK Ltd. Consultancy on Oracle language
Class Ltd. Consultancy on SSADM

Consultant Task for which engaged
Digital Consultancy on Project Management
CCTA Scoping study for the IS Strategy definition
CCTA Implementation of NICS Telecommunications Project
ITAT Associates Ltd. Scoping study for NICS Datacoms network
CCTA Market-Testing of the VLO computer operations
CFM Assistance in the development plan re: IT operations
Belmin Development of Purchasing System
P. Wells Development of Purchasing System
J. Struthers Development of Purchasing System
A. Farrell European Satellite Information System
Purchasing Index (UK) Ltd. Development of Purchasing Index
CFM Feasibility study on the use of Electronic Data Interchange project
CCTA Strategy Scoping study DOE Planning Service
CCTA Common Accounting Project
CCTA Miscellaneous Consultancy Support
Coopers and Lybrand IT Market Testing Workshop
Computer Associate CA Superproject Consultancy
Oracle Corp Oracle Project for DOE
Inst. Software Engineering Preparation and running of CASE seminar
ICS Computing Open Systems Standards Project
Info Strategies Open Systems Standards Project
CSC Index Open Systems Standards Project
CCTA Customer Services Agreement
NCC Ltd. Open Systems Standards Project
Synaptics Estimating and Project Management
Lorien Group Report on use of Oracle with SSADM
Computer Search and Selection Identification of Programming Language for PRO
Software Ireland Open Systems Standards Project
Lucas Management Systems Artemis 7000 VMS Project
Elite Consultancy Introduction to Lotus—training course
University of Ulster Introduction to Personal Applications
Total cost £286,491

Department of Health and Social Services
Consultant Task for which engaged
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Examination of Child Support IT Strategy
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Review of Senior Management FAMIS System
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Replacement Mental Health Record System
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Quality Review and Strategic Planning of Non-Operational Strategy on Single Terminal Access Point
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Options Analysis and Recommendations to support Business Care for Interim Community Care Systems (NHSSB)
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Options Analysis and Recommendations to support evaluation of Mental Health Systems
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Options Analysis and Recommendations to support HPSS Maternity Systems
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Options Analysis and Strategy Study to support IT Systems in Antrim Area Hospital
Touche Ross Review of Child Support Management Information System Requirements
Touche Ross Integrated Complementing System Model
Touche Ross Options Analysis and Recommendations to support HPSS Laboratory Systems
Synaptics Date Communications X400 Network Project
BIC Systems Introduction of Network Guides
BIC Systems Specialised Assistance for Prescription Pricing System
Elite Consultancy Amendment to Project Cost Monitoring Software
Park Applications Social Security Agency—Salaries Module
Park Applications Specialised Assistance and Recommendations for Review of HPSS Finance Supplies Computer Systems
Sybex Consultancy Document Imagining Process
Insight Consultancy Security of DHSS Network
Insight Consultancy Options Analysis and Recommendations for IT Security related to HPSS Patient Administration Systems
Insight Consultancy Specialised Assistance in the formulation of generalised IT Security Guidelines for the HPSS
BIS Options Analysis and Recommendations to support Review of HPSS Data Communications Strategy
CAMS Implementation Support for READ CODES for Clinical Systems
Ernst and Young Options Analysis and Recommendations to support Business Case for Regional Contracting System

Consultant Task for which engaged
Capita Options Analysis and Recommendations to support HPSS Accident and Emergency and Radiology Systems
McDonnell Douglas Capacity Planning Review of Existing HPSS MDIS Machines

Department of the Environment
Consultant Task for which consultant engaged
Oracle UK Ltd. Vehicle Inspection and Driving Test Branch Quality Assurance
Water Service System Development
CSL (NI) Ltd. Rate Collection Agency System Development
DBI Associates Ltd. Roads Service IS Strategy Study
Coopers, Lybrand, Deloitte Water Service IS Strategy Study (ongoing)
Rate Collection Agency IS Strategy Study
Land Registry NIGIS Topographical Database System
Helm Corporation Ltd. Rate Collection Agency Quality Assurance
CFM Northern Ireland Facilities Management Driver Vehicle Testing Agency System Development
Data Capture to start System
ICS Computing Ltd. Driver Vehicle Testing Agency Interim Review of DVTA Project
Information Systems Unit Assistance with preparation of a Technical Specification for the Unix Processor
Oracle UK Ltd. Driver Vehicle Testing Agency Quality Assurance
DBI Associates Ltd. Information Systems Unit Telecoms Strategy Study
Roads Service Roads Service Routes
Aims Ireland Ltd. Information Systems Unit Assets Management System
Roads Service Computerisation of Road Traffic Accidents
Digital Equipment Co. Ltd. Information Systems Unit (for Driver Vehicle Testing Agency) IT Project Management Consultancy (ongoing)
Helm Corporation Ltd. Rate Collection Agency Replacement Computer System
Driver Vehicle Testing Agency System on Accrual Accounting
Coopers and Lybrand Driver Vehicle Testing Agency Programme for Productivity Models and Reports
Water Privatisation Study of Water Charging Regime
Information Systems Unit Rate Collection Agency—IS Strategy Study; Land Registry—NIGIS Topographical Database System
Wellington Computer Systems Ltd. Roads Service Street Lighting System
Lorien Computers Recruitment Ltd. Roads Service Feasibility Study into Bridge Management and Maintenance Project
TOTAL COST £636,000.00

Note: Information on the use of consultants in the Department of the Environment is collected and maintained for each financial year. Accordingly, the list for this Department shows computer consultants employed in the period 1 April 1991 to 31 March 1993.

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