HC Deb 26 July 1993 vol 229 cc712-3W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list all the computer consultancies employed by Ordnance Survey, since November 1991, the tasks for which they were engaged, and the total cost to his Department.

Mr. Baldry

The chief executive will write to the hon. Member.

Letter from D. Rhind to Mr. John McAlIion, dated 26 January 1993: The Secretary of State has asked me to reply to your question about Ordnance Survey expenditure on computer consultancy contracts since November 1991. The total expenditure on such contracts was £463,000. I attach a list of the contracts awarded showing the name of the contractor and the subject of the consultancy assignment. A copy of this letter and enclosure will be deposited in the House of Commons Library and the Public Information Office.

List of Consultancies—Computer based—November 1991 to date
Firm Purpose
Data Dictionary Systems Systems Architecture Plus Support
Roger Hipperson Agents Plotting System
Oracle Validation of AAP Database scheme
Mera Business Systems Enhancements to Mera
London Business Commercial Exploitation of OS Data
Roger Hipperson Gui Developments
Mera Business Systems Tuning of Mera
Mera Business Systems Night Cover for Year End Procedures
Thew Consulting PMC System Configuration
Thew Consulting Training for PMC Package
Mera Business Improving Service Levels
Roger Hipperson Superplan Plotting System
Know Edge Ltd. GIS Support
Documedia Transfer of Smart Data Base Records to Calm System
Grosvenor Consultancy Services Market Testing of Computer Operations
Roger Hipperson Graphic Application Development
Logica Defence Spatial Database Development
Dr. DeRoure WAN Consultancy
Smallworld Systems Ltd. GIS Consultancy
Mera Business Modification of Software

Systems Purpose
Compass P.C. Based output system for Customer Supply
Oracle Database design review
Oracle Support for Purchase and Payables System
Mera Enhancements to Mera System
CSC Europe Configuration Management Investigation
ESRI Software development Project 1993
C and G College of Higher Education Use of SDM Methodology for in-house Oracle Programme
Mera Enhancement to Mera System

Systems Purpose
GID Validation of NTF Version 2.0
MVA Systematica OSCAR Database Project
Oracle Addresspoint Database Configuration
CSL Market Testing—Preparation of Bid for Computer Operations
Mera Enhancement to Mera System
Dr. DeRoure Use of UNIX Daemons
Oracle Addresspoint Database Health Check
Digital DEC System Ultrix Performance Assessment
Mera Enhancements to Mera System
Admiral Feasibility study for ICS function for registration under BS575O
Alprange Development of Electronic Mail System
Mera Development of Mera
AIM Consultancy for trial to meter use of OS Data