HC Deb 25 January 1993 vol 217 cc518-20W
Mr. Ainger

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what are the United Kingdom's international search and rescue commitments under(a) the Chicago convention on civil aviation 1947, (b) convention of the high seas 1958, (c) convention on safety of life at sea 1974, (d) the maritime search and rescue convention 1979 and (e) other relevant treaties or conventions to which the United Kingdom is a signatory.

Mr. Norris

[holding answer 21 January 1993]: The United Kingdom's international search and rescue commitments under (a) international convention on civil aviation 1944—Chicago convention—are: Each contracting State undertakes to provide such measures of assistance to aircraft in distress in its territory as it may find practicable, and to permit, subject to control by its own authorities, the owners of the aircraft or authorities of the State in which the aircraft is registered to provide such measures of assistance as may be necessitated by the circumstances. Each contracting State, when undertaking search for missing aircraft, will collaborate in co-ordinated measures which may be recommended from time to time pursuant to this Convention.

(b) convention of the high seas 1958 are: Every coastal State shall promote the establishment and maintenance of an adequate and effective search and rescue service regarding safety on and over the sea and—where circumstances so require—by way of mutual regional arrangements co-operate with neighbouring States for this purpose.

(c) convention of safety of life at sea 1974 are: Each Contracting Government undertakes to ensure that any necessary arrangements are made for coast watching and for the rescue of persons in distress at sea round its coasts. These arrangements should include the establishment, operation and maintenance of such maritime safety facilities as are deemed practicable and necessary having regard to the density of the seagoing traffic and the navigational dangers and should, so far as possible, afford adequate means of locating and rescuing such persons.

(d) international convention on maritime search and rescue 1979 are: Parties shall ensure that necessary arrangements are made for the provision of adequate search and rescue services for persons in distress at sea round their coasts".

There are no other relevant search and rescue conventions and treaties to which the United Kingdom is a signatory.

Mr. Ainger

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the names of members and organisations they represent at the United Kingdom search and rescue committee and the district search and rescue and safety committee responsible for south-west Wales.

Mr. Norris

[holding answer 22 January 1993]: A local coastal search and rescue committee responsible for south-west Wales has yet to be established. The district marine safety committee for Wales is split into subcommittees concerned with specific areas. Those present at the meeting of the sub-committee responsible for Whiteford Point to Cardigan Island including Milford Haven, Pembroke Dock and Fishguard were:

  • Mr. J. Leak—DOT (Chairman)
  • Mr. J. Frost—MHPA
  • Mr. J. Haines—Cory Towage Ltd.
  • Mr. G. Taylor—Llanelli District Council
  • Mr. D. Williams—Llanelli District Council
  • Mr. T. Bennett—Preseli District Council
  • Mr. R. Phillips—Carmarthen District Council
  • Mr. C. Morgan—Saundersfoot Harbour Commissioners
  • Mr. F. V. Mountney—South Pembrokeshire District Council
  • Mr. T. Lloyd—Dyfed County Council
  • Mr. N, Saul—Sealink UK Ltd.
  • Mr. M. Earley—HM Coastguard
  • Mr. D. Millar—HM Coastguard
  • Mr. M. P. Jones—MAFF
  • Capt. N. Sainsbury—Cardiff Marine Office, DOT
  • Mr. N. J. Spring—Cardiff Marine Office, DOT
  • Mrs. A. Hay—Cardiff Marine Office, DOT (Secretary)

The members of the United Kingdom Search and Rescue Committee are as follows:

  • Mr. C. J. Harris (Chairman)—DoT DMEO
  • Cdr. D. T. Ancona—DoT Chief Coastguard
  • Mr. J. Astbury—DoT HMCG
  • Capt. R. Pomphrey—DoT DSG1B
  • Mr. A. G. Thorning—DoT Civil Aviation Safety Adviser
  • Ms. D. Parkin—DoT CAP2
  • Mr. E. J. Glover (Secretary)—DoT MEAD
  • Miss P. A. Brown (Assistant Secretary) DoT MEAD
  • Wg Cdr. M. J. Carlyle—MoD SAR (RAF)
  • Wg Cdr. White—Wg Cdr. Air RAF HQ 18 Gp
  • Mr. C. Kingham—MoD (Air)
  • Cdr. P. G. Millar—MoD (DNW/WASF)
  • Mr. J. R. G. Clark—MoD SEC (AIR)
  • Mr. R. M. Wilton—British Telecom
  • Mr. R. Burdess—British Telecom
  • Mr. H. E. Brenchley—Meteorological Office
  • Mr. I. Small—CAA C(G)2
  • AVM J. F. H. Tetley CB CVO—RNLI
  • Lt. Cdr. B. Miles—RNLI
  • Cdre. G. R. Cooper—RNLI
  • Mr. R. A. Hall—Chamber of Shipping
  • Capt. J. R. Corke—UK Offshore Operators Association
  • Capt. N. MacD Turner RD—Trinity House
  • Mrs. A. Welch—The Royal Aero Club
  • Mr. R. Sjoberg—Royal Yachting Association
  • Mr. B. Hayman—Royal Yachting Association
  • Mr. W. F. Hay CBE—Scottish Fishermen's Federation
  • Mr. R. Allan MBE—Scottish Fishermen's Federation
  • Mr. G. E. Lawry—Cornish Inshore Fishermen's Federation
  • Mr. D. R. Bond—National Union of Marine, Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers (NUMAST)
  • Mr. M. Howard—National Union of Marine, Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers (NUMAST)
  • 520
  • Capt. D. Whatling—British Air Line Pilots' Association (BALPA)
  • Mr. T. Santamera—National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT)
  • Mr. J. Kinahan—National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT)
  • Capt. W. A. Kirwan—Director, Irish Maritime Emergency Service (IMES)
  • Capt. A. V. Cherry—British Air Transport Association (BATA)
  • Mr. R. D. Mapleson—British Air Transport Association (BATA)
  • Capt. D. M. Cowell—Isle of Man Government
  • Mr. Jeffard—North Yorkshire Police
  • Mr. F. MacLennan QPM FBIM—Deputy Chief Constable
  • ACPO(S)—Northern Constabulary
  • Mr. R. Evans—Assistant Chief Constable
  • ACPO(W)—South Wales Constabulary
  • Capt. R. M. Bullen—States of Jersey
  • Capt. T. A. Spencer—States of Guernsey
  • Capt. P. R. White—British Ports Federation
  • D. C. G. Brook Esq. CB CBE—Civil Emergencies Adviser Home Office

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