HC Deb 21 January 1993 vol 217 cc406-9W
Mr. Foulkes

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the members and chairpersons of each health board in Scotland and the annual scale of remuneration payable to each at 1 January.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

The information requested in respect of the health board chairpersons and members who receive remuneration for their membership is as follows:

Annual remuneration £
Argyll and Clyde Health Board Chairman
Mr. R. R. Reid 17,700
Mr. N. M. Faccenda 5,000
Mrs. M. A. Foggie 5,000
Dr. J. Moffat 5,000
Mrs. E. S. Lander 5,000
Mrs. J. C. Le Roux 5,000
Mr. C. H. Parker 5,000
Ayrshire and Arran Health Board Chairman
Mr. W. S. Fyfe 14,835
Mr. J. Cahill 5,000

Annual remuneration £
Mr. I. B. Valentine 5,000
Mr. J. W. G. Donaldson 5,000
Mrs. A. Dunbar 5,000
Dr. K. G. Fegan 5,000
Mr. J. H. Greene 5,000
Borders Health Board Chairman
Dr. D. H. Pringle 11,960
Dr. D. W. Cameron 5,000
Lady Sanderson 5,000
Mr. R. A. Stewart 5,000
Mr. D. A. G. Kilshaw 5,000
Miss M. Marshall 5,000
Mr. J. P. Metcalfe 5,000
Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Chairman
Mr. J. A. McIntyre 11,960
Mrs. V. M. I. Jardine-Paterson 5,000
Mr. W. Seright 5,000
Mr. W. I. Wilson 5,000
Mr. H. S. McFadzean 5,000
Mrs. J. D. Tulloch 5,000
Dr. A. P. D. Wilkinson 5,000
Fife Health Board Chairman
Mrs. A. H. Ferguson 14,835
Mrs. S. L. Aitken 5,000
Dr. C. J. Ingram 5,000
Mrs. M. Steedman 5,000
Dr. A. C. A. Alexander 5,000
Mr. F. J. R. Craig 5,000
Mr. G. M. Thomson 5,000
Forth Valley Health Board Chairman
Mrs. J. I. D. Isbister 14,835
Mr. K. Harding 5,000
Mr. P. A. Joynson 5,000
Mr. C. S. R. Stroyan 5,000
Mr. E. T. M. Bell-Scott 5,000
Dr. G. B. Hasting 5,000
Mrs. K. A. Smith 5,000
Grampian Health Board Chairman
Dr. C. A. Macleod 20,180
Professor D. Ogston 5,000
Mr. N. Thornton-Kemsley 5,000
Mrs. J. G. A. Wisely 5,000
Mrs. C. A. Ferguson 5,000
Greater Glasgow Health Board Chairman
Sir Thomas J. Thomson 25,140
Rev. R. D. M. Campbell 5,000
Mrs. A. Gilchrist 5,000
Professor R. M. Mackie 5,000
Mr. P. W. Holst 5,000
Mr. W. C. McCreath 5,000
Mr. A. Scobbie 5,000

Annual remuneration £
Highland Health Board Chairman
Mr. J. D. M. Robertson 14,835
Mr. D. J. Mackay 5,000
Mr. C. Neilson 5,000
Mrs. S. G. H. Stone 5,000
Mr. J. G. Ligertwood 5,000
Mrs. A. MacPherson 5,000
Mrs. C. Thomson 5,000
Lanarkshire Health Board Chairman
Mrs. B. M. Gunn 17,700
Mrs. A. S. Hinshalwood 5,000
Mr. R. J. Logan 5,000
Mr. J. Thomson 5,000
Dr. W. Criggie 5,000
Mr. I. L. Livingstone 5,000
Mr. J. P. Robison 5,000
Lothian Health Board Chairman
Dr. J. W. Baynham 22,660
Professor R. C. B. Aitken 5,000
Mrs. G. Barton 5,000
Mr. G. S. Millar 5,000
Mr. J. A. Campbell 5,000
Mr. R. Findlay 5,000
Mrs. M. B. M. Knox 5,000
Orkney Health Board Chairman
Mr. J. Leslie 7,200
Captain M. Gunn 2,000
Mrs. E. B. Kerr 2,000
Dr. J. S. Walker 2,000
Mr. J. Flett 2,000
Mr. E. M. Gibson 2,000
Mr. J. Rendall 2,000
Shetland Health Board Chairman
Mrs. F. B. Grains 7,200
Mrs. T. A. Leslie 2,000
Dr. M. D. Hunter 2,000
Mr. J. Telford 2,000
Mrs. M. U. Colligan 2,000
Squadron Leader B. P. Gregson 2,000
Mr. R. L. Johnson 2,000
Tayside Health Board Chairman
Mr. J. C. MacFarlane 20,180
Mrs. S. H. Fallon 5,000
Rev. L. E. Luscombe 5,000
Professor R. E. Olver 5,000
Rev. K. Campbell 5,000
Mr. D. W. M. Davidson 5,000
Mr. R. J. Jarvis 5,000
Western Isles Health Board Chairman
Mrs. M. A. MacMillan 7,200

Annual remuneration £
Mr. J. H. Downie 2,000
Mr. A. W. Hay 2,000
Mr. A. Matheson 2,000
Dr. S. M. Brydon 2,000
Mrs. C. R. MacAskill 2,000
Mr. J. A. Harrison 2,000

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