HC Deb 03 February 1993 vol 218 cc192-5W
Mr. Blunkett

To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many pamphlets the national health service management executive has published in the last year; if she will list the title, the recipients and the cost of each pamphlet; and if she will make a statement.

Dr. Mawhinney

[holding answer 25 January 1993]: In the 12 months to 21 January 1993 the national health service management executive prepared and issued 57 pamphlets, leaflets and brochures to managers and staff in the NHS. The table gives the project number, description, cost and to whom it was sent.

Project/Project description Category Cost (£) Sent to
C50/104 Alliances for health booklet (DCED) P 4,885.00
C50/105 Clinical coding booklet (IMG) P 495.00
C50/108 HC92 MFG booklets (Wessex RHA) P 6,838.00
C50/110 Rec. Broch. for Leeds admin. Staff (PRIME 1) P 15,900.00
C50/I13 IMG News issue 10 (NHSISA1) P 2,627.00
C50/120 Local voices brochure reprint (PMD3B) P 987.00
C50/121 IMG Aim booklet (NHSIS) A, P 1,695.00
C70/006 Health service research strategy booklet A, D, T 7,584.63
C70/006 Health service research strategy booklet D 3,525.00
C70/006 Health service research strategy booklet P 8,700.90
C71/001 Hermes publicity leaflet D, A, P 2,231.00
C71/003 Nursing perspective leaflet issue 1 A, P 504.00
C71/004 Nursing perspective leaflet issue 2 A, T, P 1,046.00
C71/005 C71/RM update issue 3 A, P 1,876.00
C71/013 Risk assessment and RM brochure and leaflet P 5,480.00
C71/014 Nursing perspective leaflets 1 and 2 reprints P 1,476.00
C71/017 Ernst and Young RM booklet P 2,805.00
C71/023 Business planning for medical records booklet P 2,996.00
C71/024 Mental health systems survey booklet P 3,296.00
C71/025 RM in the community health services booklet P 2,995.00
C71/026 Casemix management systems survey booklet A, P 4,067.00
C73/009 VFM Update March 1992 D, A, T, P 2,440.00
C74/007 Demonstrably different II brochures A 325.48
C74/007 Demonstrably different II brochures D, A, T 41,891.11
C74/007 Demonstrably different II brochures D 587.00
C74/007 Demonstrably different II brochures P 11,695.00
C74/008 Ref: The First Six months booklet P 24,830.00 Managers and women
C74/009 Women in the NHS—Opportunity 2000 leaflet D, A 2,106.78
C74/009 Women in the NHS—Opportunity 2000 leaflet P 8,007.35
C74/010 Ambulance and other patient trans serv pub P 4,247.00 NHS managers and women
C74/011 NHS Trust finance manual D, A, T 4,512.00
C74/018 Women in the NHS booklet A, T, P 8,871.25
C74/019 NHS women's implementation guide P 5,857.82
C76/004 RMU design consultancy/catalogue printing D 32,579.81
C76/004 RMU design consultancy/catalogue printing Del. 40.28 NHS managers
C76/004 RMU design consultancy/catalogue printing P 18,361.83
D70/007 NHSME annual report and broadsheet 97,208.88
D71/014 Purchasing for the charter booklet 2,338.25
D72/003 Total quality management projects pub. 20,000.00
D72/013 Report on 6 maternity units 9,642.60
D73/001 NHS women's implementation guide 15,005.95 Women and managers
D73/001 Women's employees guide to opportunity 2000 60,632.41 Over 500,000 women and to NHS managers
D73/016 Celebration of success book 31,938.36 Senior NHS managers
D73/016 Reprint of opportunity 2000 booklet 6,932.50 NHS managers
D74/001 VFM update 7 3,055.00 NHS managers
D74/003 Ward materials management 711.00 NHS managers
D74/005 VFM summary report nursing skill mix 759.50 NHS managers
D76/001 Disp management summary booklet 8,769.88 NHS managers
D80/OI4 First steps for the NHS (Focus Book) 45,000.00 NHS managers
D89/003 NHS reg. of comp. Applications (IMG) 1,924.00 NHS managers
D89/004 Queue action reprint (CMME4) 2,235.00
DX89/006 Grad. Rec. NHS finance function (FCIB4B) 6,616.76 Personnel and finance
D89/009 Secondments Oxford seminar (91/92) (Prime 2) 1,900.22 NHS managers
D89/015 Ambulance and other pat. trans. booklet (HPU) 1,542.00 NHS managers
D89/018 IMG News issue 11 (IMG) 2,339.13 NHS managers
D89/021 Total quality management (CMME4) 22,815.00 NHS managers
D89/035 Purchasing for health newsletter 28.78 NHS managers
D89/037 IMG News issue 12 (IMG) 2,578.40 NHS managers
D89/041 Data interchange standards booklet (IMG) 1,775.00 NHS managers
D89/042 Local voices SR (PMD3B) 1,022.00 NHS managers
D89/053 IMG News issue 13 (IMG) 1,967.98 NHS managers
D89/054 Health service indicators leaflet (FCIB8) 1,408.83 NHS managers
D89/056 Data quality review (IMG ME (C)) 2,518.56 NHS managers
D89/058 this is the IMG reprint (IMG) 1,938.00 NHS managers
D89/066 Data quality review No. 2 (CCSU) 1,300.00 NHS managers
D23/017 "This is the IMG ME" booklet 1,938.00 NHS managers
D90/002 ME News Feb 92 (TRANS 91/92) 7,375.90
D90/003 ME News March 92 (TRANS 91/92) 6,022.59
D90/004 ME News April 92 7,463.48
D90/005 ME News May 92 8,984.19
D90/006 ME News June 92 8,463.69
D90/008 ME News July 92 10,585.87
D90/009 ME News August 92 9,500.00
D90/010 ME News September 92 8,933.46
D90/011 HOTN News inserts 998.75
D90/012 ME News October 92 11,000.00
D90/013 ME News November 92 11,000.00

Project/Project description Catagory Cost (£) Sent to
D90/014 ME News December 92 12,000.00
D90/015 ME News January 93 12,000.00
C33/010 "This is the IMG" booklet reprint P 8,067.00 NHS managers
C33/016 IMG literature translations and print P 3,485.00
C90/016 January 1992 P, Dist, Photos 7,861.19 Throughout the NHS