HC Deb 03 February 1993 vol 218 c191W
Mr. Grocott

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, pursuant to her answer of 26 January,Official Report, column 689, on the west midlands, what information she has on the number of hospital beds at the dates given.

Dr. Mawhinney

The information is shown in the table. The number of beds, however, is not a good indicator of patient activity over the period in question as my earlier reply indicated. As in my earlier reply to the hon. Member, figures for 1991–92 are provisional. Validated figures will be published shortly.

Total available beds in West Midlands RHA
1979 1990–91 11991–92
West Midlands 36,263 26,591 24,774
1 Provisional.

National Health Service Management Executive

Table of pamphlets, leaflets and brochures issued to managers and staff in the national health service in the 12 months to 21 January 1993

Key: P=Print, D=Design, A=Artwork, Del=Delilery charges, T=Typesetting, Dist=Distribution and Mailings, F=Fulfilment,

HLOS=Health literature ordering service

Project/Project description Category Cost (£) Sent to
C50/018 Purchasing for patients issue 6 (DCED) P 1,076.00
C50/027 Sharing developments issue 3 (DCED) A, T, P 4,906.80
C50/029 GP Computer survey booklet (NHSIS) D, A, T, P 7,930.00
C50/034 Purchasing for patients issue 7 (DCED) P 966.00
C50/042 Sharing developments issue 4 (DCED) D,A, P 5,214.65 All sent to NHS managers
C50/042 Sharing developments issue 4 (DCED) P 1,034.00 All sent to NHS managers
C50/048 IMG News issue 7 (NHSISA1) P 1,762.06 All sent to NHS managers
C50/051 Purchasing, Teaching and research booklet (DCED) P 2,179.00 All sent to NHS managers
C50/052 NHS Reg. of Comp. Apps. Info. guide (NHSISA1) D, A 1,727.25
C50/052 NHS Reg. of Comp. Apps. Info. guide (NHSISA1) P 2,798.00
C50/057 Purchasing intelligence brochures (DCED) P 2,179.00
C50/068 'This is the IMG' advert leaflets (NHSISA1) P 566.00
C50/069 IMG News issue 8 (NHSISA1) P 2,389.40
C50/070 Purchasing for patients issue 8 (DCED) P 1,098.00
C50/073 (EOR) Outpatients computer prog. booklet P 9,470.00
C50/074 EOR booklet (EOR) A, P 996.00
C50/076 Clinical audit leaflet (NUR) D, A, T 507.60
C50/076 Clinical audit leaflet (NUR) P 593.38
C50/083 Working for patients leaflet (NHSRIU) A, T, P 1,149.15
C50/085 Purchasing for patients issue 9 (DCED) P 1,045.00
C50/088 Local voices publication (PMB3B) P 2,827.00
C50/092 Total quality management project P 2,500.00
C50/093 IMG News issue 9 (NHSISIA1) P 2,178.93
C50/100 Purchasing for patients issue 10 (DCED) P 1,113.00
C74/007 Demonsrtrably different IT (CEM-ME4) P 8,000.00

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