HC Deb 03 December 1993 vol 233 cc788-91W
Mr. Nigel Evans

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will publish a statement on the forthcoming business in the European Community's Council of Ministers.

Mr. Heathcoat-Amory

The information is as follows:

Council of Ministers' business for December 1993 1. The following meetings are planned. 2 December: Special Foreign Affairs Council. 2 December: Development Council. 2-3 December: Environment Council. 5 December: Special ECOFIN Council. 6 December: Research Council. 6-7 December: Foreign Affairs Council. 7 December: Telecommunications Council. 10 December: Energy Council. 10-11 December: European Council. 13-16 December: Agriculture Council. 13-14 December: ECOFIN Council. 13 December: Health Council. 16 December: Internal Market Council. 17 December: Industry Council. 20-21 December: Foreign Affairs Council. 20-21 December: Fisheries Council. 22 December: Social Affairs Council.

2. The following subjects are likely to be discussed.

(a) 2 December. Foreign Affairs Council Uruguay Round GATT Commercial Defence Instruments

(b) 2-3 December: Development Council Development Co-operation policy in the run-up to 2000 Rehabilitation Aid Mid-term review of Lomé IV Democracy, human rights and development Follow-up to UNCED Relations with South Africa Projects concerning tropical forests

(c) 2-3 December: Environment Council Car emissions Packaging Ozone Layer Regulation Copenhagen Amendment Ratification Decision Amendment to Hazardous Waste Directive Amendment to Birds Directive Climate change (including Convention Ratification Decision) Landfill PCBS/PCTS Civil liability Green Paper UNCED follow-up Implementation and enforcement of EC law

(d) 5 December: Special ECOFIN Council Preparation for European Council 10-11 December Broad economic guidelines (article 103(2) of Treaty on European Union)

(e) 6 December: Research Council Fourth Framework Programme—adoption of common position (Poss) Council Resolution on Material Test Reactors—adoption (Poss) Negotiate Mandate for ITER Protocol 2—adoption (Poss) Sprint—extension—adoption.

(f)6-7 December: Foreign Affairs Council Preparation of 10-11 December European Council Publication of votes (Poss) Access to information Revision of Council Rules of Procedure Right to vote and stand in EP elections (Poss) Accession negotiations Institutional aspects of enlargement Relations with Morocco (Poss) Negotiating mandate for new agreement Relations with Tunisia (Poss) Negotiating mandate for new agreement Relations with Israel (Poss) Negotiating mandate for new agreement Relations with Russia (Poss) PCA Uruguay round Member State participation in MTO Dual-use Goods (Poss) Ex-Yugoslavia South Africa: joint action (Poss) Middle East: joint action (Poss) Appointment of European Observer for Cyprus problem European Energy Charter Anti-dumping (Poss) Dead-burned magnesite from China

(g) 7 December: Telecommunications Council Agenda available.

(h) 10 December: Energy Council Hydrocarbons Licensing Directive Coal State Aids Decision Internal Energy Market Commission Communications on Thermie Energy Objectives to the year 2005 Trans-European Energy Networks Energy Charter Treaty Energy Safety in Eastern Europe/FSU

(i) 10-11 December: European Council White Book on Growth, Competitiveness and Employment Article 103 broad economic policy guidelines GATT Enlargement, including institutional issues Subsidiarity Ballardur Stability Pact Former Yugoslavia Justice/Home Affairs Co-operation

(j) 13-16 December: Agriculture Council Set-aside Oilseeds Agrimoney Sugar New Zealand butter New Zealand sheepmeat Pesticides Plant breeders rights Animal feeding stuffs (enzymes) Inspection fees Welfare at slaughter Welfare in transport Poultry/poultry meat Beef market (poss) Sheep market (poss)

(k) 13-14 December: ECOFIN Council Follow-up to European Council 10-11 December 1993 (adoption of Council recommendation on broad economic policy guidelines). Report on progress with economic and monetary convergence and with the implementation of Community law concerning the Single Market. Interest rate subsidies for EIB loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. Progress with ratification of the European Investment Fund. Preparation of the second stage of EMU. Listing particulars directive (document 4199/93, COM (92)566). (Poss) Amending directive on the co-ordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to the Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) (document 4901/93. COM(93)226) (Poss) Withholding tax on savings. Carbon/Energy Tax (document 7018/92, COM(92)226) 7th VAT directive. (Poss) Excise duties on mineral oils. (Poss) Interest and Royalties Directive. Portuguese Convergence Programme Taxation of Savings (Poss) Interest and Royalties Directive

(l) 13 December: Health Council Draft Resolution on Europe Against Cancer Programme (4832/93) Draft Resolution on the Extension of Europe against AIDS Programme into 1994 (9397/93) Draft Conclusions on Blood and Blood Products (4593/93) Draft Conclusions on a European Epidemiological Network (9400/93) Draft Council Directive on Tobacco Advertising (COM(92)196 final). Any other business.

(m) 16 December: Internal Market Council (Poss) Data Protection (Poss) Recreational Craft (poss) Motor Cycle Power (poss) Economie Sociale (poss) Trademarks (poss) European Pharmacopoeia (poss) Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions (poss) Pension Funds (poss) 14th amendment to Marketing and Use of Dangerous Substances Directive (poss) Food Labelling (poss) Additives other than sweeteners and colours

(n) 17 December: Industry Council agenda unavailable

(o) 20/21 December: Foreign Affairs Council Enlargement negotiations in the margins.

(p) 20/21 December: Fisheries Council TACS and Quotas (all elements) Structures Spain and Portugal Third country landings licensing Restructuring of fishing fleets

(q) 22 December: Social Affairs Council agenda unavailable