HC Deb 23 April 1993 vol 223 cc223-4W
Mr. Llew Smith

To ask the Prime Minister if he will set out responsibilities of each Government Department regarding the import and export of(a) plutonium and (b) other nuclear materials, to and from the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister

The Department of Trade and Industry is responsible for the issuing of import and export licences for controlled plutonium and other specified nuclear materials. The controls are implemented under the Import, Export and Customs Powers (Defence) Act 1939 as amended by the Import and Export Act 1990. The

Item Tax satisfied Conditions or wishes Date of MGC
(£) recommendation
Two busts by Rysbrack 418,920 Conditional 24 February 1987 14 August 1987
Land at Nolands Farm 57,600 Unconditional Not applicable
Portrait by Greenham 8,500 Conditional 11 February 1992
Portrait by Van Dyck 404,544 Conditional 25 September 1991
Portrait by Reynolds
Rembrandt etching and 31 illuminated manuscripts 139,923 Conditional 3 May 1990
Sculpture by Henry Moore 87,500 Conditional 11 February 1992
Painting by Beccafumi with chalk study and two Michaelangelo diagrams 119,000 Wish Beccafumi works to Fitzwilliam and diagrams to the British Museum 26 May 1992
Sheringham Hall chattels 119,119 Conditional 13 July 1989
Charles I silver gilt standing cup and cover 206,015 Unconditional 27 April 1992
Painting by Reni 2,492,875 Conditional 21 June 1991
Corbridge Lanx silver dish 1,832,000 Conditional No formal recommendation
Chattels at Nostell Priory 30,820 Conditional 21 June 1991
Barrington Archive and a model gun ship 147,000 Unconditional 29 January 1993
Unconditional 8 September 1992
Two Hepworth-Nicholson sculptures 156,750 Conditional 5 February 1993
Collection of glass 99,975 Conditional 8 September 1992

The total expenditure for the 1992–93 financial year was £6,324,875.13. This includes a further payment for the Statham porcelain collection which was accepted in 1991–92. Of this £4,324,875 was met by access to the reserve.

Mr. Faulds

To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage whether he will specify the amounts of inheritance tax satisfied in connection with the acceptance of objects and property, which have been covered in the public accounts by means of resort to the reserve in respect current controls are contained in the Import of Goods (Control) Order 1954 and the Export of Goods (Control) Order 1992. HM Customs and Excise are responsible for taking action as necessary under the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 to enforce these controls.

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