HC Deb 02 November 1992 vol 213 cc23-5W
Mr. Grocott

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list those countries against which the United Kingdom is applying economic sanctions, indicating in each case the international and national authority for the sanctions, the extent of the sanctions, their duration and the terms under which they would be lifted.

work being commissioned, stating for each of these who were the original and subsequent consultants and briefly describing the subject matter of the consultancy work; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Goodlad

Consultancies are awarded, after a competitive tendering exercise, to the company considered best able to provide value for money in terms of quality of work and price. The information requested is set out in the table.

Mr. Douglas Hogg

The United Kingdom currently applies economic sanctions against the following countries:

  1. (a) Iraq: Comprehensive economic sanctions, excluding only supplies for medical purposes, foodstuffs and goods for essential humanitarian needs. Imposed under United Nations Security Council resolution—UNSCR—661 of 6 August 1990. Conditions for lifting these sanctions are set out in section C of UNSCR 687.
  2. (b) Libya: Arms embargo, ban on air links and some aviation-related trade. Imposed under UNSCR 748 of 15 April 1992. Lifting of sanctions is contingent on Libyan compliance with UNSCR 731.
  3. (c) Serbia and Montenegro: Comprehensive trade embargo, except food, medicines and humanitarian goods. Imposed under UNSCR 757 of 30 May 1992. Sanctions will be reviewed following Serbian compliance with UNSCR 752.

The schedule list national authority for implementing these resolutions.

United Kingdom legislation implementing United Nations sanctions against Iraq, Libya and Serbia and Montenegro Legislation was created by the passage of Statutory Instruments through Orders in Council to implement in the United Kingdom the provisions of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 661, 748 and 757.


  • The Iraq and Kuwait (United Nations Sanctions) Order 1990: SI No. 1651 (8 August).
  • The Export of Goods (Control) (Iraq and Kuwait Sanctions) Order 1990: SI No. 1640 (8 August).
  • The Iraq and Kuwait (United Nations Sanctions (Amendment) Order 1990: SI No. 1768 (29 August).
  • The Iraq and Kuwait (United Nations Sanctions) (No. 2) Order 1990: SI No. 1987 (5 October).

Separate legal directions were issued by HM Treasury on 2 and 4 August to freeze certain Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets:

  • The Control of Gold, Securities, Payments and Credits (Kuwait) Directions 1990: SI No. 1591 (2 August).
  • The Control of Gold, Securities, Payments and Credits (Republic of Iraq) Directions 1990: SI No. 1616 (4 August).

The Bank of England issued Notices on 7 August:


  • The Libya (United Nations Prohibition of Flights) Order 1992: SI No. 973.
  • The Libya (United Nations Sanctions) Order 1992: SI No. 975.

Serbia and Montenegro

  • The Serbia and Montenegro (United Nations Sanctions) Order 1991: SI No. 1302.
  • The Serbia and Montenegro (United Nations Prohibition of Flights) Order 1992: SI No. 1304.