HC Deb 24 February 1992 vol 204 cc404-6W
Mr. Devlin

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what resources and projects have been directed to the Blue Hall, Ragworth, Portrack and Tilery areas of Stockton-on-Tees in each year since 1980.

Mr. Key

The table provides details of approved expenditure under the urban programme and estate action since 1987–88.

Urban Programme
Portrack Tilery
Landscaping Portrack 22,000
Black Path Park 50,000
Riverside Landscaping 36,000
Blue Hall
Blue Hall Housing Centre 152,000
Urban Programme
Portrack Landscape Master Plan 2,000
Security/Environmental Grants 50,000
Blue Hall
Health Visiting Project 52,000
Urban Programme
Portrack Tilery
All Weather Playing Surface 176,000
Security/Environmental Grants 50,000
Green Dragon Museum Enhancement 56,000
Portrack Lane Shops 29,000
Blue Hall
Blue Hall Street Lighting Improvements 84,000
Blue Hall Catering 22,400
Urban Programme
High Street Commercial Improvement Zone 35,000
Norton Road Commercial Improvement Zone 75,000
Townscape Works 8,000
Security/Environmental Grants 70,000
Blue Hall
Tenants Participation 31,000
St. Michael After School 116,000
New Blue Hall Community Project 62,000
Blue Hall/Ragworth
Conservation Work in the Community 115,000
Health Needs 5,500
Estate Action
Portrack Flats 250,000
Urban Programme
High Street Commercial Improvement Zone 50,000
Norton Road Commercial Improvement Zone 50,000

Source Relative contribution per cent. per cent Estimated quantity released into the environment each year, g TCDD1
Municipal incinerators 20.00 1,500
Domestic coal fires 11.00 800
Vehicle exhausts 7.00 500
Coal-fired industrial plant and power 5.00 200 coal-fired industrial plant
stations 160 coal-fired power stations
Chemical incinerators 0.06 a few grams
Hospital incinerators 0.40 30
Other sources: fires, metallurgical processes, etc 26.40 6.4 6 Cigarettes
450 Stubble burning
13 Accidental fires

Ext. Improvements to Key Building 70,000
One Stop Advice Centre 300,000
Tenants Management Co-op 71,000
Portrack Flats Concierge Wardens 135,000
Victoria Estate Landscaping 134,800
Blue Hall
Prevent Unwanted Pets 5,000
Ragworth Community Centre 249,000
Estate Action
Portrack Flats 275,000
Energy Efficiency Scheme
Ragworth Estate 190,000

Note: These figures do not cover local authority expenditure in these areas from the housing investment programme and other capital programmes.

Information regarding investment prior to 1987 is not available in the form requested. Stockton on Tees BC became an urban programme authority in 1987. The estate action programme commenced in 1986.

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