HC Deb 02 December 1992 vol 215 cc258-81W
Dr. Moonie

To ask the President of the Board of Trade (1) if he will list the name of each company which received an award from his Department under the LINK scheme, the programme area of each award granted and its value, in each year since 1990–91;

(2) if he will list the name of each company which received an award from his Department under the small firms merit award for research and technology scheme, the project title of each award granted and its value, in each year since 1990–91;

(3) if he will list the title of each advanced technology programme, the value of each programme and the names of each organisation involved in the programmes, in each year since 1990–91;

(4) if he will list the name of each company which received an award from his Department under the EUREKA programme, the project title of each award granted and its value, in each financial year since 1990–91;

(5) if he will list the name of each company which received an award from his Department under the support for products under research scheme, the project title or process name of each award granted and its value, in each year since 1990–91.

Mr. Leigh

[holding answer 1 December 1992]: It is not the normal practice of the Department of Trade and Industry to publish names of recipients of grants for collaborative research and development projects. Such information is treated as commercial-in-confidence. However, under the SMART competition and the support for products under research—SPUR—scheme, companies specifically agree to disclosure of their names, and in the case of SPUR they also agree to disclosure of the value of the grants.

Recipients of grant offers under SMART and SPUR are listed, with grant values in the case of SPUR. For LINK and advanced technology programmes the names of programmes are given, together with the value of grant offers made by financial year. For EUREKA, DTI-funded projects are listed—the "EUREKA year" begins in June.

Value of DTI grant offers made (£)
LINK Programmes
Programme titles 1990–91 1991–92 1992–93 to date
Advanced Semiconductor Materials 4,616,076 1,531,499 1,790
Agro-Food Quality 0 1,445,300 61,700
Asymmetric Synthesis 0 353,800 0
Biochemical Engineering 1,012,752 1,065,226 678,261
Biotransformations 715,702 0 254,680
Control of Plant Metabolism 68,890 27,358 0
Crops for Industrial Use 52,990 0 0
Design of High Speed Machinery 326,107 2,102,868 193,078
Enabling Technologies for Advanced Rotorcraft 0 116,000 0
Enhanced Engineering Materials 0 0 14,184
Eukaryotic Genetic Engineering 388,852 169,829 24,130
Food Processing Sciences 1,336,368 1,635,545 100,300
Hydrocarbon Reservoirs 0 511,000 333,000
Industrial Measurement Systems 587,219 1,389,358 118,411
Medical Implants 590,370 205,740 7,200
Molecular Electronics 622,600 0 0
Molecular Sensors 282,702 236,740 0
Nanotechnology 808,120 2,910,000 790,120
New Catalysts and Catalytic Processes 610,653 674,312 0
Optoelectronic Systems 4,795,194 4,055,033 1,909,430
Personal Communications 400,000 1,300,000 250,000
Power Electronic Devices and Derived Systems 376,700 877,300 411,200
Protein Engineering 243,686 1,704,400 312,500
Selective Drug Delivery and Targeting 0 0 0
Structural Composites 628,007 1,693,169 344,074
Technology for Analytical and Physical Measurement 1,414,443 1,218,607 186,737
Technologies for Sustainable Farming Systems 0 0 0.0
Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 425,150 266,009 0.0
Value of Grant Offers made for Projects within Programmes 20,302,581 25,489,093 5,990,795
Consultancy, Awareness and Training 483,027 673,472 265,777
Total value of DTI grant offers made 20,785,608 26,162,565 6,256,572

The names of the businesses, and the project titles, which have received awards under the small firms merit award for research and technology (SMART) scheme in 1990–91, 1991–92 and 1992–93 to date are listed. The value of each award is commercial in confidence.

1990–91—Stage 1
A. K. & E. M. Campbell Trust Aerating Plant
1Abbey Biosystems Limited Brain Oxygenation Monitor
ABR Partnership Treatment of Leachates
1Abwood Machine Tools Limited High Performance Grinding Machine
Add Control Limited Specialised Motor Controllers

The values of DTI grant offers made for each scheme are as follows:

Value of DTI grant offers made
£ million
1990–91 1991–92 11992–93
LINK 20.8 26.2 6.3
EUREKA 22.2 15.1 3.4
Advanced Technology Programmes 20.1 42.3 12.8
SMART 10.6 12.6 27.9
SPUR 12.4 7.2
1 To date.
2 Estimated.

1Advanced Design and Manufacture Limited High Temperature Plastic Heat Exchanger
Alfas Industries Limited Intumescent Sealant Tape
1Ampys Limited Amplitude Limited
1Andor Technology Limited Miniature Spectral Analyser
1Animax Limited Animax Fermentation Project
1Applied Sensor Research Limited Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring
1Argon Electronics Simulation Radiation Dosimeter
1Bafbox Limited Injection Mould Tool
Ball Burnishing Machine Tools Limited Trib-Joints
1F. Bamford (Instruments) Limited High Pressure Transducer

Bank House Practice and Med Lab Service Evaluation of Leucocyte Activity
1Beran Instruments Limited Alternative Data Transmission
1Biosyn Limited Novel Milk Assay System
1Botham Engineenng Limited Large Structure Memory Management
R J Burston Fibre Optics
Cambrian Plastics Limited Camplas "Fiberloc" System
1Cambridge Antibody Technology Small Molecule Detection
1Capital HPLC Specialists Capillary Columns Development
1Caraderm Limited Novel Skin Application
Cell Adhesion Research and Development Design of Bioreactors
Cell Systems Limited Freeze Drying Sperm and Blood
CFM Metal Fax Limited Liquid Ring Machine
Cheema Technology Limited Coatings—Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Management Services Limited Synthesis of Hydrofluorocarbons
1John Chubb Instrumentation Test Shielding Capabilities
Clarinet Systems Limited Handheld Electronic Map on CD
1Clinicaid Limited Novel Range of ECG Electrodes
1 Clive Durose Woodturners Limited Woodturning Lathe
Colebrand Limited Crack-sealing
Columbus Positioning Limited Vehicular Positioning System
1Cryogenic Technology Limited Intra Organ Cryosurgery
CSE (Nottingham) Limited Telemetry System
1D B Electronics Limited Standard—C. Fax
1Danbiosyst UK Limited Vaginal Hydrogel Polymer System
1 Dena Technology Limited Colloidal Mixing Techniques
1Dextra Laboratories Limited Oligosaccharides
1 Digital Real Time Systems Limited Digital Signal Processing
1Digitrol Limited Disk Eraser
1 DSP Consultants Limited Digital Audio Noise Reduction
E & L Instruments Limited Logic Array Trainer
1E R & F Turner Limited Computerised Flaking Machinery
1 Edgley Aeronautics Limited All Composite Wing Spar Lug
1 Edinburgh Sensors Limited Carbon Dioxide Detector
Electronic Systems (Notts) Limited Fluorescent Light Controller
Eng Measurement Analysis and Test Ship Propulsion by Wind Power
ER Fluid Developments Limited Variable Displacement Pump
1Europa Scientific Limited Metabolite Detector
1Exotherm Products Limited Polystyrene Waste Densification System
1Extek Limited Extek X1000 Telephone
1FFR Ultrasonics Ultrasonic Plate Fastener
1Firmac Limited Production of Bends in Ducting
Flowercrete Systems Limited Flowscreed
Formold Limited Pallet Trays for Glassware
Formtheme Limited Ambulatory Data Logger
Fosse Limited The Fosse Filler
Foster Findlay Associates Limited Image Analysis Software
1Fred Limited Wind Powered Water Treatment
Fungal Control Systems Limited AIB Development
Gallex Limited Fibre Optics for Robotics
1Dr Jason Gardosi Novel IUCD
Gilden Research Radar Transponder Product Line
Green Marine Lymington Limited Pultruded Composite Yacht Spar
1Gwent Electronic Materials Limited Dielectric Materials
1Robin Hamilton ET2-Litter Collecting Vehicle
HE Associates Dental Bridges

1Helix Biotechnology Products for Gene Technology
1High Force Research Limited Aqueous Phenolic Effluents Treatment
Owen Holland Neural Network Control System
1Holmes Newman Associates Food Quality Control
1Hughes & McLeod Limited Synthetic Reeds
1Hycontrol Technology Limited Industrial Microwave Systems
Iden Croft Herbs Limited Preservation of Edible Flowers
1Immune Systems Limited Cell Culture Priming
1Index Data Systems Limited Mosaic
Industrial Development Bangor (UCNW) Membrane Instrument
Industrial Health Limited Multi-sensor Instruments
1Ingenion Design Limited Low-cost Optical Transducer
Instrument Transformers Limited Optical Techniques
1Integral Vision Beam Straightness Machine
1Integrated Display Systems Limited Clavis Belt Tensioning Equipment
Integrated Silicon Systems Limited Signal Processing Chip
1Intelligent Applications Limited Electronics Troubleshooting
Interactive Meetings Limited Tablet
Interdive Limited Submersible Diving System
1Jennings Winch & Foundry Co. Limited Electro Conductive Resins
1Jestar Limited Inverted Brushless DC Machine
Keepers Developments Limited H P Biotech Cell Disrupter
Kilim Plastics Heat Transfer System
Kindbrisk Limited Atom Probe
1Knowledge Based Services Food (Formal Object Oriented
Limited Design)
Koral Scientific Limited Electron Microscope Module
1Laser Hire Colour Laser Scanning System
1 Link Technologies Limited ImprovedLinkerMolecules/ DNA
1Linhoff March Limited Separation Technology
1Liquid Levers Innovation Limited Reflecting Road Stud
1Magna Industrials Limited Magnabond B Alumino Silica
1 Magstim Co. Limited Novel Nerve Electromyograph
1 Mangar Aids Limited Perairscope
1 Marcher Enterprises Limited OphthalmicCamerafor Glaucoma
1 Marine Inertial Systems Limited Inertial Sensing Unit
1 Maritime Dynamics Limited Prototype Container Crane
Marline (General Engineering) Limited Sports Turf Compaction Relief
1 Mass Transfer Limited Biological Effluent Treatment
Matrix Systems Micro-Plate Incubator
Medcen Consultancies Ophthalmic Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Laser Technologies Limited Isotropic Optical Probes
Metal Crystals and Oxides Limited Crystals for Acousto-optics
Micronomy Limited Remote Printer Driver
1 Microplotter Engineering Limited Non-Contact Bar Code Reader
Microsys Consultants Limited Icon Based Software System
Microsystem Design Specialists Limited Gas-Phase Sensor
MIE Medical Research Limited Clinical Gait Analysis System
Minima Industrial Model Making Optical Connectors
1 Mirage Inks Limited Detoxification of Printing Ink
G. W. Mitchell Steering System for Trailers
MLC Limited Colour Dry Silver Imager
Moonstone Computers Limited Proximity Sensing Keypad
1Motorised Air Products Limited Fire Safety Damper
1 Multitech Limited Silver Photochemical Machining
M4 Data Limited Optical Recording F/Study
1Neural Solutions Automatic Equipment Monitor

Operating Theatre Systems Opcheck
1Oretech Marine System Limited 'Rapid'
Dr. R. M. Parkin High Speed Inspection
1Pathology Management Services Limited Microbiology Control
1Photoware Limited Chemolog/Chemomaster
Planar Projects Planar Research Project
Polymedica Industries UK Limited Novel Gas
I. T. Power Limited Hydro-Turbine
1Proven Engineering Products Limited Wind Turbine Blade System
PWM Drives Limited Fluid Infusion System
PWS Research and Developments Limited Low Alcohol Drinks
1Q-Par Angus Limited Microwave Components
1Quantec Image Processing Limited Measurement of Components
1Radicode Clocks Frequency Synchronisation System
1Ravensworth Limited Heat Resistant Polymer
Real Photographic Limited Microfiche Duplicator
Reddish Electronics Limited Mass Analysis Profiler
Remonsys Limited Electronic monitoring/fridges
Reredos Limited Hi-loch sculling oars
Roaton Design Consultants Tele-nav
Rockwell Hitec Limited Recycle Photographic Chemicals
Rodar Developments Monitoring of land-fill sites
1Safe Training Systems Limited Radiation Monitor Simulation
1Salford Technology PLC Optical Character Recognition
1Julia Schofield Limited DML—A Presentation Manager
Sense and Vision Electronic Electronic Fertility Assessment
Systems Limited
1Sensit Limited Novel Load Cell
1SES Technology Consultants Laser Glass
Shorfast Limited Garment Transport System
Sifran Structural Glazing Limited Structural Glazing System PT4
1Sirius Analytical Instruments Limited pKa Analyser
Sprayforming Developments Limited Layered Silicon Steel Strip
1St. Andrews Electronics Limited Data Calculators
Stone Heroes Limited Marezzo Moulded Marble
Structure Testing Services (UK) Limited Surface Penetrating Radar
Swift 943 Limited Portable Electronic Notepad
1Swiftlogic Limited Cad Tool for EMI Analysis PCBS
1System Silicon PLC Speech compression
1Systems Eng (Lancaster) Limited Multi-purpose Sonar
1Tangent Technology Design Association Limited Portable IT Device
Thermal Engineering Systems Limited High Humidity Heat Exchequer
Thermal Measurement Systems Thermosure
1Tor Systems Limited High Speed Personalised Ticket Dispenser
Tri-Vac Dispense Limited Beverage Dispensers
1Valeport Marine Scientific Limited Molecular and Optical Sensors
1Vignan Medical Technology Limited Caries Detector
1VLS Limited Auto Visual Inspection System
Warwick Design Consultants Limited Ceramic Swash Plate Motor
'Watersearch Limited Marine Hazard Warning Device

1Wolfson Microelectronics Limited Enhanced Analogue Components
>1E. Wood Limited Polymer Coatings
Worthington Richardson Designs Colour Change Medical Gloves
1M. J. R. Young and R. Bradnock Removal of Plastic Bone Cement
Zetetic International Limited Electromagnetic Signature ID System
1 Received Stage 2 awards in 1991–92.

1990–91 Stage 2
Abbey Biosystems Limited Blood Glucose Monitor
Abbey Instruments Limited Bacterial Colony Counter
Advanced Technology Control and Optimising System
Manufacturing Systems Limited
Air Safety Products Limited Life Support and Location System
Anthony Best Dynamics Limited Novel Noise Source
Barnard Microsystems Limited Integrated Microwave Circuit
Biocell Research Limited Gold Labelled DNA
Biopharm (UK) Limited Dissolution of Blood Clots
Biosyn Limited Safe Diagnostic Kits
Biotechnology Process Services Limited Chromatographic Media
Bodymedic Limited Remote Blood Pressure Monitor
Boverton Electronics Limited Skin Tissue Condition Monitor
Bradford University Research Limited NOAA Receiving System
Burkard Manufacturing Co. Limited Microbiological Air Sampler
M. H. Butterfield Machine Reading of Handwriting
Camera Alive Limited Realtime Camera
Cedeta Research Limited Electronic Pain Relief Device
Cell Adhesion Research and Development Measurement of Cell Adhesion
Centripetal Technology Limited Industrial Scale Cole Vacuum
Cirrus Research Limited Technology Area Noise Monitor
Clyde Product Technology Limited Protection for Printed Circuit
Crossflow Microfiltration Limited Treatment of Rural Waters
CSE (Nottingham) Limited Telemetry Slip Ring
D. C. Clarke Extensible Pneumatic Cylinders
Danbiosyst UK Limited Polymeric Peptide Delivery System
Edinburgh Instruments Limited Microscope Based Spectrometers
Ensigma Limited A Speaker Verifier
Enzymatix Limited Therapeutic Phospholipids
EST Research Limited Power System Development
Exotech Limited Ultrasonic Stud Monitoring
Fermentech Medical Limited Hyaluronic Acid in Joints
Fiox Limited Fibre Optic Image Inverter
Friction Technology Limited Thin Geometry Tooling
Fyne Designs Limited Aqua-Nova Bathing Facility
Giltech Limited Novel Dialysis Fluid
Green Land Systems Limited Green Land Compost
Haser Co. Limited Haser
Hereford Herbs Limited Herb and Spice Beads
Hi-Tec Metals R&D Limited Low Pressure Casting System
Human Machine Interfaces Limited Electronic Energy Analyser
Hydramotion Limited Sonic Plane Density Sensor
Insight Logistics Limited Automatic Interactive Visual Scheduling
Integrated Sensors Limited Detector of Charged Particles
Intellemetrics Limited Impact Emission Spectroscopy
Ion Tech Limited RF Excited Ion Beam Source

Isle Optics All Solid State Laser
Knight Scientific Bioluminescent Materials
KX Technology Limited Low Temp Cooling System
Lancashire Fittings Limited Lead-free Soft-Solder
Logicflit Limited Combined Elemental Mass Spec. System
Marchbanks Measurement Systems Limited Cerebral and Cochlear Fluid Pressure Measurement
Marine Inertial Systems Limited Heave Independent Motion
MCA Services Micronised Silver Chloride
McFairmond Advanced Technology Limited Fast Burn Technology
Medix Limited Novel Insulin Delivery System
Micrograph Design Limited Pressure Measuring Instruments
MJA Dynamics Limited Analysis of Rotating Machinery
Molecular Products Limited Novel Absorbent
Newcastle Photometric Systems Limited Multi-point Low Light Detector
Novocastra Laboratories Limited Monoclonal Antibodies
Optics & Vision Limited Innovative Binoculars
Oxford Positron Systems Limited A Low Cost Hidac Camera
Oxford Sensor Technology Limited Automatic Windscreen Insertion
Paxdata Limited Data Comms
Prometheus Developments Limited Polymeric Intumescent Compound
PWM Drives Limited Microelectronic Controller
Quatro Biosystems Limited Detection of Drug Abuse
Reeve Analytical Limited Chromatographic Data Systems
S&C Thermofluids Limited Exhaust Powered Air Inducers
S. L. Electrotech Limited Intelligent Fire Sensor System
Salford Ultrafine Chemicals and Research Limited Preparations of Morphine
Seescan PLC Exportable Image Analysis System
Sensit Limited Micro Based Transducer Display
Sherwood Technology Development Limited New X-Ray Substrate
Shrinemark Limited Conductive Composite Tubing
Somerset Fruit Machinery Limited Fruit Collector
Stoneleigh Associates Limited Precision Imaging
Systems Solutions Limited Guided Vehicle System
Tetronics Research and Development Co. Preparation of Ferro Titanium Alloy
Translift Engineering Limited Space Saving Fork Truck
Tribotics Limited Research Affecting Chromosome Separation
Ultra Laboratories Limited Industrial First Aid Dressing
Vetstream (Development) Limited Info Management System—Vets
Voltech Instruments Limited Portable Power Analyser
Warwick Design Consultants Limited Open Water Dive Trainer

1991–92 Stage 1
A. W. Technology Infra Red Sensing
Abbotsbury Software Limited Diver Management System
Acorn Chemical Limited The Biocote Project
Actuated Controls Limited Ultra Low Pressure Instrument
Advanced Fluid Systems Limited Electro-Rheological Decelerators
Advanced Insulation Products Limited Foam Dispense System
Aerogen Co. Limited Aerofume
Algotronix Limited Digital Workbench
Andover Software Kits Speech Processing Transceiver

Antig Engineering Hypocycloidal Engine
Aston Molecules Limited Anti-Tumour Agent
Baugh and Weedon Limited Hand Held Flaw Detector
Bede Scientific Instruments Limited Miniature X-Ray Detectors
Bendoran Boatyard Submersible Shellfish Platform
Anthony Best Dynamics Limited Testing of Vehicle Bodies
Bio-Diagnostics Limited Assay for Nephrology
Bioprocessing Limited Affinity System
A. Bissell Real-time Scan Conversion
Bookham Technology Limited Silicon Integrated Optics
Z. Brierley Limited Tool and Cutter Grinder
Cairngorm Climbing Rope Limited Strain Indicative Climbing Rope
Cambridge Radiation Technology Limited Horizontal Drilling System
Cardio Carbon Limited Percutaneous Access Device
Castle Associates Limited Hand and Arm Risk Measurement
Celect Electronics Remote Thermal Sensor
Centre for Software Maintenance Limited Inverse Engineering for Software
Ceratex 3D Ceratex 3D Transfers
Clinical Product Development Limited Intra-Operative Suction
Contra Vision Polyester Processing
Counting Technology Portable Particle Analyser
Cytocell DNA Probe for Cystic Fibrosis
Definitive Projects The Intelligent Claw
Dian Micro Systems Limited Data Acquisition System
Digital Engineering Limited ISDN Terminal Adaptor/ Modem
Digital Imaging Systems Limited Neural Network Image Processor
DLB Systems Limited Clinical Trial Data Management System
Drew Scientific Limited Micro Albumen Urea Analyser
Ecossensors Limited Disposable Environment Sensors
Elara Associates Exhaust Gas Monitor
Elimax Limited Robotics in Protein Crystallisation
Encrypta Electronics Limited The Re-Usable Security Seal
Energy Technology and Control Limited Combustion Control Coal Boiler
Envirotech Partnership Fluid Separator Prototype
Euro Dental A New Dental Filling Material
Exoptek Limited Machine Vision Depth Encoding
Faxbase Faxbank
Flow Simulation International Limited 4GL Field Modelling Tool
Focusopen Limited Symbol Agglutination Reader
Formal Systems (Europe) Limited Tank Quantity Modelling System
Gaeltec Limited Telemetry Transducer Link
Geoquip Limited Perimeter Security Sensor
Glance Information Systems Limited Elapsed Event Display
Gratek Manufacturing Limited Microfilm Imaging Project
Gwilym Jenkins and Partners Limited Scenario Testing Software
Gyrotech Limited Rotaflex
Gyrus Medical Limited Acid-Check
Hallmarket Limited Turf Harvester
Henrob Limited High Speed Rivet Collation
Hirst Magnetic Instruments Limited Permanent Magnet Measurement
Holscot Industrial Linings Limited Fluoroplastic Material
Roger Hurrey Microprocessor Project
Immune Systems Limited A Monoclonal Antibody

Immunodiagnostic Systems Limited Diagnostic Technology for Vitamin C
Innovadent Technics Limited Magnetisable Cap Component
Innovative Technology Limited Note Acceptor NA-1
Integrated Design Techniques Limited Non Linear Search Algorithms
Integrated Micro Products Limited Predictable Open Systems
Intelligent Applications Limited Expert System Based Energy Auditor
Intelligent Solutions Partnership Process Optimisation
Inventions Limited Node Neural Networks
J. P. J. Engineering Services Limited Ceramic Energy Saving Tuyere
Kayvar Engineering and Automation Limited Solid State Current Correction System
Kern Electrical Components Limited EMC Components for new EC Regulations
Knight Scientific Automated "Abel" Monitoring
Knudsen Computer Products Portable Reader
Kudos Corporation Limited Exhaust Conditioning System
KX Technology Limited Platinum-in-Ore Analyser
Life Support Engineering Limited Long Duration Breathing Apparatus
Lightwork Design Limited Computer Graphics Simulator
Liquid Crystal Technology Limited Low Cost LCD Animation
Liquids Research High Quality Ferrofluids
W. G. Lucas and Son Limited Electronic Sewing Machine
Macon Management and Design High Speed Encoder
Marbco Engineering Limited Filling for Fire Extinguishers
Marine Data International Limited Split Ship Sea Going Canal Vessel
Marine Project Development Limited Detensioner Device
Marshall Biotechnology Limited Solid State Temperature Control
Maxys Circuit Technology Limited Neural Accelerator System
Mecon Math Modellers Work Bench
Medical Advice Service for Travellers Abroad A new live typhoid vaccine
Medical Document Imaging Systems Limited Project "VAST"
Medical Express (UK) Limited Preservatives in Toiletries
Meter Controls International Limited Domestic Hot Water Controller
Metropolitan Business Services Heating Device to Strip Paint
Jonathan A. Michaels Devices for Medical Laser Applications
Microbial Systems Limited Microbial Colony Discriminator
Miller Dent Pressure Regulator
Modular Mouldings Firebird II
D. Moore Pipemaster
MRP Electronics Limited Survivor
Multilyte Limited MultiAnalyte Immunoassay System
Mumed Limited Pulmonary Function Monitor
Neptune Sonar Limited Diver Communication System
New Metals and Chemicals Limited Carbon Fibre Reinforcement
Novocastra Laboratories Limited Monoclonal Antibodies
R. J. and R. S. Nunny—T/A Sea Sediments Seabed Stability
Oilfield Chemical Technology Drilling Fluid Development
Oldham Controls Yarnspec Equilength
Optical Metrology Limited Optical Distance Measurement
Orion Gas Seals Limited Front Depression Dry Gas Seal
Oxford Lensats Limited Variable Focus Lenses and Mirror
Oxford Metrics Limited Analysis of Himan Kinematics
Oxford Sensor Technology Limited Optical Tracker Robot Welding

Pacer Systems Limited High speed scalloping of lace
Pennine Automation Limited New Generation Machine Tool
Pentagram Technical Services Limited Automated Drive for Microwave
Perifleur Products Limited Orbital Plant System
Alfred Peters Limited New Technology Audiometer
Peterson Holographies Hologram Lighting System
Pharmaceutical Proteins Limited Trojan Sperm
Pitchline Transmissions Limited Gear Coupling and Test Rig
Pixel Power Limited Graphics Supercomputer
Planck Instruments (UK) Limited Chemical Analysis
Pollution Control and Measurement Limited Portable Optical Dust Monitor
Power Electronics Controls Electric Arc Sensing
Precision Drilling Limited Super Saw Project
Prendergast and Hickey Voice Driven Machine Interface
Prestek Limited High Speed Label Printer
Prometheus Developments Limited Self Reinforcing Plastics
Quality Systems and Technology Limited Open Net
Quatro Biosystems Limited Auto Feed Sampler
Quest Refrigeration Manufacturing Limited Rotational Moulding
RAD Scientific Photodynamic Cancer Diagnosis
Radiocode Clocks Precision time and frequency Distributing System
Radicontact Limited Zonal Intrusion Detection
Rapaway Energy Limited Energy Reduction for Castings
Research Instruments Cell Wall Penetration Technique
Rhodes Technology Refinement of Herbal Therapy
Robotec Limited Low Level Palletizer
Rockfield Software Limited Mesh Generating System
Rowan Technologies Corrosion Monitoring
Russell Paterson Membrane Characterisation
Sea-Tek Limited Fish Counting Biomass Measurement
Seatron Limited Laser Nocturnal Simulator
Selective Antibodies Limited Monoclonal Selective Antibody
SES Technology Consultants Fast Radiosotope Imager
Sonic Systems Electromagnetic Coupling
Specialists Refractory Service Dental Investment Materials
Spring Research and Manufacturing Association Limited Auto Spring-End Coning Machine
Springco (NI) Limited Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine
Stakesolve Limited Intelligent Bar Code
Sterling Design International U Tube Control Tool
Sulcated Springs Limited Sulcated Spring Development
Surface Active Limited Monoclonal Anti-Body Detection System
System Products Limited Electronic Tennis Trainer
Systems Solutions Limited Auto Test Equipment
T-Plan Systems Limited The M Plan Applicator Generator
Tailor Made Systems Limited Predictive Lighting Maintenance
Adam Thatcher Limited Real time monitoring of fall discharge
Tilt Measurement Limited Roll Free Tilt Sensor
TINT Ion Mobility Spectrometer
Total Temperature Control Limited Electronic Control
Track Analysis Systems Limited Radon and Thoron Dosemeter
Transeise Seismic Process/Geophysical
Trent Valley Water Systems Limited Solar Water Sterilisation Unit
Tritec Developments Limited Fibre Tip Power Meter
UK Plant Services Limited Low Emission Waste Gas Burner
Viking Designs Limited Radiotherapy X-Ray Detector
Viridian Bioprocessing Limited Biotreatment Organic Compounds

Waller Designs Ultrasonic Power Unit
Warren Logic Limited Underwater Communication System
Roger West Laboratories Limited Truck Self Weighing System
Worthington-Richardson Designs Surgical Laser Structure
X-Tek Systems Limited Pulsed X-Ray Source
York Equimed Limited Infra Fred Heart Rate Meter
York Software Engineering Limited Zeta Feasibility Study
Zeta Controls Limited Smart Controls
Zytek Systems Limited Battery Car—Computer Control
2V Microsystems Limited Wind Generator Kits
3D Scanners Limited Pantina—the "Colour 3D Scanner"

1992–95 Stage 1
A. Carter & P. Tilsley T/A Computer PK The Signal Centre
A. G. Designs Limited Non-Contact Strip Gauge
ABN Engines Concept Compression Ignition
Acorn Business Company Limited Solar Heat Engineer (SHE) Pump
Airborne Particle Classification Airborne Particle Classifier
Airrite Building Services Limited Variable Area Diffuser
AL-ECO Systems Limited Modular Hydroponic Product Panel
Alan G. Jones Chemical Bond Based Microchip
Animax Limited Materials Technology Project
Apex Developments Limited Development of Oxygen Sensors
Applied Technology Developments Limited H/Speed Piezo Electric Valve
April Agri-Biologicals Limited Centrifugal Fabric Generator
Armstrong Projects Limited Orthrobot
Arnage Design Engineering Limited Mini Neutral Buoyant Manipulator
Atlantech Technologies Limited High Speed Local Loop Modem
Avimar Systems & Components Limited Advanced Hardware Marine Radar
Bath Analytical Drug Sensitivity Testing
Beran Instruments Limited Hardwood Railway Sleepers
Bio Tools Genome Placement System
Biocell Research Laboratories Metallic Particle Labell, Assay
Biocolor Glycan Assay Kits
Biopharm (UK) Limited Leech Salivary Hyaluronase
Blackwater Electronics Electronic Hydrometer
Bunting Titanium Limited Titanium Valve
Cabtrac Electronics A Mains Paging System
Cal Gavin Limited Enhanced—2 Phase Flow—Tube
Cambridge Antibody Technology Blood Test for Prenatal Screen
Cambridge Concept Limited Vehicle Immobilizer System
Cambridge Optical Sciences Demultiplexer
Ceramic Developments (Midlands) Limited UV Curing Ceramics/Polymers
Chiprack Electronic Systems Limited High Density Modular PC
Cirrus Research Limited A Noise Dose Badge
Cogent Diagnostics Limited Rheumatoid Dipstick Assay
Computer Industry Research Unit Multipoint Audio Video
Copeland Fluid Power Limited Development of Fluidic Motor
Cryogenic Limited A Low Cost MRI Magnet
Customflex Limited Spinal Disc Replacement
D. G. Teer Coating Services Limited Self Lubricating Hard Casting
David James Cundall Solar Energy Battery
De Montfort Management Limited "SERRA" A New Kind of Mirror
Dextra Laboratories Limited Carbohydrate Antigens

Digital Real Time Systems Limited Modular Active Control System
Don Whitley Scientific Limited On-Line Microbial Sensors
Dr. Cross and Dr. Binner Water Potential Meter
Dr. Paul A. Clifton Manufacture of Metal Alkyls
Dr. R. G. Bardsley Genetic Profiling Kit
E. M. Electronics Limited Low Level Isolated Measuring
East Riding Laboratories Limited Hydrogel Drug Delivery System
Economobile Projects Limited Variable Geometry Turbocharger
Edgley Aeronautics Limited Composites in Aircraft
Edinburgh Instruments Limited Surf Structure Port Analyser
Eident Limited Laser Based Depilatory System
Eldon Technology Limited 16:9 Display Small Signals SEC
Electron Microscope Services D.L.C. on Glass Knives
Environics Limited Mass Emissions Meter
Evans Engineering Limited High Speed Water Turbine
Everlastings Preserving Plant Materials
Filtec Limited Cenosphere Classification
Fred Limited Pulsed Delivery for AGR Sprays
FSL Electronics Limited Street Light Fault Monitoring
Fulleon Limited High Efficiency Sounder Transd
Global Specialities Corporation (UK) Limited Intelligent Signal Analyser
Goodwin Air Plasma Limited New Plasma Technology
GPE (Bulk Solids Handling) Limited Vacuum Aerator Feed Nozzle
Gwent Electronic Materials Limited Al Inks for Auto Glass
Gwernafalau Cyfyngedig Improved Method-Rapid Prototype
H. E. Associates Unleaded Glass Crystal System
Haematest Limited Development of Visualiser
Harley Scientific Instruments Fibrous Aerosol Detector
HDP Consultant Engineers Sign Capture and Verification
High Force Research Limited Fluorinated Aids Anticorrosion
Holmes Newman Associates Automatic Meat Quality Measure
Hughes Whitlock Limited Detection of Microbial Contaminants
Image Processing & Vision Company Limited Dental Imaging System
Index Data Systems Limited Artemis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group Treatment of Crohn's Disease
Infra-Therm Limited Thermal Mannequin
Innervision MRI Small MRI
Intec Design Limited Centrifuge with Sealable Rotor
Integral Solutions Limited Clementine Data Mining System
Integrated Bus Networks Limited Architecture Data Comm Router
Integrated Display Systems Limited Moving Belt Tension Measurement
International Telesystems Limited Voice Recognition Development
Interstellar Systems Limited Simultaneous Windows
Iomed Non Invasive Test
Ion Vac Technology Limited Pollution Free Vacuum Coating
Isle Optics Laser Control Devices
Janner Enterprises Limited Q Nect Connector
JME Limited X-ray Stress Analysis
John Ashworth & Partners Decorative Pyrophytic Coatings
K. & L. Engineering Tube Filling Machine
L. Jankovic Self Learning Electronic Chip
Leading Edge Research Limited Fibre Optic Sensor Bushing
Less Common Metals Limited High Purity Indium Production
Lexcel Technology Lithium Sulphur Trioxide Battery
Lightdatec Fibre Optic Comms. Limited Peripheral Shaving Using Radio
Lloyd Doyle Limited High Speed Optical inspection

Magna Industrials Limited Isostatic Pressing (Dry Bag)
Marvell Consultants Limited On-Line Particle Analysis
MCA Services Novel Biosensor Electrodes
Medicina Limited Gastric Tonometer
Medimech International Limited Sharps Protection Feature
Metals Research Semiconductors Limited Novel Multi-Wafer Movpe System
Michael J. Billingham Limited Silicone Rubber Patterns
Microbial Developments Limited Microbial Control
Microlight Systems Limited Mini Computers
Microsurgical Equipment Limited Joining Blood Vessels
Midland Valley Exploration Landslip Prediction Software
Milmcga Limited Solid State Power Amplifiers
Minster Composite Industries Limited D. S. C. M. Development
Mirage Inks Limited U. V. Curable Ink Food Packaging
MJA Dynamics Limited Diagnose Serious Faults
Molecular Light Technology Research Multiple Virus Screening Tests
Moredun Animal Health Diagnosis/Animal Disease Kits
Mounture Race Engines Hydraulic/Electronic Valve Control
Mupor Limited Surface Morphology Membrane
Natural Technology Limited Aquatic Weed Harvester
Newtech Limited Ultra High Speed CNC Machines
Nicholas Electronic Design Safe Inspection Light
Nima Technology Limited An Intelligent Gas Sensor
Novocastra Laboratories Limited Genetic Engineering
Objective Software Technology Limited Message Base Test
Omicron Development Limited Flat Loudspeaker
Optoken Instruments Limited Alumina Size Exclusion Membrane
Optolink Electronic Health System
Optomech Limited High Power DPSS Laser
Oswel DNA Service DNA & RNA Clinical Samples
Oxford Applied Research Focused Ion Beam Technology
Oxford Asymmetry Limited Automatic Asymmetric Synthesis
Oxford Optronix Blood Flow & Oxygenation
P. C. Maritime Limited Integrated Navigation System
Parallax Solutions Limited Identify Validation
Permarock Products Limited Water Based Conductive Coating
Photek Limited 3–5 Hybrid Photomultipliers
Pi Logic Limited Multiparameter Sensor Mattress
PL Coatings Limited Refractive Photometric Monitor
Pollution Monitoring Systems Multi Gas Air Pollution Monitor
Preformed Rib Markings Limited Road Marking Machine

Advanced technology programmes ' Value of DTI grant offers made (£)
Programme titles 1990–91 £ 1991–92 £ 1992–93 to date £
Advanced Robotics 0 2,891,102 394,935
Advanced Silicon Technology 0 0 2,467,973
Compounds Semiconductor Technology 0 684,624 790,708
Competitive Manufacturing: Information Gathering 0 0 9,940
Computer Aided Engineering 1,014,469 1,345,659 629,961
Gallium Arsenide 4,335,800 274,376 0
Information Engineering 9,663,596 7,136,310 0
Manufacturing Organisation, People and Systems 0 506,209 727,155
National Electronics Research Initiatives 0 85,000 900,000
Open Distributed Systems Architecture 0 786,700 0
Parallel Applications 0 13,000,000 0
Safety Critical Systems 15,000 7,195,154 102,226
Speech and Language Technology 0 0 3,467
Superconductivity 312,815 772,388 1,326,837
Systems Technology and Integration 282,000 2,119,910 0

PRISM Continuous Reactor Processing
Pyramis Limited Vital Signs Monitor
Quantum Vision Limited Bio-Medical Imaging Detector
R. M. Brown T/A Compojet Miniature Gas Turbine
RDM Consultants Limited Brain Monitor Development
Richard H. R. Abbott Hydroponic System
Roger Hurrey High Speed Microprocessor
Rombo Productions Multi-Media Development
Roy Venton-Walters Advanced Light Aircraft
S & C Thermofluids Limited Floating Booms—Oil Spillage
S. Henderson The "MAC" Project
Savawatt (UK) Limited Project Ashpic
Selective Antibodies Limited Enhanced Specificity Immunoassay
Semimetrics Materials Quality Testing
Sintex Limited Sinterforming Waste Polymers
SJB Engineering Extensiometers: Creep and Fatigue
Spatial Image Systems Limited New Type of Computer Screen
Specialist Micro Technology Solid State Disc Drive Design
Spectrum 2000 Advanced Position Sensors
Sterimedix Limited Small Incision Nucleus Removal
Swift 943 Limited Divemap
Synpro M. I. Limited Gearless Print Roller Drive
Systems Eng. (Lancaster) Limited Hand Held Diver Sonar
Systems Eng. & Assessment Limited Tissue Characterisation
Team Management Systems Limited Improvement in Orthodontics
Teledictor Limited Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Thermatec Engineering Electron Beam Welder
TIC Interfaces For Specific Needs
TJP Electronics Limited Automatic Tube Cutting
Tom Wielkopolski Stepless Gear Drive
Traffic Safety Systems Limited Traffic Light Video Camera
Transmed Limited Improved Brain Function Monitor
Trevor Holroyd T/A Sound Acoustic Testing Machine
Visible Sound Deaf Vocabulary Training
Vista Optics Limited Deposit Resistant Material
Vitronix Glass Ceramic Semiconductors
Vuman Limited Anaesthesia/Sedation Monitor
Welland Medical Limited Disposal Stoma Bag
XL Technology Limited Inflatable Packer
3D Research 3D Digitizer
3A Biotechnology Phonocardiometer
3D Instruments Limited Motion Tolerant Compass
Judging of Stage 2 entries has yet to be completed.

Programme titles 1990–91 £ 1991–92 £ 1992–93 to date £
Wealth From The Oceans 2,093,282 2,272,947 1,284,068
VLSI Design Automation 0 0 2,478,996
Value of grant offers made for projects within programmes 17,716,962 39,070,379 11,116,266
Consultancy, Awareness and Training 2,369,015 3,279,364 1,703,179
Total value of grant offers made 20,085,977 42,349,743 12,819,445

DTI funded EUREKA projects

FY 1990–91:

  • EU462 PEPITE
  • EU463 PCW
  • EU574 SUMMIT
  • EU597 IPDOCS
  • EU605 UNIPOS
  • EU613 CUSOFT
  • EU625 VADIS
  • EU630 QMIS
  • EU637 PAL-PLUS
  • EU661 SELECT

FY 1991–92:

  • EU411 CERAM 2000
  • EU579 JAMIE

£ thousands
Advanced Design Systems Ltd. Auto Robotic Loading System 16.5
Aerospace Systems & Technologies Ltd. Flash 150.0
AES Engineering Ltd. Bellows Seals 43.8
Aircraft Maintenance Supply Services Airconditioning Trolly 106.2
Alval Engineering Co. Ltd. Pervaporator 39.0
Anson Ltd. Metlock Union 46.6
Apple Engineering Ltd. Food Processing 52.5
Applied Vision Ltd. Ophthalmic Coating 57.1
Avondale Property (Holding) Ltd. Glass Reinforced Composite 95.0
BDS Biologicals Ltd. Coated Particle Immunoassays 41.4
Beta Instrument Co. Ltd. Integrated Process Control 150.0
BJM Insulation Products Ltd. CFC.Free Foam Manufacture 38.4
Boiler Management Systems Ltd. Automatic Boiler System 28.6
Boxford Ltd. Low Cost Lathe/Milling Machine 70.9
Boxstrong Ltd. Sheet Prismatic Reflector 22.5
Bracken Enterprises Ltd. Computer Aided Pattern Technique 69.9
Bradford University Software Services Computer Soft Graphics 22.5
Bradley Electronics Ltd. Tacan Ground Beacon 150.0
Carmichael Design & Engineering Roll Fed Labelling Machine 150.0
Carver & Co. (Eng.) Ltd. Combination Heater 71.7
Chilworth Technology Ltd. Calorimeter 87.3
Colourgen Ltd. Metallic Paint Matching System 30.0
Concorde Packaging Specialists Multi.Station Spooling Unit 99.0

  • EU611 NEFO
  • EU673 TEPREN
  • EU690 ALASCA
  • EU727 FRAIT
  • EU742 E-AUTO
  • EU775 TV-MIX
  • EU291 LAMA
  • EU730 PREMEC
  • EU776 CARP

The names of the businesses which have received grant offers under the support for products under research (SPUR) scheme are listed as follows with the project title and value in the years 1990–91, 1991–92 and 1992–93 to date.

£ thousands
Condition Monitoring Ltd. Machine Condition Software 52.8
Cooperheat (UK) Ltd. Solid State Power Source 20.4
Creos International Ltd. HF Generator 128.7
CSA Ltd. Antennae for PC Networks 150.0
Darron Tool and Engineering Ltd. Multi-Action Circulation Sub 84.0
Denford Machine Tools Ltd. CNC Desk Top Tutor 30.0
Depac Glideflare Systems Ltd. Modified Wood Fibre 119.1
Diomed Ltd. HP Portable Medical Laser 150.0
Disc Maintenance Services Ltd. High Speed Disc Drive 121.7
Don Whitley Scientific Ltd. Microbial Growth Monitoring 62.5
Edgley Aeronautics Ltd. Glider Fuselage 95.4
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. Power Ultimate Reliability 126.9
Elkay Electrical Manufacturing Cable Glands 64.8
Emerson & Renwick Ltd. High Speed Cut Off Mechanism 73.4
Epichem Ltd. Monosilane Production 54.2
European Colour (Pigments) Ltd. Food Colours Based on NICA 150.0
Fabric Care Research Association Improved Processes for Laundry Industry 51.7
Fermentech Medical Ltd. Holoderm 38.7
Fernau Avionics Ltd. Precision DME Development 147.1
Fibrecast (UK) Ltd. Injection Moulding Resin 100.3
Film Technology Water Destructible Film 141.8
First Class Developments Ltd. Edible Holography 136.5
Forward Group pic Inspection and Test from Data 150.0
Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd. Ultrasonic Dipmeter 26.1
GHB (Holding) Ltd. Rotary Letterpress 27.0
Giltech Ltd. Antibacterial Agent 150.0
Gledhill (Water Storage) Ltd. Thermal Storage Package 42.9
Graff Electronic Machines Ltd. Visual System for Simulation 150.0
GSPK Ltd. Plugging THP Holes 42.6
Herga Electric Ltd. Intrinsic Fibre Optic 150.0
Hocking NDT Ltd. Digital Signal Processing 150.0
HST Developments Ltd. New Kind of High Speed Tractor 54.2
Hycontrol Ltd. Ultrasonic Transducer 70.5
Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. Lead Detection in Pipe Lines 57.3
Imaging Technology Ltd. Microfilm Scanning Camera 125.1
Industrial Copolymers Ltd. Synthetic Resins 32.2
Industrial Electronic Automation Tempcheck 104.3
Informatics (Europe) Ltd. Patient Data Management 150.0
Integrated Control Technologies Ltd. Joystick Module Family 18.4
Integrated Optical Components Ltd. Lithium Niobate Component 126.5
Intercoat Industrial Paints Ltd. Pigmented Paint Finish 146.3
Interdri Ltd. Vacuum/Radiant Drying System 105.6
Interprise Ltd. Growth Promoter Animal Feed 82.0
J. F. Turkington (Eng) Ltd. Parcel Sorting Device 21.3
J. L. Automation Ltd. Larvis 57.3
John McGavigan & Co. Ltd. Membrane Car Horn Switch 48.6
John Woodhead (Dobroyd Mills) Ltd. Fibre Control System 45.9
Kays Electronics Ltd. Network 500 4.7
Ken Mills Eng. Co. Ltd. Fibre Bailing 21.2
KT Industrial Rubber Products Laminow Development 46.2
Laboratory Impex Ltd. Bactocyte 150.0
Lamberton & Co. Ltd. Numerical Controller 117.9
Lancashire Fittings Ltd. Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings 150.0
Laser Ecosse Ltd. Carbon Dioxide Laser 135.0
Longdin & Browning (Surveys) Ltd. Development of Clear Count 44.4
MacFarlane Smith Ltd. Animal Repellent Products 150.0
Magnex Scientific Ltd. Mini MRI Magnet System 128.6
Mast Laboratories Ltd. Infection Assessment Device 52.0
Materials & Corrosion Technology Monitoring Concrete Structures 36.0
MCC Engines Ltd. Merritt Engine Hybrid 150.0
Mutual Systems Ltd. Control & Monitoring S&H Ware 30.0
M4 Data Ltd. Optical & Magnetic Data 150.0
N. A. Software Ltd. Parallel Signal Processing Toolset 120.9
Netlon Ltd. Advanced Georgrids 150.0
New Tech Ltd. Dacromet Coating 115.0

£ thousands
Oakdale Batteries Ltd. Novel Battery 94.5
Oxford Lasers Ltd. Copper Laser R&D Programme 78.6
Oxley Developments Co. Ltd. Multiway Filters 52.0
P. G. Technology Ltd. Non Contact Measuring Module 93.3
Pascall Microwave Ltd. Advanced Microwave Amplifier 31.7
Pathtrace Engineering Systems Ltd. Advanced Manufacturing System 150.0
Pegson Ltd. Cone Crushers 150.0
Penn Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Lyophilisation Activies 29.2
Pennine Metronics Ltd. Child Security Tagging System 25.4
Pharmaceutical Proteins Ltd. Human Milk From Transgenic Cow 150.0
Polymer Laboratories Ltd. Torsional Rheometer 102.5
R. S. Clare & Co. Ltd. Aquaflex Road Markings 46.1
RDS Technology Ltd. Geographical Information Systems 105.6
Recognition Research Ltd. Novel Neural Network Software 50.9
Reekie Manufacturing Ltd. Stone and Clod Separator 150.0
Resource Conservation pic Wind Turbine Control Electrics 64.5
Reynolds Boughton Ltd. Mounted Container Handling System 112.5
Reynolds Medical Ltd. ECG Ambulatory Monitoring 150.0
Ridge way Science Ltd. On.Farm Heat Detection Kit 28.5
RIG Technology Ltd. Fluid Quality Control 69.3
Robinson Instruments Ltd. Stress Control Termination 31.2
Romag Glass Products Ltd. Furnace for Film Coating Glass 107.2
S. H. Wire & Tube Products Ltd. Coathangers 35.9
S. & D. Rivet Ltd. Portable Applicators 150.0
Sarclad International Ltd. Condition Monitoring System 134.4
Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Contact Lens Neutralisation 49.5
Servomex (UK) Ltd. Gas Analysis 133.9
Shering Weighing Ltd. Digital Loadcell Project 60.1
Sifam Ltd. Fibre Optics Communications 135.0
Sira Ltd. Optical Measurement of Products 131.0
Snell & Wilcox Ltd. UP Converter for HDTV 133.7
Spectra.Tek Holdings Ltd. Distributed Database Flow 94.3
Steelpress Ltd. Coating Integrity of Steel 37.0
Sterotech Ltd. Sterile Solution 30.5
Submetrix Ltd. Interferometric Seabed Sonar 76.6
Surface Technology Systems Ltd. Plasma Wafer Processing 58.9
T. A. Savery & Co. Ltd. Pressure Balanced Pump 43.8
TDS Digitizers Ltd. Cordless Digitizing Stylus 57.0
Team Precision Engineering Ltd. DOUBLE 19.5
Tele-Trading International Sales DASAP 128i 150.0
Test Automation Ltd. Series 2000 Replacement 37.8
Timberliner Ltd. Slurry Injection Project 39.0
TQC Ltd. Process Control Simulation 60.3
TRL Technology Ltd. INMARSAT-M/B Modem Design 39.8
UCC International Ltd. On Line Viscosity Fluid 56.4
Usatt International Ltd. Power Station Simulator 45.6
Valeport Marine Scientific Ltd. 400 Oceanographic Instrument 149.0
Voltech Instruments Ltd. 3-phase Power Analyser 46.2
W. H. Dunn & Sons Ltd. "Wagtail' High Speed Product 138.2
Western Equipment Development Ltd. Multi-Cassette Wafer Sorters 144.9
Wicks & Wilson Ltd. Duplication of Aperture Cards 150.0
Willett Systems Ltd. Non.Porous Impulse Jet Printer 150.0
Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd. Mobile Communications 98.3
Zytek Systems Ltd. Engine Management Systems 72.8
3E Research XXEN 73.7

1992–93 to date
£ thousands
A B Automation Limited Control System and Soft/Hardware 32.6
Acro-Vu Limited Magazine CNC Bar Feed 94.2
Adams-Hydraulics Limited Membrane in X-Flow Filtration 105.2
Agropharm Limited Enrichment of Sesame Seed Oil 58.7
Akebia Limited High Speed Image Generator 61.1
Ascada Limited Open Computer System 135.0
Aztec Developments Soft Drink Mixture Control 81.0
Blow Moulding Controls Limited Electrical Leak Detection 45.6

£ thousands
Braid Systems Limited Image Messaging System 150.0
Branlow Builders Limited Branlow Probe Development 59.9
British Bio-Technology Products Limited R&D of 2 Enzymeimmunoassays 140.0
C M Microdat Limited Automated Cask Beer Racker 30.7
Calder Hydraulic Co. Limited VDR 16.5
Calluna Technology Limited High Performance 1.8 Hard Disc 150.0
Castle Care-Tech Limited Electronic Alarm Control 96.9
Caswell & Co. Limited Water Based Contact Adhesives 48.7
Chas E Goad Limited Geographical Information System 87.0
Computionics Limited Intelligent Call System 104.1
Copystatic Systems Limited Parts Forecasting Logistics 138.5
Crombie Anderson Associates Limited Automatic Aircraft Components 128.2
Datel Technology Limited Patient Management System 106.9
Delta-T Devices Limited Modular Data-Logger 88.7
Denne Developments Limited New Actuator System 41.6
Development Plastics Limited Residential Door System 92.6
Direct Technology Limited Automator QA For Windows 81.9
Donprint Label Systems Limited Radiation Curing Surface Coat 49.0
EBAC Limited Develop A Water Cooler 71.0
Eden Design Group Limited Advanced Pen Computer 150.0
Electro Automat (UK) Limited Switch Mode Charger Control 18.0
Equator Wheels & Sections Limited Dry Rolling of Aluminium 24.0
Europa Crown Limited Edible Oil Deodoriser Dev 73.9
Everitt Fabrications Limited Structural Steel Connections 72.2
Ex-Or Limited Fluorescent Ballast 150.0
First Inertia Switch Limited Inertia Fuel Pump Controller 150.0
Galatrek International Ltd. Powermaster 145.2
GBL Ltd. Polymer Photoreceptor Drums 127.1
GST Holdings Pic Windfall 150.0
H E Electronics Eng Control Inst—Gas Turbine 34.1
Hamech Ltd. E3 Reach Truck 94.2
Highlife Development Co. Ltd. Energy Housing Modular 82.8
Holroyd Associates Ltd. Polymer/Carbon Black Aid 119.6
Ilchester Cheese Co. Ltd. Pilot Plant for Waxed Cheese 33.0
Innovative Technologies Ltd. Advanced Wound Dressings 84.8
Interconnect Ltd. G3 Digital Telephone System 150.0
James Proctor Ltd. Biomass Mechanical Feeder 27.3
Jesse Brough & Co. (Recycling) Limited 100 per cent. Recycling of Dross 49.3
K S Process Eng Ltd. Anvil Stamping Machine 39.4
Karrimore International Ltd. Load Carrying System 150.0
Kewill-Xetal Systems Ltd. EDI Clearing House 88.7
King & Fowler Ltd. Aluminium Surface Coating 150.0
Lindley Flowtech Ltd. Fluid Paniculate Monitor 43.5
Loctronic International Ltd. Fresh Potato Selector 60.0
Manufacturing Electrical Design Cons An Ex Loudspeaker 28.5
Mark Tyzack & Sons Ltd. Autogyro Project 56.7
Marl International Ltd. Extruded Liquid Optics 117.0
Medicina Ltd. Gastric Tonometer 43.4
Midland Chromium Plating Co. Ltd. Durable Electrolytic Finishers 111.6
Moor Instruments Ltd. Neuropathy Assessment Monitor 58.6
Navico Ltd. Networked Electronics 4 Boats 150.0
Nordiko Ltd. Frequency Ion Source 72.7
North West Roller Services Ltd. Laser Routing System 46.5
Pheonix Scientific Industries Close Coupled Inert Gas Atomiser 52.8
Planner Products Ltd. Bio Cryopreservation System 45.9
Polymeters Response International Ltd. Single Phase Electricity Meter 150.0
Precision Manufacturing Services Ltd. Saw Blade Grinder 31.5
Pulse Service Centre Ltd. Mini Servotrack Writers 45.0
Rayleigh Instruments Ltd. Electromagnetic Communication 28.8
Reddiplex Ltd. Polypropylene Machinery 97.7
Remote Technology Ltd. Fatigue Testing Rig 16.2
Storechange Ltd. Road Cone Sleeves Manufacture 43.5
Techlok Limited Novel Techring Flange System 114.6

£ thousands
Technology Systems Limited Laser Based Dot Matrix Coding 150.0
Textile Computer Systems (TCS) Limited True Colour/Shademaster 48.0
Transense Technologies Pic Electric Power Steering System 46.9
Trifid Software Limited Simultaneous Engineering Control 150.0
TRL Technology Limited Inmarsat M/B & Mes-B 42.2
Value Added Medical Products Limited Dev of Integ Med Management System 150.0
Ventron Technology Limited Synthesise Organotin Compounds 146.7
VLSI Vision Limited Colour Image Sensing 150.0
Webster Machine Development Limited The Webster Boom 118.8
Wellman Furnaces Limited Auto Metal Stacker/Pallet Feed 71.9
Weston Electric Units Limited High Speed Machining 50.4
Zeal Holdings Limited Glass Marking Laser/Monomer 37.1