HC Deb 18 October 1991 vol 196 cc279-80W
Mr. Flynn

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what guidance notes for prescribed processes, pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act 1990, part I, have been published to date; and if he will make it his policy periodically to update Parliament on the publication of further guidance notes.

Mr. Baldry

Details of the first 25 progress guidance notes for local authority air pollution controls were given by my hon. Friend the Minister of State for the Environment and Countryside on 26 February, column422, in reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Dulwich (Mr. Bowden); and details of five general guidance notes on the operation of these controls were given on 25 April, column 493, in his reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Bury, South (Mr. Sumberg).

An additional 25 local authority guidance notes were published in July. These were as follows:

  • PG2/2 (91)—Hot dip galvanising processes.
  • PG2/3 (91)—Electrical and rotary furnaces.
  • PG2/4 (91)—Iron, steel and non-ferrous mental foundry processes.
  • PG2/5 (91)—Hot and cold blast cupolas.
  • PG2/6 (91)—Aluminium and aluminium alloy processes.
  • PG2/7 (91)—Zinc and zinc alloy processes.
  • PG2/8 (91)—Copper and copper alloy processes.
  • PG2/9 (91)—Metal decontamination processes.
  • PG3/5 (91)—Coal, coke and coal product processes.
  • PG3/7 (91)—Exfoliation of vermiculite and expansion of perlite.
  • PG3/8 (91)—Quarry processes including roadstone plants and the size reduction of bricks, tiles and concrete.
  • PG3/9 (91)—Sand drying and cooling.
  • PG3/10 (91)—China and ball clay.
  • PG3/11 (91)—Spray drying of ceramic materials.
  • PG3/12 (91)—Plaster processes.
  • PG3/13 (91)—Asbestos processes.
  • PG3/14 (91)—Lime slaking processes.
  • PG6/l (91)—Animal by product rendering.
  • PG6/7 (91)—Printing and coating of metal packaging.
  • PG6/8 (91)—Textile and fabric coating and finishing processes.
  • PG6/9 (91)—Manufacture of coating powder.
  • PG6/12 (91)—Production of natural sausage casings, tripe, chitterlings and other boiled green offal.
  • PG6/13 (91)—Coal coating processes.
  • PG6/14 (91)—Film coating processes.
  • PG6/15 (91)—Coating in drum manufacturing and reconditioning processes.

The following guidance notes have been issued by the chief inspector of Her Majesty's inspectorate of pollution on integrated pollution control:

  • IPR 1—Fuel and Power Industry Sector Guidance Note.
  • IPR 2—Metal Industry Sector Guidance Note.
  • IPR 3—Mineral Industry Sector Guidance Note.
  • IPR 4—Chemical Industry Sector Guidance Note.
  • IPR 5—Waste Disposal Sector Guidance Note.
  • IPR 1/1—Process Guidance Note: Combustion Processes, Large Boilers and Furnaces 50MWth and Over.

We will ensure that Parliament is kept informed periodically as more guidance notes are produced.

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