HC Deb 28 November 1991 vol 199 cc597-8W
Mr. Gwilym Jones

To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how much the average pay of nurses and doctors in Wales increased between 1974 and 1979 and between 1979 to the latest available date, in cash and in real terms.

Year Capital Expenditure (cash) £ million Increase £ million Capital Expenditure (real terms)1 £ million Increase/ decrease £ million
1974–75 13.182 55.348
1979–80 21.777 8.595 43.619 (11.729)
1982–902 70.462 48.685 70.462 27.843


1 'real' in terms of 1989–90 prices.

2latest period for which detailed capital expenditure information is available.

My hon. Friend will note the dramatic difference between the cuts in real terms between 1974–1979 in hospital capital expenditure compared with the welcome increases between 1979/1989–90.

Change 1974 to 1979 Change 1979 to 1990–91
Number Per cent. Number Per cent.
In-patients 20,722 +6.3 132,750 +38.0
New out-patients 15,293 -3.4 122,725 +28.6
Day cases 13,140 +72.8 72,603 +232.9

The increases in patients treated since 1979 are a tribute to the staff of the NHS and the Government who have provided record increases in resources for the service.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett

Separate information for Wales is not held centrally.

On a Great Britain basis the cumulative average percentage increases in pay rates expressed in cash and real terms for the two periods is as follows:

Percentage increase in cash pay (a) Percentage increase in real pay (b)
Nurses, Midwives and Health visitors
1974–79 64.7 (-21.1)
1979–91 242.5 48.7
Hospital Doctors and Dentists
1974–79 88.3 (-9.9)
1979–1991 196.5 28.7
(a) Percentage cash increases reflect full year effect of increases agreed within the pay round year (August-July).
(b) Percentage real increases reflect percentage cash increases for the pay round year deflated by the increase in the Retail Prices Index throughout the pay round year.