HC Deb 03 May 1991 vol 190 cc361-2W
Mr. Wigley

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list his Department's statutory responsibilities to overview and control British Rail's operations and those matters which fall within the operational responsibility of British Rail.

Mr. Freeman

Under section 3 of the Transport Act 1962, it is the duty of the railways board to provide railway

Date Aircraft model Aircraft model Latitude Longitude
22 December Westland WG30 Model A10 5341N 00001W
5 April S-61 (civil models) Model A10 5342N 00005E
19 April Sikorsky S76 Model A10 5339N 00003W
8 May Westland WG30 Tornado GR 5343N 00006E
14 May Westland WG30 Model F111 5342N 00006E
7 September Friendship F27 Medium Jet (type unknown) 5341N 00002W
23 April Cessna 150 Model F111 5336N 00024W
23 September Super Puma/Tiger helicopter F4/Phantom 5341N 00002W
20 October Cessna 404 Model A10 5435N 00012W
28 April Tornado GR S-61 (civil models) 5345N 00005E
21 June Skyhawk 172 Tornado GR 5336N 00027W
18 July Friendship F27 Cessna 150 5334N 00025W
10 August Cherokee Model A10 5342N 00007W
6 September Friendship F27 Skyhawk 172 5344N 00014W
22 November Dauphin SA 365 Model F111 5339N 00006E
9 January Sikorsky S76 Jaguar 5342N 00008W
11 May Dauphin SA 365 Jetstream SC4, BAE 31 5336N 00020W

services in Great Britain, and to have due regard to efficiency, economy and safety of operation. The Secretary of State's responsibilities include, in section 27 of the Transport Act 1962, powers to give the railways board directions of a general character as to the exercise and performance of its functions in relation to matters affecting the national interest. The Secretary of State may also, under section 3 of the Railways Act 1974, give directions to the board imposing on it obligations to provide passenger services that it would not provide on a commercial basis and to compensate it for the losses incurred. Since 1 April 1988, this obligation has not applied to InterCity.