HC Deb 28 June 1991 vol 193 cc566-7W
Mr. Peter Bottomley

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list for Greenwich, Wandsworth and Lewisham the comparable rates of children in care, and perinatal and infant mortality, and other identifiable outcomes which are associated with or predicted by the elements of the social index used for social services allocations for children.

Mr. Key

The most recent available information on the proportion of children in care, the perinatal and the infant mortality rates for Greenwich, Wandsworth and Lewisham are shown in the table below. The Children's Social Index is one of the indicators used to calculate the children's social services standard spending assessment. By itself, it is not used to predict any outcomes. Both the perinatal and infant mortality rates are based on a very small number of cases.

child aged under 18 years for 1991–92 and the amount distributed on the basis of the Social Index element; and the factor values which constitute the present Children's Social Index. These factors are based on information collected by the 1981 Census.

Authority Children aged under five years Children aged under 18 years SSA per child
Total (£) Social index only (£)
Greenwich 15,899 51,746 272 36
Wandsworth 16,776 52,326 514 204
Lewisham 16,566 52,352 437 144

Authority Factor (i) Factor (ii) Factor (iii) Factor (iv) Factor (v)
Greenwich 0.1773 0.0004 0.0106 0.1174 53.7411
Wandsworth 0.2434 0.0051 0.0555 0.2928 82.7945
Lewisham 0.2273 0.0059 0.0307 0.2357 66.0626

A detailed description of each of the five factors is given in section 2, annex A of the Revenue Support Grant Distribution Report (England) which is in the Library.

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