HC Deb 06 June 1991 vol 192 cc317-20W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Employment what was the total amount spent by his Department in the 1990–91 financial year on management and computer consultancy contracts, excluding hardware and software purchases; and if he will list each management or computer consultancy contract awarded by his Department in 1990–91, giving in each case the name of the consultancy firm, the subject of the assignment and, if appropriate, the executive agency for which the contract was carried out.

Mr. Jackson

The amount spent by my Department in 1990–91 on management and computer consultancy contracts, excluding hardware and software purchases, was £10.8 million.

The following firms were awarded consultancy contracts by the Department of Employment Group during 1990–91:

Consultant Subject
A. C. Mole The Field System—supply of accountant
Astra The Field System—supply of trainers
BPD The Field System—supply of system tester
Calibre The Field System—supply of trainer
CCTA The Field System—supply of technical staff
CMG The Field System—supply of system tester
Computer People The Field System—supply of system tester
Coopers The Field System—supply of accountant
CSS The Field System—technical assurance
Digital Ltd. The Field System—installation work, project management and communications development
Digitus The Field System—system testing
DMBS The Field System—system testing
England The Field System—BACS support
Ernst and Young The Field System—supply of accountants
Executor The Field System—system testing
Franklin The Field System—system testing
Future Dimensions The Field System—training
Hunterskill The Field System—system testing and administration
KPMG The Field System—supply of accountant
Look Systems The Field System—training
Lorien Ltd. The Field System—system testing
Marcol The Field System—system testing
Newton The Field System—training
Novatek The Field System—systems implementation

P-E International The Field System—applications development
Pactum The Field System—system testing
Price Waterhouse The Field System—accountancy
SBS The Field System—applications development, system testing
SEMA The Field System—system testing
Taber Midas The Field System—training
Trident The Field System—system testing
Unicorn The Field System—training
World Systems The Field System—applications development
Yale Consultants The Field System—system testing, analysis and development
Ingres Supply of trainer for technical training services and quality assurance
Pogoda Programming services
SBS Systems testing
Instruction Set Quality assurance and conversion programming for Information Services branch
Kernel Systems administration
Science Systems Software development
Tempest Conversion work on YTS system
Abbotts Support for TOPS mini-computer system
Aegis Group Communications research
Anderson Consulting Feasibility study on the use of Data Image protection technology including definition of requirements
BIS Applied Systems Video consultancy facilities—Post implementation review
BIS Applied Systems Government data networks security
BIS Applied Systems Study on the introduction of the quality programme and subsequent work on the programme
BIS Applied Systems Post implementation review—strategy view future
BT Telephone services consultancy
Coopers and Lybrand Work on Integration project
CCTA Support agreement
DBI Associates CRAMM report
DBI Associates Contingency planning review
DCE Inf Mgt. Software evaluation
Dataflex Systems development for Information Services branch
Ernst and Young Project control, evaluation reporting and reorganisation report for Information Services branch
Ernst and Young Business analysis and evaluation report for TA Directors' Information System (TADIS)
Ernst and Young Work on integration project
Expertech Ltd. Superannuation expert system
Husat Needs analysis
Inference Europe Needs analysis
ICL Quickbuild consultancy
J and G Ltd. Human Factors Awareness report
KPMG Evaluation report for Information Services branch
Kernel Hot-line system support for Information Services branch
Kermon It. Mgt. Scoping study for EDHQ
Kermon It. Mgt. Information systems strategy
Lalcrest Ltd. Function point analysis
Logica Study of Project Support Office
Logica Rapport support

NCC New introduction to Data Processing course
Olivetti Local area network connectivity report for Information Services branch
Omricon System development for printing and stationery system
PA Consulting Project Management and reorganisation
PA Consulting Work on integration project and information systems strategy
Selven Ltd. Fees paid project
Silkglade System support for Information services
Strand Local Area Network support
Xentec Consultancy on data capture and system support for Information Services branch
Yale Data Software Identification
Yale Data International Passenger Survey—Filetab
Yale Data Public Expenditure Survey system study
451 Computers Applications support for EDHQ systems
Computer Management Group Project Management System (PMS)—project design and development
Parachute As above
Pert Master International As above
Novatek As above
Electronic Facilities Design Ltd General support for procurement section
DBI Associates Single Terminal Access Project (testing)
Electronic Facilities Design Ltd Single Terminal Access Project (draft performance model)
EOSYS Single Terminal Access Project (operational requirement study)
Andersons Employment Service Payments system development
LOGICA Business testing
CSE Data network requirement
SEMA Advice on introduction of Ingres and Restart
Class Ltd Provision of SSADM expertise to IT study teams
AMTEC Hardware strategy support
AMTEC Accounting system study
PA Consulting Voice Telecomms strategy
Donaldsons Computerising conditions survey reports
Sergeant, Minton and Lennon Communications programme project manager
Andersons Training delivery consultant
PSA Prioritising conditions survey reports
Calder Ashby Revision to conditions survey agreement
EECS and Partners Development and provision of seminar on climatic change
Ewbank Preece Evaluation of ES property maintenance practise
Ewbank Preece Preparation of national contract and maintenance specifications
Donaldsons Analysis of regional conditions surveys and production of maintenance reports
Ewbank Preece Analysis of regional consultants tenders
Fairhursts Provision of a building contract procurement of policy document

EECS and Partners Provision of energy survey brief for tender pack/advice on energy management and conservation matters
Sutherland Consultancy Group Marketing advice/brief on "Jobcentre" name
Kinsley Lord Assistance with implementation of Change Management Programme
NML Presentations Ltd Advice on 2nd national ES conference
Kinsley Lord Advice on diagnostic and planning phase of Change Management Programme
AR International Pay Study
Mr M Gubby Study of Head Office communications with the field
McDonald Gordon and Co. Haven Products assignment—production efficiency review
R Mitchell Associates Reviews of SEPACS account forms
Prism consultancy Total Quality Management
Ray Charlton Design and delivery of workshop on Total Quality Management
Open College Identification of gaps in open learning provision against management development framework
Sheppard Moscow Management of change workshop
Walton Churchill Interviewing and selection training
Sue Hepworth Consultants Staff travel audit