HC Deb 05 June 1991 vol 192 cc249-55W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what was the total amount spent by his Department in the 1990–91 financial year on management and computer consultancy contracts, excluding hardware and software purchases; and if he will list each management or computer consultancy contract awarded by his Department in 1990–91, giving in each case the name of the consultancy firm, the subject of the assignment and, if appropriate, the executive agency for whom the contract was carried out.

Miss Widdecombe

The total expenditure on management and computer consultancy contracts in the financial year 1990–91, excluding software and hardware purchases, is £69.75 million.

Details of the individual contracts awarded in the 1990–91 financial year are given in the table.

Consultancy firm Subject and agency
Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge HQ Relocation
Admiral Management Services Ltd. Quality Management System Pilot Project—Agency ITSA
ACE Datasystems Ltd. Staff Suggestions Unit Consultancy

Andersen Consulting Employment Services—Agency ITSA
Andersen Consulting Common Benefit Architecture—Agency ITSA
Andersen Consulting Training Project—Agency ITSA
Andersen Consulting Contributions Unit Development
Anita Ram Selected International Comparisons of Household Incomes
Applied Systems Engineering Single Terminal Access Project Productisation—Agency ITSA
Applied Systems Engineering Virtual Machine Environment—Auditor Production Development—Agency ITSA
Arthur D. Allwright Associates Purchasing Consultancy
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Communicating the Operational Strategy (Phase I)
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Communicating the Operational Strategy (Phase II)
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Code and Instruction Review
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Social Fund Communications
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Communication Project for Benefits Agency (BAMT)
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Communication Skills Course for Service Development Teams
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Working With Small Groups Workshop Project
Baddeley Associates Ltd. Headquarters Review Team—Consultancy Support
Ben Williams Consultants Customer Service Training—Agency ITSA
Cavendish Tricorne Local Factors Model
Cavendish Tricorne Local Pay Additions
Cavendish Tricorne Performance Related Pay
Cavendish Tricorne Overbearing Model
Cavendish Tricorne Integrated Pay and Personnel Project
Cavendish Tricorne War Pensions
Cavendish Tricorne Contributions Unit Development (Human Resource Planning)
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency Departmental Information Systems Strategy Scoping Study
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency Financial Information Strategy Project (Annual Review)
Childcare Childcare Arrangements at DSS Longbenton
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Agencies Systems Planning
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Training Seminar for Leaders
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Creation of the Purchasing and Supply Manual
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Procurement Management Information System
Computer Sciences Company Ltd. ITSA Security Training—Agency ITSA
Computer Sciences Company Ltd. ITSA Security—Developments Systems and Infrastructure Projects—Agency ITSA
Computer Sciences Company Ltd. Security Standards Software Support—Agency ITSA
Computer Sciences Company Ltd. Support for Single Terminal Access Project
Computer Sciences Company Ltd. Terminal Management System Development—Agency ITSA
Comshare Limited Executive Information System—Software Support
Crantex Limited Emergency Support for Infrastructure Support and Design Group—Agency ITSA
Crantex Limited Health Service On-Line Project—Agency ITSA

Dameimage Limited Analytical Services Statistical Information System (Assist) Project Audit
Dameimage Limited Assist Project—User Assurance Co-ordinator
Dameimage Limited Assist Project—Technical Assurance Co-ordinator
Daniel Doherty Associates Gender discrimination project
David Sheppard and Associates Contributions unit agency launch project
DEGW Limited Space standards consultancy
DPS Consultancy Limited Retirement counselling courses
Dun and Bradstreet Software Services Introduction of accountancy framework system—Agency ITSA
Dun and Bradstreet International Purchasing consultancy
Easams Limited Delivery of system to receipt, record and account for valuables—Agency ITSA
Easams Limited Support for strategy operations architecture project
Electronic Data Systems Ltd. Writing procedures for project control services—Agency ITSA
Enator Integrated complementing system
Enator Integrated monitoring system
Enator Performance integrated monitoring for managers system
Enator OPSTRAT implementation
Equalities Associates Equal opportunities seminars (Central)
Equalities Associates Equal opportunities seminars (Midlands region)
Ernst and Young Integrated complementing system
Ernst and Young Integrated complementing system—further work
Ernst and Young Integrated complementing system development
Ernst and Young Departmental information systems strategy scoping study (headquarters units)
Ernst and Young Departmental information systems strategy impact analysis
Ernst and Young Self investment by pensions schemes
Facilita Software Development Limited Integrated terminal test system—Agency ITSA
Furniture Industry Research Association Purchasing consultancy (furniture research)
Hadley Hunter Overpayments Recovery
Hadley Hunter Lone Parent Support
Handley Walker Post Office Counters—Fee Negotiations
Handley Walker Purchasing of Welfare Milk
Hoskyns Group Plc Child Support Agency—Project Managers—Agency ITSA Workbench
Hoskyns Group Plc Contingency Planning—Agency ITSA
Hoskyns Group Plc Integrated Personnel and Payroll Project—Agency ITSA
Hoskyns Group Plc Viability of the Mailsort System—Agency ITSA
HMG Consulting Limited Departmental Management Board Reporting System
HMG Consulting Limited Executive Information Systems—Agency ITSA
Industrial Motivations Ltd Make a Difference Campaign
I-Net Communications Limited Review of Strategy Data Communications—Agency ITSA Network
International Computers Limited (UK) Adjudication Support Prototype—Agency ITSA

INLI—Institute for a New Leadership Initiative Equal Opportunities Training Development
Institute of Manpower Studies Manpower Planning Workshop
Institute of Manpower Studies Manpower Planning Project
Kentec Mailing Consultants Mailing Consultancy
Level-7 Limited Naming and Addressing Requirements for—Agency ITSA the Single Terminal Access Project
Level-7 Limited X-400 Project—Agency ITSA
Lloyd Northover Corporate Image for DSS Property
Logica UK Ltd Integrated Monitoring System
Logica UK Ltd Integrated Monitoring System (For Integrated Complementing System)
London Economics Self Investment by Pensions Schemes
Mass Observation Relocation Assessment
Market and Opinion Research International HQ Relocation Project
Meena Goyal Housing and Community Charge Benefits Project Work
MFT Computers Systems Ltd. Business Unit Information Centre Project—Agency ITSA
Mr. J. M. Bankier Study on Whole Person Concept
Mr. G. Beaven Non-Executive Director of Management Board
Mr. M. Lee Principles of Pension Trusteeship
Mr. J. Mesher Statement on the Principles of Trusteeship
Mr. N. Parry HQ Relocation Project
Mr. M. Tyler Integrated Complementing System
Nationwide Anglia Relocation Headquarters Relocation Projects Relocation Presentation at OCAO
Neville R. H. Way, Procurement and Supply Consultant Review of the Purchasing and Supply Manual and Training Needs Analysis
PA Consulting Group Rewards Strategy—Agency ITSA
PA Consulting Group Feasibility Study into the Computer System for the Proposed Child Support Agency—Agency ITSA
PA Consulting Group Child Support Agency— Planning Support to User Teams—Agency ITSA
PA Consulting Group Review and Development of Standards in ITSA Security —Agency ITSA
PA Consulting Group Enhancement of the MMD—BMD Database (Nottingham Staff Resource Unit)
PA Consulting Group Management Reviews
PA Consulting Group Review of the DSS Central Office Management
Pathfinder Develop and Assist in the Implementation of IT Security in the Departmental Network Systems—Agency ITSA
Pathfinder ITSA Security—PC Security Audit—Agency ITSA

P-E Inbucon Survey of Local Authorities—Follow up to the Community Charge Benefit Monitoring Exercise
Peat Marwick McLintock Contributions Unit Development (Customer Survey—Employers)
Peat Marwick McLintock Counselling for Staff Leaving under the Voluntary Redundancy Scheme (Outplacement Scheme)
Peat Marwick McLintock Head of Training for the Benefits Agency (Selection and Recruitment)
Peat Marwick McLintock Debt Recovery Monitoring System
Perspective Technica Quality Management Systems—Agency ITSA
Peter Hyde Management and Training Consultant Benefits Agency Planning Seminar
Porter Gittins Limited Child Care Project for DSS in Coventry
Praxis Systems Plc Integrated Terminal Test System Support and Maintenance—Agency ITSA
Price Waterhouse Administrative Resource Management System (Unit Costs and Budgeting)
Price Waterhouse Integrated Complementing System (Development)
Price Waterhouse Contributions Unit Development (Human Resources Personnel Strategy Project)
Price Waterhouse Research into Costs in Residential Care and Nursing Homes
Price Waterhouse Selection of Recruitment of Benefit Agency Finance Director
Price Waterhouse Departmental Management Board Reporting System
Price Waterhouse Executive Information System Feasibility Study
Price Waterhouse Public Expenditure Survey Forecasting—Agency ITSA
Price Waterhouse Review of Manpower Forecasting System—Agency ITSA
Professor Steven Haberman Self Investment by Pensions Schemes
Property Holdings HQ Relocation Project
Protocol International Customer Services Section User Liaison—Agency ITSA
Public Arts HQ Relocation Project
Purchasing Index (UK) Ltd Purchasing Consultancy
Research Support and Marketing Contract Data Preparation
Robin Verney Associates Ltd Telecommunications Training—Agency ITSA
SAS Software Limited Support for Integrated Database Model
SCOPEC International Enhancements to the Resource Management Systems—Agency ITSA
SEMA Group Administrative Resource Management Systems—Agency ITSA
SEMA Group Development of Local Office Project Social Fund Computer System—Agency ITSA
SEMA Group Feasibility Study into the Future Processing of Social Fund Claims—Agency ITSA
SEMA Group Local Office Project—Social Fund Full Study—Agency ITSA

SEMA Group Local Office Micro Project—Social Fund—Agency ITSA
SEMA Group Social Fund: IT User Development
SEMA Group Study on Computer Development of North Fylde Central Office Future Organisation
SEMA Group Social Fund Support
SERCO Limited Purchasing Consultancy
SIA Ltd. Evaluation of Computer Aided Personal Interviewing
Stuart McKeckie Limited Service Development Team (Southern Territories)
Symonds Facilities Management Plc Headquarters Relocation Projects (Facilities Management)
Telecommuting Management Consultants Telecommuting Scoping Study—Agency ITSA
Telecomputing Plc National Health Service Superannuation
The Harry Mitchell College Administrative Resource Management System (Work Measurement Pilot Exercise)
The Pre-Retirement Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Introduction to Pre-Retirement Education
TOP-IX Ltd. Administrative Resource Management System (Work Measurement Pilot Exercise)
Touche Ross Feasibility Study into Hardware and Software Requirements for the Strategy Operations Architecture Project—Agency ITSA
Touche Ross Lone Parent Study and Survey
Touche Ross Lone Parenthood Consultancy
Touche Ross War Pensions
Touche Ross Administrative Resource Management System (Complementing)
Touche Ross Integrated Complementing System (Maintenance)
Touche Ross Management and Finance Information Systems for the Benefits Agency
Touche Ross Management and Finance Information Systems for the Contributions Unit
Touche Ross Asset Management in DSS
Touche Ross Performance Indicators for Resettlement Units—Agency RA
Triad Special Systems Ltd. Quality Assurance Package
Trident Quest Pty Combined Services Architecture—Agency ITSA
Tri-Globe Communications Ltd. Development of Network Operations Control Section—Agency ITSA
Ulec Services Limited Clarke House Building Management and Maintenance—Agency ITSA
University College London Psychologist for the Forms Design Unit
Warwick University National Insurance Contributions Yield
Whitegates Estate Agents Headquarters Relocation Projects
World Systems plc Feasibility Study into the DRS 6000 Report Produced by ITSA-Procurement—Agency ITSA
World Systems plc DRS 6000 Development—Agency ITSA
WS Atkins Provision of Telecoms within DSS Headquarters—Agency ITSA
WS Atkins Quality Management Group Support—Agency ITSA

Where no Executive Agency is shown, the consultancy work was undertaken for sections of the Department of Social Security which had not attained Agency status by the end of the period in question.