HC Deb 17 July 1991 vol 195 cc183-7W
Mr. Robert G. Hughes

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the entitlements for 1991–92 resulting from the carry forward of capital and running costs underspends allowed under the end-year flexibility schemes.

Mr. Mellor

A list of entitlements totalling £162 million for capital expenditure and £26 million for running costs is shown in the table. Subject to parliamentary approval of the necessary supplementary estimates, individual cash limits and running costs limits will be increased when entitlement is taken up. The total increase in cash limits resulting from the take-up of end-year flexibility will be charged to the reserve and will therefore not add to the planned total of public expenditure.

Class Vote Department Description Amount (£000s)
XV 2 Scottish Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department Agricultural services and fisheries for Scotland. 1,890
XV 3 Scottish Office Industry Department Regional and general industrial support, Scotland. 1,215
XV 5 Scottish Office Environment Department Roads, transport and environmental services, Scotland. 1,017
XV 10 Scottish Courts Administration Administration of justice, Scotland. 1,026
XV 13 Scottish Office Home and Health Department Law, order and miscellaneous health services, etc. Scotland. 1,075
XV 14 Scottish Office Education Department Education, arts and libraries Scotland. 2,000
XV 18 General Register Office General Register Office, Scotland. 802
XV 20 The Scottish Office Administration. 311
XV 26 Scottish Office Home and Health Department Family practitioner services (part) and other health services, Scotland. 10,068
XVI 2 Welsh Office Agricultural services, support for the fishing industry, regional and industrial development, Wales. 1,880
XVI 5 Welsh Office Tourism, roads and transport, housing, other environmental services, education and science, arts and libraries and centrally funded health and personal social services, Wales. 1,075
XVI 8 Welsh Office Hospital and community health services, family practitioner services (part) and other health services, Wales. 5,086
XVI 9 Welsh Office Administration 118
XVII 1 Northern Ireland Office Law, order, protective and miscellaneous services, Northern Ireland. 650
XVIII 1 Her Majesty's Treasury Administration. 2,000
XVIII 5 Customs and Excise Administration. 2,385
XVIII 6 Inland Revenue Administration 159
XVIII 9 Department for National Savings Department for National Savings. 329
XVIII 13 Central Statistical Office Central Statistical Office. 563
XIX 1 Office of the Minister for the Civil Service Office of the Minister of the Civil Service. 397
XIX 2 Cabinet Office Other services. 1,228
Total voted 109,493
1 This is a token vote. Carryforward will be taken in the form of increased appropriations in aid of £8,544,000.
2 This is a token vote. Carryforward will be taken in the form of increased appropriations in aid of £817,000.

Non-voted cash limits
Cash Block Department Description Amount (£000s)
DOE/HC Department of the Environment Grants and capital expenditure financed by the Housing Corporation in England. 950
DOE/UA Department of the Environment External financing requirements of urban development corporations in England and grants to local authorities and other bodies under the urban programme, the derelict land reclamation and city grant programmes (including associated LA credit approvals) and other expenditure for inner cities initiatives. 8,781
DOE/LACAP Department of the Environment Basic credit approvals for housing, transport (except passenger transport authorities), education, health, other environmental services in England and Shire fire. Supplementary credit approvals and grants to local authorities for housing in England. 18,844
DOE/OES Department of the Environment Supplementary credit approvals for other environmental services in England. 3,041
Cash Block Department Description Amount(£000s)
DTP/LACAP Department of Transport Supplementary credit approvals for transport in England. Basic credit approvals for passenger transport authorities. 91
MAFF/LACAP Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Supplementary credit approvals for flood defence and coast protection in England. 776
SO/LA1 Scottish Office Capital expenditure in Scotland by authorities on roads and transport, sewerage, general services, urban programmes, police and social work, schools further education, teacher training and arts and libraries. 8,900
SO/LA2 Scottish Office Capital expenditure in Scotland by local authorities for housing and capital expenditure by new towns in Scotland for housing and other environmental services. 561
WO/UA Welsh Office Supplementary credit approvals and grants (both capital and current) to local authorities in Wales in respect of the urban programme and urban development grant. Urban investment grant and expenditure by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation. 3,183
NID1 Northern Ireland Departments Services broadly analagous to services covered by cash limits including family practitioner services. 7,053
Total non voted 52,180
Total capital end year flexibility (voted and non-voted) 161,673

Entitlements for 1991–92 running costs limits resulting from the carryforward of running costs underspends
Department Amount (£000s)
Intervention Board-Executive Agency 117
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1,460
Trade and Industry 1,504
Department of Energy 180
Department of Employment Group 4,705
Property Holdings 179
Home Office 2,589
Lord Chancellor's Department 1,419
Department of Education and Science 404
Office of Population, Censuses and Surveys 263
Scottish Office 984
Scottish Courts Administration 160
Scottish Record Office 50
General Register Office, Scotland 50
Welsh Office 186
Northern Ireland Office; Northern Ireland Departments 1,356
HM Treasury 426
Customs and Excise 2,886
Inland Revenue 6,638
Department for National Savings 582
Central Statistical Office 134
Government Actuary's Department 50
Total 26,322

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