HC Deb 23 January 1991 vol 184 cc199-203W
Mr. Straw

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will publish a table in theOfficial Report listing the capital allocations for each grant-maintained

School Former maintaining LEA Pupil number January 1990 Named capital allocations
For projects beginning in 1990–91 (£ thousands)1 For projects beginning in 1991–92 (£ thousands)2
Adams' Grammar School Shropshire 445 21
Audenshaw High School Tameside 714 575 225
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School Lancashire 717 713
Bankfield High School Cheshire 428 480
Baverstock GM School Birmingham 1,037 275
Beechen Cliff School Avon 774 480 320
Bishopshalt School Hillingdon 917 206
Bournemouth Grammar School Dorset 869 300
Bridgewater Hall School Buckinghamshire 1,155 65
Bullers Wood School for Girls Bromley 942 228
Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Kensington 614 219
Carre's Grammar School Lincolnshire 380 630
Castle Hall GM School Kirklees 394 11 105
Claremont High School Brent 881 328 120
Colyton Devon 421 950
Ecclesbourne School Derbyshire 1,223 400
Francis Bacon School Hertfordshire 466 105
Handsworth Grammar School for Boys Birmingham 777 953
Heckmondwike Grammar School Kirklees 584 198 252
Hendon School Barnet 805 180 200
Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancashire 886 155
London Nautical School Southwark 398 100 50
London Oratory School Hammersmith 1,184 151 216
Long Field High School Leicestershire 352 236
Netherthorpe School Derbyshire 571 65
Old Swinford Hospital Dudley 525 35 500
Pate's Grammar School Gloucestershire 1,010 1,500
Queen Elizabeth's GM School for Boys Barnet 1,036 90
Queen Elizabeth's GM Grammar School Lincolnshire 329 100 503
Queensbury School Bedfordshire 641 57
Ribston Hall High School Gloucestershire 417 295
St. Francis Xavier's College Liverpool 1,012 32 200
Skegness Grammar School Lincolnshire 539 92 63
Small Heath School Birmingham 780 50 105
Southfield School for Girls Northamptonshire 579 650
Southlands School Berkshire 529 46 113
St. James' CE School Bolton 655 650
The Grammar School for Girls, Wilmington Kent 415 44 45
The Kings School Lincolnshire 762 128
Watford Boys Grammar School Hertfordshire 1,028 80
Wilson's School Sutton 753 200
Totals 28,944 6,699 8,391
1 Financial Year.

Mr. Straw

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will list in theOfficial Report the changes in financial arrangements when a school obtains grant-maintained status.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The principal changes when a school becomes grant-maintained are:

school for 1990–91 and 1991–92, with the number of pupils on the roll of each school and the name of the local education authority in which it is situated with totals.

Mr. Eggar

The table lists the total value of the allocations for named capital projects in grant-maintained schools to begin in the two years. Each grant-maintained school is eligible to claim an amount of capital grant calculated according to a formula which takes account of the number of pupils on roll. Schools becoming grant-maintained during the course of the financial year are also eligible to claim grant for the part year. The grant is to be used for small capital works and purchase of items of equipment. For 1990–91 the formula was £13,000 plus £6 per pupil on roll. For 1991–92 the formula will be £19,000 plus £9 per pupil on roll.

Annual maintenance grant is paid to it by the Department and recouped as appropriate from the school's former maintaining local education authority; Certain specific grants are available to the school which may also apply for capital grant; and The school's accounting, financial control and reporting arrangements must take account of guidance from the Department.

Mr. Anthony Coombs

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science what are the plans for capital grant expenditure on grant-maintained schools for the financial year 1991–92.

Mr. Eggar

The planned level of capital expenditure on grant-maintained schools in 1991–92 is £10.5 million. Grant-maintained schools are receiving allocations for named capital projects with a total value of £8.4 million to begin in 1991–92. It is assumed that about £4.5 million of this sum will be spent in 1991–92.

When schools become grant maintained we want to ensure they are set up on a sound basis. This has led, on average, to higher capital allocations for the GM sector in 1991–92 than for LEA-maintained schools.

Of the 56 eligible schools, 28 have received an allocation for a named capital project; two have a project on a design list which will enable the school to proceed with the planning stages of the project; and nine schools which were approved for grant-maintained status towards the end of 1990 will have their capital bids considered in the next few weeks. An announcement will be made in due course.

Priority in the allocations has been given to schools' most pressing needs, including projects related to the health and safety of pupils, and to projects concerned with the introduction of the national curriculum, especially in science and technology. Each grant-maintained school is eligible to receive a formula-based allocation to be used for small capital works and items of capital equipment. The average allocation is £25,000, which is 50 per cent. higher on average than the allocations in 1990–91. The total cost in 1991–92 for the grant-maintained schools already approved for grant-maintained status is about £1.5 million.

The remaining £4.5 million of expenditure in 1991–92 is available to allow for expenditure arising from projects begun in 1990–91, the prospect of allocations to some of the nine schools whose bids were not requested until the latter part of January, part-year formula allocations for schools becoming grant-maintained during the 1991–92 financial year, and a contingency margin.

The following is a list of the named capital allocations.

Capital allocations for grant-maintained schools in 1991–92
Named Project Allocations
All figures are in £000s
School Project Total named project allocation
Adams Grammar School, Newport Health and Safety Removal of asbestos 21
Audenshaw High School Conversion into Design and Tech room and rewiring 225
Beechen Cliff School, Bath Technology Block 320
Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon Science Block extension 206
Bournemouth Grammar School Repairs (inc. roof repairs and rewiring) 300
Bridgewater Hall School, Milton Keynes Boiler replacement 65
Bullers Wood School, Chislehurst Refurbishment and extension of 3 labs 228
Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford Technology and Labs extension 630
Castle Hall Grant- Roof renewal 65
Maintained School, Mirfield Concrete frame repairs 40

School Project Total named project allocation
Chalvedon School, Basildon Bid still to be considered
Claremont High School, Technology rooms 100
Kenton Health and Safety 20
Crossley Heath, Halifax Bid still to be considered
Ecclesbourne School, Duffield Repairs (inc. re-roofing and rewiring) 400
Francis Bacon School, St. Albans Modern Languages classrooms 105
Handsworth Grammar School for Boys, Birmingham Science Block 953
Hardley Secondary School, Southampton Bid still to be considered
Heckmondwike Grammar School Technology refurbishment 252
Hendon School Replacement of windows (Main building) 108
Refurbishment of Biology Lab 92
Lancaster Girls Grammar School Bid still to be considered
London Nautical School Rewiring 50
London Oratory School Design and Technology Facilities 216
Long Field High School, Melton Mowbray Roof repairs 236
North Halifax High School Bid still to be considered
Old Swinford Hospital, Stowbridge Provision of science laboratories 500
Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham Replacement of existing accommodation 1,500
Queen Elizabeth's Grant-Maintained School, Alford Replace temporary accommodation and improve Design and Technology 503
St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool Repairs 200
Skegness Grammar School Modernise Kitchen and Canteen 63
Small Heath School Maths suite 25
Replacement of windows 80
Southfield Schools for Girls, Kettering Technology block 650
Southlands School, Reading Re-roofing of Art block 57
corridor 12
senior school 44
St. George's School, Sleaford Bid still to be considered
Stratford School, Newham Bid still to be considered
The Grammar School for Girls, Wilmington Conversion to CDT 45
The Maplesdon Noakes School, Maidstone Bid still to be considered
Watford Boys Grammar School Re-roofing 80
Wymondham College, Norfolk Bid still to be considered

Projects for design stage
School Project Indicated cost
Guildford County School Library and Business Studies provision 770
Wolverhampton High School for Girls Technology Rooms 850
Totals for design stage 1,620