HC Deb 25 February 1991 vol 186 cc400-1W
Mr. Allen

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security if he will list the research projects(a) currently underway and (b) planned by the Department in all areas excluding invalidity benefit, giving the title of the research, its estimated cost and its completion date in each case.

Mr. Scott

The tables set out the details of research under way and planned by the Department. A number of additional studies are under consideration to start in 1991–92 depending on available resources but details of these have not yet been fully considered.

Project Cost(£ thousands) Completion due
Evaluation of consumer consultations in the social security system 42 Final report awaited
Hard to place residents of resettlement units 47 April 1992
Survey of admissions to London resettlement units In-house July 1991
Assessment of women users of resettlement units and their needs 2 June 1991
Housing benefit reviews 100 Completed: final report received
1 DSS contribution to joint funded research.
2 Main stage of the survey of incomes in and out of work completed summer 1990. Results published in: Erens, B and Hedges, B: Survey of Incomes In and Out of Work (SCPR, 1990) and Garman, A and Redmond, G: The Changing characteristics of unemployed men, Employment Gazette, September 1990.

Table B
Planned research
Project Anticipated cost(£ thousands) Anticipated completion due
Changes in income and benefit status over time 103 To be decided
Structure of employers' national insurance contributions To be decided To be decided
Survey of incomes in and out of work—takeup of in-work benefit In-house Autumn 1991
Survey of incomes in and out of work—Econometric analysis of partner activity 16 December 1991
Survey of occupational pensions Awaiting costings To be decided
Information needs of and access to service by minority ethnic groups 50 To be decided
Information needs of and access to service by people with disabilities 50 September 1991
Annual independent national customer survey To be decided September 1991
Customer perceptions of resettlement units 37 July 1991
Effect of benefit availability on housing decisions 60 To be decided