HC Deb 30 April 1991 vol 190 cc120-3W
Mr. Cousins

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list all the schemes agreed for funding from the waiting list initiative fund from the £12 million reserved for Inter-Authority Comparisons and Consultancy recommendations.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley

The districts and specialties examined by Inter-Authority Comparisons and Consultancy and the funding allocated from the waiting list fund is given in the table.

Schemes which received funding from the £12 million reserved from the waiting list fund to finance the recommendations of Inter-Authority Comparisons and Consultancy in 1990–91
District and specialty list Fund allocated
Plastic surgery 35,000
Barking, Havering and Brentwood
General surgery 167,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 120,000
ENT 51,000
Oral surgery 100,000
Basildon and Thurrock
General surgery 500,000
Plastic surgery 50,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 283,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 267,000
ENT 212,000
Plastic surgery 43,000
General surgery 156,000
ENT 86,000
Plastic surgery 95,000

District and specialty list Fund allocated
Trauma and orthopaedics 200,000
Bristol and Weston
General surgery 242,000
Central Manchester
Ophthalmology 29,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 125,000
City and Hackney
ENT 34,000
Dartford and Gravesham
ENT 37,000
Plastic surgery 179,000
General surgery 56,000
East Berkshire
Plastic surgery 59,000
East Cumbria
General surgery 121,000
East Suffolk
Trauma and orthopaedics 260,000
General surgery 111,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 250,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 160,000
ENT 48,000
Urology 106,000
ENT 50,000
General surgery 219,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 488,000
Kingston and Esher
Ophthalmology 396,000
Plastic surgery 134,000
Lewisham and North Southwark
General surgery 375,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 200,000
ENT 16,000
General surgery 17,000
Mid Downs
General surgery 102,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 174,000
Plastic surgery 143,000
North Devon General surgery 60,000
North East Essex
General surgery 250,000
North Staffordshire

District and specialty list Fund allocated
General surgery 50,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 410,000
Gynaecology 50,000
North Warwickshire
Plastic surgery 160,000
North West Surrey
Trauma and orthopaedics 218,000
General surgery 55,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 266,000
Plastic surgery 89,000
Plastic surgery 142,000
General surgery 216,000
Plastic surgery 12,000
Richmond, Twickenham and Roehampton
Plastic surgery 255,000
Plastic surgery 288,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 492,000
General surgery 382,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 350,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 114,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 211,000
South Manchester
Plastic surgery 200,000
Tower Hamlets
Trauma and orthopaedics 25,000
Oral surgery 25,000
Waltham Forest
ENT 82,000
West Essex
General surgery 32,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 221,000
West Lancashire
Trauma and orthopaedics 294,000
West Surrey and North East Hampshire
General surgery 50,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 100,000
Ophthalmology 143,000
Trauma and orthopaedics 179,000

Mr. Cousins

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he proposes to produce a detailed report on the expenditures from the waiting list initiative showing each project approved, together with its outcome.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley

We do not intend to publish a detailed report on all the projects which have received funding under the waiting time initiative. Allocations from the waiting list fund are made to regional health authorities (RHAs) which use the funds in a variety of ways, with the common objective of reducing the number of patients who wait over one year for hospital treatment. Allocations to RHAs for 1990–91 are shown in the table. In the first half of that year, the total number of patients waiting over one year fell by 2½ per cent. and the number waiting over two years fell by 12 per cent. Provisional figures indicate a further fall in the five months to February 1991 of 12 per cent. in the number waiting over one year and 21 per cent. in the number waiting over two years.

Waiting list fund—allocations to regions
(£ million)
Northern 1.798
Yorkshire 2.017
Trent 2.923
East Anglian 1.135
North West Thames 1.690
North East Thames 3.808
South East Thames 2.738
South West Thames 2.138
Wessex 2.024
Oxford 1.638
South Western 1.546
West Midlands 4.472
Mersey 1.515
North Western 2.860
SHAs 0.200
Total £33 million
1 Includes allocations from the £12 million set aside for the 100 longest specialty waiting lists in the country.