HC Deb 24 October 1990 vol 178 cc188-9W
Mr. Hanley

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many road accidents there were, both fatal and non-fatal, in each of the years 1984 to 1989 inclusive; and how many involved drivers aged under 24 years.

Mr. Chope

The Department collects only information on accidents involving personal injury.

A fatal accident is defined as one in which at least one person was fatally injured.

Accidents and accidents involving drivers aged under 24: 1984–89
All accidents Accidents involving at least one driver or rider aged under 24 years
Fatal Non-fatal Total Fatal Non-fatal Total
1984 5,138 248,045 253,183 2,094 100,034 102,128
1985 4,768 240,877 245,645 1,915 93,929 95,844
1986 4,895 242,959 247,854 1,930 94,608 96,538
1987 4,694 234,369 239,063 1,816 89,798 91,614
1988 4,643 242,351 246,994 1,796 92,572 94,368
1989 4,907 255,852 260,759 1,831 96,769 98,600

Mr. Hanley

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether there has been an analysis carried out of the incidents of specific makes of vehicle in road accidents in relation to their general prevalence in the vehicle population as a whole; and if statistics exist for the seriousness of injuries sustained in those specific makes of vehicle.

Mr. Chope

The Department of Transport began collecting information about the registration marks of all vehicles involved in injury accidents from 1 January 1989. This will facilitate analyses of the type my hon. Friend seeks. I hope that a report will he published in the form of a statistical bulletin before the end of the year and a copy will be placed in the Library.