HC Deb 01 May 1990 vol 171 cc508-10W
Mr. Salmond

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will give details of the amount of money which health boards were required to find from their own resources to meet centrally agreed pay awards from 1979 to 1989, by health board, on an annual basis.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

The amounts included in health board revenue allocations to meet the cost of pay and salaries are not separately identified. However additional resources have been made available towards the cost of pay review body awards.

Mr. Salmond

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will give details of the amount of money which has accrued to individual health boards from the sale of hospital land and buildings; and if he will make a statement on how this money is treated for the hospital board's capital allocation.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

Details of the receipts for NHS property sales retained by health boards are as follows:

Health Board 1987–88 1988–89 1989–90
£ £ £
Argyll and Clyde 749,664 1,352,562 3,079,594
Ayrshire and Arran 115,324 49,530 5,814,154
Borders 94,091 832,197 753,430
Dumfries and Galloway 172,272 213,761 500
Fife 283,559 619,124 247,756
Forth Valley 429,108 659,414 577,385
Grampian 507,060 719,537 712,196
Greater Glasgow 1,633,038 1,398,410 6,061,349
Highland 556,902 560,331 690,557
Lanarkshire 194,665 153,050 380,532
Lothian 1,018,969 2,033,405 1,870,490
Orkney 23,475 90,826 51,500
Shetland 55,099 79,152 21,900
Tayside 581,126 1,163,484 637,291
Western Isles
Total receipts retained by boards 6,414,359 9,924,788 20,898,639

Since November1988, boards have retained the total proceeds from the disposal of land and property and will continue to do so until March 1991. I refer the hon. Gentleman to the reply that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Eastwood (Mr. Stewart) on 11 November 1988 at column 345. These arrangements replaced the previous rules allowing boards to retain only the first £250,000 proceeds of a single sale; the remainder was distributed to all the health boards.

Capital allocations to boards have regard to their expected income from capital receipts.

Mrs. Margaret Ewing

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the current total of psychogeriatric beds available in each Scottish health board area; and what are the relevant Scottish health authorities revenue equalisation targets.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

[holding answer 25 April 1990]: The average numbers of available staffed beds in the psychogeriatric specialty in NHS hospitals in Scotland are set out in the table. Targets are a matter for individual health boards; the service has top priority among the SHARPEN recommendations which the Government have accepted.

Health board Average available staffed beds1
Argyll and Clyde 529
Ayrshire and Arran 411
Borders 162
Dumfries and Galloway 211
Fife 528
Forth Valley 390
Grampian 635
Greater Glasgow 711
Highland 11
Lanarkshire 741
Lothian 1024
Tayside 609
Western Isles
Scotland 5,963
1 Year ending 30 September 1989.

Mrs. Margaret Ewing

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the total amount of development funds allocated to each Scottish health board for the next financial year; and if he will detail allowances made for the current rate of inflation.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

[holding answer 25 April 1990]: The percentage increase in the 1990–91 gross revenue allocation over the 1989–90 gross revenue allocation for each health board in Scotland was as follows:

Health board Percentage Increase
Argyll and Clyde 8.10
Ayrshire and Arran 8.88
Borders 10.13
Dumfries and Galloway 9.72
Fife 8.
Forth Valley 8.24
Grampian 8.09
Greater Glasgow 5.86
Highland 8.40
Lanarkshire 8.21
Lothian 7.94
Orkney 9.73
Shetland 9.66
Tayside 7.75
Western Isles 7.46

Further sums totalling 1.54 per cent. of the all Scotland 1989–90 allocations mainly representing resources for systems implementation, and breast cancer screening, will be allocated in the course of the year.

Resources released by cost improvement programmes are expected to release an average of a further 1 per cent. in the current financial year.

Boards receive an overall cash allocation and are expected to manage their expenditure within that amount. Allocations contain no specific allowance for inflation.

Mrs. Margaret Ewing

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the current waiting list for psychogeriatric beds in each of the Scottish health board areas; and what is the current average length of time between application for a full-time bed and allocation of beds.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

[holding answer 25 April 1990]: Information on waiting lists for psychogeriatric beds as at 30 September 1989 (the latest data available) is set out in the table. Information on average length of time between application and allocation of psychogeriatric beds is not held centrally.

Health board Number on waiting list
Argyll and Clyde 25
Ayrshire and Arran 25
Borders 16
Dumfries and Galloway
Fife 59
Forth Valley 33
Grampian 212
Greater Glasgow 193
Highland 5
Lanarkshire 70
Lothian 125
Tayside 27
Western Isles
Scotland 790