HC Deb 26 July 1990 vol 177 cc429-30W
Sir Geoffrey Finsberg

To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the spending per resident by Hampstead health authority was for each of the years 1978 to 1989 inclusive; and what was the comparable national average spending over the same period.

Mr. Dorrell

Information for the Hampstead health authority and figures in aggregate for all district health authorities (DHAs) in England for the years since their establishment on 1 April 1982 are shown in the table. These figures relate expenditure on services managed by Hampstead health authority to numbers of residents. They do not show expenditure on services for Hampstead residents, since they do not take account of services provided by other districts for Hampstead residents, or services provided by Hampstead health authority for residents of other districts.

Total revenue expenditure on Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) per resident
Hampstead Health Authority £ (cash) England average £ (cash)
1982–83 551 166
1983–84 580 175
1984–85 610 185
1985–86 518 194
1986–87 546 208
1987–88 592 227
11988–89 688 252
1 latest available


(a) Annual accounts of the Hampstead health authority and all other district health authorities in England for the financial years 1982–83 to 1988–89.

(b) Mid-year estimates of resident population—1982 to 1988 (Office of Population Censuses and Surveys).


1. Hospital and Community health services (HCHS) covers the total expenditure by district health authorities including that on hospital, community health and where relevant patient transport (that is, ambulance), blood transfusion and other services.

2. District capital expenditure, all expenditure incurred by regional health authorities on behalf of their regions as a whole and by special health authorities, and so on, is excluded. Expenditure on family practitioner services, which is accounted for by family practitioner committees and cannot strictly be attributed to particular districts, is also excluded.

3. The figures for Hampstead and certain other districts within the North East Thames region were influenced by a change in the pattern of sub-regional resource allocations for long-stay patients in the period 1984–85/1985–86. Hampstead, in common with other districts within London, incurs the cost of London weighting allowances payable to staff. In addition, Hampstead incurs additional costs through the provision of service support for medical education and research.

4. Prior to 1 April 1982 the Hampstead health authority's predecessor health district formed part of a larger area health authority and in those cases district-based figures were not collected centrally.