HC Deb 24 July 1990 vol 177 c180W
Mr. Michael Morris

To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what is the date from which health service managers base success in reducing waiting lists will be calculated;

(2) what factors will be taken into consideration in determining whether health service managers' remuneration should be reduced for failing to reduce waiting lists;

(3) which health service managers will have their remuneration linked to the reduction of waiting lists.

Mr. Dorrell

The national health service managers eligible for performance-related pay are regional, district and unit general managers, and those senior managers below general manager level who have accepted a performance-linked contract.

Awards of performance-related pay depend on the manager's achievement of objectives set each year under the individual performance review system. The objectives for regional general managers are set by regional chairmen in consultation with the chief executive of the national health service management executive and this process is repeated at succeeding management levels.

In setting an individual manager's objectives we consider the existing standard of the services for which he or she is responsible and deficiencies which need to be remedied. Thus a regional general manager in whose region there are unacceptably long waiting times will be required as part of his or her objectives to secure their reduction by an agreed margin. Regional chairmen and general managers will in turn be responsible for ensuring that suitable objectives are set for the managers reporting to them. The management executive will be agreeing with regional health authorities in the autumn reviews specific targets for the reduction in the number of patients waiting over one year for treatment in the period to March 1992.

Performance is assessed each year against all the objectives set for a manager.