HC Deb 09 July 1990 vol 176 cc6-7W
Ms. Walley

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will give full details of all contracts awarded in the last year by Her Majesty's inspectorate of pollution to private consultants, university departments and other bodies, and include the value of each contract, the research/analysis to be undertaken and the duration of the contract.

Mr. Trippier

The research contracts listed in the table were commissioned by Her Majesty's inspectorate of pollution during the year ending 30 June 1990.

In addition, a number of short-term consultancy contracts were awarded during the same period by Her Majesty's inspectorate of pollution.

Contractor Contract value (excluding VAT) £ Duration (months) Area of work
NERC 295,000 24 Nature and complexing properties of humic substances
NERC 380,000 12 Colloid migration studies
ANS 18,880 6 Management options for organic liquid waste
UKAEA 119,368 31 Radioactivity in air and rainwater
Laboratory of Government Chemist 306,321 39 Radiochemical analysis of drinking water supplies
ICI Tracerco 143,299 39 Radiochemical analysis of private water supplies
NRPB 186,500 38 Radiochemical analysis of effluents
ICI Tracerco 293,856 39 Environmental radioactivity monitoring programme
UKAEA 85,100 45 Assessment and reporting of environmental monitoring programmes
UKAEA 49,100 12 Artificial radioactivity in tide-washed pastures
Electrowatt 144,812 11 United Kingdom radioactive waste inventory
UKAEA 28,800 6 Pollution control at chemical incineration works
Environmental Resources 35,080 6 Pollution control at large glass works
Warren Spring Laboratory 32,500 6 Pollution control at municipal incineration works
Cremer & Warner 28,100 6 Pollution control at hospital incineration
UKAEA 160,000 12 Microbial aspects of gas generation
Clayton, Bostock Hill and Rigby 25,500 6 Pollution control at sewage sludge incineration works
National Nuclear 41,500 12 Liquid effluent treatment
UKAEA 22,600 4 Review of organic material in radioactive wastes
INTERA-ECL 28,704 4 Data requirements for groundwater modelling
W. S. Atkins 74,500 9 Thermodynamic detabase and geochemical modelling
NRPB 20,000 24 Development of atmospheric dispersion model
UKAEA 328,220 24 Testing of models for colloid transport
UKAEA 86,700 11 Technetium removal from aqueous effluents
UKAEA 30,000 11 Effects of radiation on wasteforms
UKAEA 76,800 11 Treatment of complexed radionuclides
University of Aberdeen 326,460 11 Effect of elevated temperatures on cement in radioactive waste isolation
UKAEA 240,000 10 Actinide sorption on geological materials
INTERA-ECL 39,000 10 Methodology for assessing disposal of wastes
WRC 38,612 5 Sewage sludge BPEO study
British Ceramic 24,500 6 Monitoring of coke oven emissions
IMPEL 20,400 7 Assessing industrial process emissions

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