HC Deb 19 February 1990 vol 167 cc564-5W
Mr. Allen

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list all those countries against which the United Kingdom is operating sanctions, the sanctions in each case and the countries or organisations requesting such sanctions.

Mr. Waldegrave

We have implemented a variety of restrictive measures on our trade and other relations with a number of countries. These include:

  1. (a) controls through COCOM on the export of high technology equipment which could be used for 565 military as well as civil purposes to a number of proscribed destinations, including to the Soviet Union, eastern Europe and China. COCOM comprises the NATO countries, less Iceland, as well as Japan and Australia.
  2. (b) restrictive measures against South Africa. I refer the hon. Member to the reply I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Southend, East (Mr. Taylor) on 15 February 1990 for a list of the measures adopted by the UK in conjunction with the European Community. We have also agreed with the Commonwealth a number of measures. These are:
    1. (i) The strict enforcement of the mandatory arms embargo against South Africa;
    2. (ii) A re-affirmation of the Gleneagles declaration of 1977, which called upon Commonwealth members to take every practical step to discourage sporting contacts with South Africa;
    3. (iii) Agreement upon and commendation to other Governments of the adoption of the following further economic measures against South Africa:
      1. (a) A ban on all new Government loans to the Government of South Africa and their agencies;
      2. (b) A readiness to take unilaterally what action may be possible to preclude the import of Krugerrands;
      3. (c) No Government funding for trade missions to South Africa or for participation in exhibitions and trade fairs in South Africa;
      4. (d) A ban on the sale and export of computer equipment capable of use by South African military forces, police or security forces;
      5. (e) A ban on new contracts for the sale and export of nuclear goods, materials and technology to South Africa;
      6. (f) A ban on the sale and export of oil to South Africa;
      7. (g) A strict and rigorously controlled embargo on imports of arms, ammunition, military vehicles and paramilitary equipment from South Africa;
      8. (h) An embargo on all military co-operation with South Africa;
      9. (i) The discouragement of all cultural and scientific events except where these contribute towards the ending of apartheid or have no possible role in promoting it;
      10. (j) A voluntary ban on the promotion of tourism to South Africa;
      11. (k) The implementation of any European Community decision to ban the import of coal, iron and steel and of gold coins from South Africa.
  3. (c) Restrictions not aimed at particular countries, such as those of the missile technology control regime, resulting from our commitment to nuclear non-proliferation, and controls on the export of material used in production of chemical weapons.
  4. (d) Special restrictions are applied to arms exports to certain countries, for example, in the middle east, reflecting our wish not to fuel or prolong conflicts in the region, and our determination to take a firm line on state-sponsored terrorism.