HC Deb 05 December 1990 vol 182 cc145-6W
Mr. Fisher

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security whether he will publish tables showing(a) the number of new buildings. (b) the amount spent on new buildings, (c) the amount spent on repairs and maintenance and (d) the amount spent on building renovation by his Department in each of the last five years.

Mr. Jack

Responsibility for new buildings, renovation and repairs is shared by the Department of the Environment and the Department of Social Security, and the division of this responsibility has changed over the period in question. It would not be possible to provide the information in the form requested except at disproportionate cost. However, new buildings for sole occupation by the Department have been completed as follows since April 1988, when the Department acquired responsibility for major works expenditure:

Year Number of new builds Total cost (£ million)
1988–89 2 2.689
1989–90 4 23.573
1990–91 3 15.770

The total cost includes expenditure incurred by the Department of the Environment prior to April 1988.

The total expenditure on new works and maintenance within the Department's delegated responsibility is given in the table. For the period prior to April 1989 the information covers the combined Department of Health and Social Security, and certain capital projects in which both the Department of Social Security and the Department of Health have an interest continue to be funded by the Department of Social Security.

Year New works1 Maintenance
(£ million) (£ million)
21986–87 0.123 4.824
31987–88 10.314 7.132
1988–89 442.561 7.002
1989–90 89.001 7.735
51990–91 91.181 618.284
1 New works expenditure encompasses all capital projects including new builds, renovations and adaptations as a result of changed operational requirements.
2 For 1986–87, the Department was responsible only for certain new works and maintenance projects up to the value of £1,000.
3 From 1987–88, the Department became responsible for certain new works up to a value of £150,000 and for maintenance projects up to a value of £5,000.
4 From 1988–89, expenditure included all new works projects irrespective of value.
5 The figures for this year are forecasts.
6 From 1990–91, the Department became responsible for all maintenance projects on a proportion of the estate.

The hon. Member will be aware of the new works project at the Stoke North local social security office completed this year. The project involved adaptation and improvement of the reception and waiting areas at a cost of £360,000. This amount is included in the table.

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