HC Deb 19 April 1990 vol 170 c984W
Mr. Bradley

To ask the Secretary of State for Health what is the average cost per head of spending in the National Health Service for the South Manchester district health authority in each of the past 15 years(a) in cash terms and (b) in real terms.

Mr. Freeman

Figures of average annual expenditure per head of resident population for the South Manchester health authority for the years since its establishment on 1 April 1982 are shown in the table:

Revenue expenditure per head of resident population Hospital and community health services (HCHS)
£ (cash) £ (at 1989–90 prices)
1982–83 388 559
1983–84 416 572
1984–85 434 568
1985–86 453 563
1986–87 473 569
1987–88 518 591
1988–89 571 608


  1. (a) Annual accounts of the South Manchester Health Authority —1982–83 to 1988–89 (latest available).
  2. (b) Mid-year estimates of resident population—1982 to 1988 (Office of Population, Censuses and Surveys).


  1. 1. The figures have been expressed at 1989–90 prices by the use of the gross domestic product deflator.
  2. 2. HCHS includes hospital, community health and other services provided by the health authority. Capital expenditure and expenditure on family practitioner services is excluded; the latter expenditure is accounted for by family practitioner committees (FPCs) and cannot be attributed to particular districts.
  3. 3. People do travel across district boundaries for treatment and resource allocations reflect the pattern of service provision locally. The population figures used make no allowance for people resident in one district who receive treatment in another or for the difference in morbidity and age/sex structure of particular populations.
  4. 4. Prior to 1 April 1982 the authority's predecessor health district formed part of a larger area health authority and in such cases district based figures were not collected centrally.