HL Deb 16 May 1989 vol 507 cc1169-70WA
Baroness Gardner of Parkes

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether they will list the total amounts paid in grants by government departments to voluntary bodies during the financial year 1987–88.

The Lord Privy Seal (Lord Belstead)

The figures are shown in the table. The total amount provided in 1987–88 represents a cash increase of 4.6 per cent, on the level of provision in 1986–87. In the period between 1979–80 and 1987–88 the level of government support to voluntary bodies has risen by 237 per cent, (or in real terms 91.;6 per cent.).

Grants by Government Departments in 1987–88
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 187,765
Defence 5,297,319
Education and Science(1) 7,207,000
Employment 40,289,647
Energy 1,067,187
Environment—direct grants 6,160,502
—urban programme 66,644,000
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1,202,750
Overseas Development Administration 42,475,571
Health and Social Security 36,571,661
Home Office 21,945,889
Lord Chancellor's Department 712,000
Northern Ireland Department 14,263,793
Scottish Office—direct grants 9,790,137
—urban programme 20,400,000
Trade and Industry 9,069,000
Transport 671,000
Welsh Office—direct grants 5,530,466
—urban programme 3,430,000
Total 292,915,687
(1) The 1979–80 figure for DES included £3,736,000 paid to certain adult education bodies. These have been excluded in later years as not being strictly speaking, grants to voluntary organisations. In addition the sum listed for DES grants is lower than in previous years because (i) responsibility for grants to village halls and community centres has now been transferred to local government; and (ii) a number of other bodies included hitherto are no longer classified as voluntary bodies.


In addition, payments were made directly to voluntary bodies under various employment programmes.

Training Agency (formerly Manpower Services Commission):
—Community Programme 564,400,000
—Voluntary Projects Programme 8,700,000
—Youth Training Scheme 118,305,000
Total 691,405,000
The MSC and the Department of Employment made payments to voluntary bodies under other programmes but these cannot be given in detail except at disproportionate cost.
Northern Ireland, Department of Economic Development
Action for Community Employment 27,674,880
Community Workshops 16,180,266
Community Volunteering Scheme 645,000
Youth Community Project 757,000
Youth Help 750,295
Total 46,007,441
Departments also made grants and payments to housing associations and societies, these are as follows.
Department of Environment 923,040,000
Northern Ireland Office (Department of the Environment) 43,000,000
Scottish Office 115,319,000
Welsh Office 56,600,000
Total 1,137,959,000
Grants made to voluntary bodies in 1987–88 by non-departmental public bodies include the following.
Equal Opportunities Commission 69,044
Commission for Racial Equality 1,884,358
Countryside Commission 2,900,000
Countryside Commission for Scotland 502,310
Health Education Council 729,000
Highlands and Islands Development Board 797,920
Nature Conservancy Council 2,140,501
Sports Council 16,203,000
Sports Council for Northern Ireland 431,232
Sports Council for Scotland 2,319,285
Sports Council for Wales 1,486,347
Total 29,462,997
Grand total 2,197,750,125