HC Deb 15 May 1989 vol 153 cc69-70W
Ms. Short

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what links each of the following Royal Navy ships have with towns or cities in the United Kingdom; what is the nature of each ship to town link; and what are the annual costs involved to the Royal Navy of such links: (i) HMS Resolution, (ii) HMS Repulse, (iii) HMS Renown, (iv) HMS Revenge, (v) HMS Invincible, (vi) HMS Illustrous, (vii) HMS Ark Royal, (viii) HMS Birmingham, (ix) HMS Newcastle, (x) HMS Glasgow, (xi) HMS Cardiff, (xii) HMS Exeter, (xiii) HMS Southampton, (xiv) HMS Nottingham, (xv) HMS Liverpool, (xvi) HMS Manchester, (xvii) HMS Gloucester, (xviii) HMS Edinburgh, (xix) HMS York, (xx) HMS Broadsword, (xxi) HMS Battleaxe, (xxii) HMS Brilliant, (xxiii) HMS Brazen, (xxiv) HMS Boxer, (xxv) HMS Beaver, (xxvi) HMS Brave, (xxvii) HMS London, (xxviii) HMS Coventry, and (xxix) HMS Sheffield.

Mr. Archie Hamilton

The ship to town/city links are as follows:

HMS Resolution Burton-on-Trent
HMS Repulse Rotherham
HMS Invincible City of Durham
HMS Illustrious The Cinque Ports
HMS Ark Royal Leeds
HMS Birmingham Birmingham
HMS Newcastle Newcastle
HMS Glasgow Glasgow
HMS Cardiff Cardiff
HMS Exeter Exeter
HMS Southampton Southampton
HMS Nottingham Nottingham
HMS Liverpool Liverpool
HMS Manchester Manchester
HMS Gloucester Gloucester
HMS Edinburgh Edinburgh
HMS York York
HMS Broadsword Chester
HMS Battleaxe Newport, Gwent
HMS Brilliant Tunbridge Wells
HMS Brazen County Durham
HMS Boxer Trafford, Manchester
HMS Beaver Bolton
HMS Brave Waveney District Council
HMS London City of London
HMS Coventry Coventry
HMS Sheffield Sheffield

HMS Renown and HMS Revenge are not currently affiliated to a town or city.

Much of the activity associated with these affiliations is concerned with charitable work. Each ship is connected with at least one local charity and makes considerable contributions to it by means of voluntary fund-raising activities contained within its already busy programme. Many of the ships have been granted honorary freedom of their affiliated towns and their companies are honorary freemen. These affiliations are greatly valued by both sides.

The precise cost to the Royal Navy of these affiliations is not recorded separately from that of other activities and would involve disproportionate effort to calculate. The costs are, however, likely to be small, consisting largely of the cost of public transport to visit towns and cities not accessible by sea approximately once every two years.