HC Deb 16 February 1989 vol 147 cc321-2W
Mr. Key

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science whether additional funds will be provided for the universities in 1989–90 in respect of pay for clinical academic staff.

Mr. Kenneth Baker

Subject to parliamentary approval of the relevant Estimate, an additional £2.8 million will be provided in grant to the Universities Funding Council in 1989–90 in respect of pay for clinical academic staff. This increase takes account of the increase in funding for the hospital and community health service in respect of the recommendations of the Doctors and Dentists Review Body. It will be charged to the Reserve and so will not add to the public expenditure planning total.

I propose to accept all these recommendations.

4.The Order I propose to make to give effect to all of the above would do so by bringing into effect a new School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document. The Committee's remaining recommendations do not require changes to the 1988 Document: I do not therefore propose to change the Document in response to those recommendations. Nor is it intended to revise the RSG settlements for 1989–90 on account of the proposals set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 above. The cost will be offset in part by the greater than expected reduction in the employers' contributions to the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme which I announced on 10 February.

5. Any comments on the proposals set out above and on any other matters raised in the report are invited by 10 March. If you would like to express your views in a meeting would you let my office know of this as soon as possible so that any meetings can take place before Easter.

6. Following these consultations a new School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document will be prepared. There will then be opportunity to comment on the precise wording of the amendments prior to the publication of the new Document and the laying before Parliament of an Order which will give effect to its provisions.

7. The Interim Advisory Committee say that they hope it will be possible for a copy of the report to be seen by teachers in every maintained school. Enough copies of the report are being sent to each local education authority for a copy to be circulated in each school.