HC Deb 15 February 1989 vol 147 cc232-4W
Mr. Allen

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what is the percentage of the annual social fund budget allocated for each month of 1988–89 for grants and loans in those offices covering the Nottingham, North constituency; what other social fund claims and payments have been made to date broken down into (i) the number for social fund claims issued and returned for each of grants, budget loans and for crisis loans, (ii) the number of awards, partial awards and refunds for other grants and loans, (iii) the average payment and (iv) the number of awards successful on review; and if he will give the loans for claimant groups E, A and pensioners.

Mr. Peter Lloyd

The local offices of the Department which serve the Nottingham, North constituency are Nottingham David lane and Nottingham Shakespeare street but their boundaries are not conterminous.

Details of the numbers of applications for social fund loans and grants processed and awarded, listed by local office, including information Oil budget allocations and expenditure, is available from the information held in the Library. Local offices do not have monthly budgets. To assist local office management there is a national profile of anticipated monthly expenditure which may be adjusted to reflect local demands. Details of the national profile were given in my predecessors reply to the hon. Member for Derby, South (Mrs. Beckett) on 11 July 1988 at column 61.

No statistics are maintained on the number of claim and application forms issued to potential social fund claimants and applicants and their representatives. Details of claimants and applicants are not recorded in the format of claimant groups E, A and pensioners.

B. Loans awarded to social fund clients group
Client group 01 02 03 04 05
Loans awarded 16 16 140 16 219
Amount awarded £2,805.86 £3,266.22 £16,937.95 £3,529.33 £33,561.14
Client group 06 07 08 09 10
Loans awarded 85 1,697 32 60 838
Amount awarded £11,961.09 £252,542.95 £5,611.92 £5,887.10 £134,602.04
Client group 11 12 13 15
Loans awarded 1,367 43 288 119
Amount awarded £114,902.94 £7,517.46 £22,855.56 £6,712.27

C. List of social fund Client group codes
Code Client group
01 Aged over 80 with higher pensioner premium
02 Aged 60–79 disabled with higher pensioner premium
03 Aged 60–79 with ordinary pensioner premium or over 60 without pensioner premium

Applicant and partner aged under 60
04 Lone parent with disability premium
05 Family with disability premium
06 Other with disability premium
07 Lone parent without disability premium
08 Unemployed with family premium—signing quarterly
09 Unemployed without family premium—signing quarterly
10 Unemployed or with training allowance—with family premium
11 Unemployed or with training allowance—without family premium
12 Others with family premium
13 Others without family premium
15 Applicants not receiving Income Support

B. Loans awarded to social fund clients group
Client group 01 02 03 04 05
Loans awarded 18 21 266 25 219
Amount awarded £3,082.01 £3,825.86 £33,201.21 £5,489.58 £62,547.72
Client group 06 07 08 09 10

An analysis of loans awarded by client groups, and details of the number of applications successful on review for each social fund client group in the offices requested for the period to the end of December 1988 are shown in the tables.

A. The number of social fund applications successful on review
Local office Number Amount awarded
David lane 53 £13,404.61
Shakespeare street 50 £9,679.57
Total 103 £23,084.18

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