HC Deb 21 December 1989 vol 164 cc445-6W
Mr. Ralph Howell

To ask the Secretary of State for Employment if he will list all training schemes and measures to reduce unemployment, including the enterprise scheme; and if he will give details of(a) the number of people participating at any one time and (b) the separate and overall expenditure in each case.

Mr. Eggar

The information is as follows:

1 Training Agency
Programme Cost(£ million)* Numbers in training October 1989
Employment Training (ET) 1,251.5 209,000
Business Growth Training (BGT) 42.4 see below
Youth Training Scheme (YTS) 1,039.1 405,000
Community Industry (CI) 28.1 6,0002
Work Related Further Education(WRFE) 101.5 see 3 below
TVEI4 & Compacts 121.2 see 5 below
Enterprise Allowance Scheme (EAS) 138.56 77,230
1 The following figures are available for BGT for the period April-October 1989:

Option 1, kits issued 3,700
Option 2, training places 25,700
Option 3, contracts signed 700
Option 4, contracts signed 1,200
Option 5, contracts signed 25

2 Employees in Scheme until 1 May 1989, when the contract changed from "Employment Measure" to "Training Provision".
3 In the field of WRFE the TA operates by negotiating with Local Education Authorities. It is not possible to give participation figures comparable with the rest of table.
4 Technical & Vocational Education Initiative.
5In the academic year 1988–89 314,000 students were involved with TVEI. This figure rose to 630,000 in the academic year 1989–90.
6Provision in TA Vote from July 1989 only.

There are also other TA initiatives for which the numbers in training are not readily available:

Programme Cost(£ million)
Employment Rehabilitation 9.0
Residual Schemes1 20.0
Enterprise Training 3.8
Other Adult Training2 11.5
Enterprise in Higher Education & Other HE projects 8.7
Training & Education Support Programmes 60.8
1 Old Job Training Scheme, New Job Training Scheme, Wider Opportunities Training Programme, Community Programme, Residual Training for the Disabled, Voluntary Projects Programme.
2 National Priority Skills Scheme, Local Grants to Employers, Local Collaborative Projects, Industrial Language Training


Expenditure reflects 1989–90 Estimates provision.

2 Employment Service
Programme Cost (£ million)1 Participants
Jobshare 0.66 1187
Restart Courses 7.85 323,662
Jobstart 5.90 33,793
Jobclub 28.50 423,419
1 As at 30 November 1989.
2 Number of people beginning a Restart Course in November 1989.
3 As at 27 October 1989.
4 As at 24 November 1989.

In addition, the ES, through its network of offices, helps and encourages unemployed people to take up available jobs and opportunities. In 1988–l89 the ES placed approximately 1.5 million unemployed people into jobs.


Expenditure reflects 1989–90 funds allocated.