HC Deb 15 December 1989 vol 163 cc881-2W
Mr. Brazier

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what level of disturbance allowance is currently payable to members of the Armed Forces moving home.

Mr. Archie Hamilton

The current rates of disturbance allowance payable to members of the armed forces on moving home are as follows:

Officers (£) Soldiers (£)
1. Married Personnel
Higher rate1 1,200 900
Lower rate2 689 517
Special rate3 310 232
Child element4 95 95
2. Single Personnel
Higher rate1 900 675
Lower rate2 517 388
Private rented accommodation rate5 297 223
1 The higher rate is payable to homeowners, who move to a new home on posting to a new duty station. Single homeowners must be aged over 30 years, except for the Navy, where the limit is aged over 25 years. There are no age restrictions for married personnel.
2 The lower rate is payable:
(1) To married personnel—when, as a result of a posting, the family is moved to: a residence at a new duty station which is a public married quarter; their own home, which they are reoccupying; their first ever purchase of a private home; or private rented accommodation, where they previously occupied either a public married quarter or private rented accommodation at the old duty station.

(2) To single personnel—when they re-occupy their own home; on first ever occupation of their own home; or, where public accommodation is not available and they are required to move into private rented accommodation and no other accommodation allowance is paid.
3 The special rate is payable for second or subsequent moves from accommodation, which has been occupied by the family, while remaining at the same duty station, for example, to enable major repairs or renovation of a married quarter to take place.
4 The child element is payable in adition to disturbance allowance in respect of each child changing school as a result of a house move.
5 The private rented rate is payable, where an individual chooses to occupy private rented accommodation for personal reasons.


Rates of disturbance allowance are currently under review with new rates due to come into effect on 1 January 1990.

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