HC Deb 06 December 1989 vol 163 c251W
Mr. William Ross

To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what steps he has taken to ensure that subsection (6)(a) of the Road Traffic, Transport and

Numbers of eligible non-recipients for income related benefits
Supplementary benefit 1985 Housing benefit 1985 (1)(2) Family income supplement 1985–86 (2)(3)
Pensioners 380 760 1(4)
Sick and disabled 50 2 1(4)
Unemployed 330 2 1(4)
One-parent families 20 2 2(5)
Others 60 2 2(5)
Total 840 1,610 190(6)
1 — not applicable.
2 — not available.


1. Figures refer to those eligible for standard FIB only as non recipients of certificated Housing benefit will already be included as non recipients of supplementary benefit. In total, approximately 1.8 million households are eligible and not receiving standard or certificated HB.

2. Figures exclude families where the head or spouse is in full-time self-employment.

3. Based on pooled FES data for reasons of sample size.

4. FIS was paid to working families with children whose gross weekly income was less than a 'prescribed amount' determined by the number of children.

5. Although two years' survey data are pooled the number of sample cases are still small and insufficient to provide reliable estimates of these figures.

6. This figure will include some families who are also shown in column two as non recipients of HB.

7. Estimates are based on the Family Expenditure Survey.

Source: Technical notes on take-up of benefits. Copies are available in the House of Commons Library or on request from DSS.

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