HC Deb 05 April 1989 vol 150 cc202-5W
Sir Neil Macfarlane

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environement if he will list the quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations abolished since 1979 within his department; what is the cost of all these organisations for which he is currently responsible; and how many personnel he appoints.

Mr. Ridley

The information requested is listed below:

The quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisa-tions for which my Department has been responsible and which have been abolished since 1979, are listed as follows:

Name of body Date abolished
Construction and Housing Research Advisory Council September 1979
Ordnance Survey Review Committee September 1979
Planning and Transport Research Advisory Council (PATRAC) September 1979
Economic Planning Councils (England) (8) 1 September 1979
Ancient Monuments Board Committee for Rescue Archaeology 17 September 1979
Area Archaeological Advisory Committees (13) 17 September 1979
Advisory Committee on Trees in the Royal Parks 17 September 1979
Committee on Bird Sanctuaries in the Royal Parks 17 September 1979
Detergents and Allied Products—Voluntary Notification Scheme, Scrutiny Group 17 September 1979
Environmental Board 17 September 1979
Hadrian's Wall Advisory Committee 17 September 1979
Housing Corporation Advisory Committee on Co-operatives 17 September 1979
Standing Technical Committee on Synthetic Detergents 17 September 1979
Advisory Committee on the Purchase of Works of Art1 1 November 1979
Advisory Committee on Works of Art in the House of Commons1 (transferred to DES (OAL) 1 November 1979
Committee on Sculptures in the Royal Parks1 1 November 1979
National Consultative Council for the Building and Civil Engineering Industries 2 April 1980
Location of Offices Bureau 1 May 1980
Committee to Examine Standards of Lawn Tennis in Great Britain 10 June 1980
Corby Development Corporation 30 June 1980
Construction Industry Manpower Board 8 August 1980
Housing Association Registration Advisory Committee 8 August 1980
Stevenage Development Corporation 30 September 1980
Clean Air Council 13 November 1980
Housing Services Advisory Group 27 November 1980
Advisory Panel on Institutional Finance in New Towns 30 November 1980
Centre for Environmental Studies 30 November 1980
Harlow Development Corporation 28 December 1980
Waste Management Advisory Council January 1981
Noise Advisory Council 12 February 1981
Scientific Authority for Animals 10 March 1981
Runcorn Development Corporation (merged with Warrington) 1 April 1981
Name of body Date abolished
National Building Agency 19 February 1982
Advisory Committee on Local Government Audit 31 March 1982
Hydraulics Research Station Advisory Committee 1 April 1982
Bracknell Development Corporation 30 June 1982
Advisory Committee on the Protection of Birds for England and Wales 28 September 1982
Advisory Committee on Rent Rebates and Rent Allowances 31 March 1983
Committee on Recreation Management Training 31 March 1983
Building Research Establishment Advisory Committee 24 August 1983
Water Space Amenity Commission 1 December 1983
National Water Council 1 January 1984
Commission on Energy and the Environment (appointments made jointly with the Secretary of State for Energy) 13 December 1984
Ancient Monuments Board for England2 31 March 1984
Historic Buildings Council for England2
Committee on the Management of Privately Owned Blocks of Flats November 1985
Central Lancashire Development Corporation 31 March 1986
Basildon Development Corporation 30 June 1985
Northampton Development Corporation 30 June 1985
Redditch Development Corporation 30 June 1985
Skelmersdale Development Corporation 30 June 1985
PSA Advisory Board 6 February 1986
London Housing Staff Commission 30 June 1986
Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas (CoSIRA)3 31 March 1988
Aycliffe and Peterlee Development Corporation March 1988
Washington Development Corporation March 1988
Peterborough Development Corporation September 1988
Tyne and Wear Residuary Body 31 December 1988
1 Not now classified as non-departmental public bodies.
2 Wound up upon setting up the Historic Building and Monuments Commission for England under the National Heritage Act 1983.
3 Merged with Development Commission to form Rural Development Commission.

The costs of the non-departmental public bodies for which my Department was responsible as at 1 July 1988 are shown in the HMSO publication "Public Bodies 1988", which also gives the number of appointments to those bodies.

Since 1 July 1988, four new urban development corporations have been established by my Department. The costs of these bodies and the number of appointments as at 31 March 1989 to them are as follows:

Grant-in-aid: 1988–89
£ million Appointments
Bristol Development Corporation 0.2 10
Central Manchester Development Corporation 2.5 10
Leeds Development Corporation 2.7 10
£ million Appointments
Sheffield Development Corporation 7.9 10