HC Deb 10 March 1988 vol 129 c335W
Dr. Owen

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services what percentage of hospitals in England and Wales were built(a) before 1965, (b) before 1945, (c) before 1918, (d) before 1900, (e) before 1850.

Region Staff Numbers Percentage
Scotland 9,377 9.2 Outside London Pay Area 83.1
North Eastern (includes Newcastle Central Office) 22,406 22.0
North Western (includes North Fylde Central Office) 17,332 17.0
Midlands 12,873 12.6
Wales and South Western 9,670 9.5
London North (outside London pay area) 5,351 5.3
London South (outside London pay area) 7,684 7.5
London pay area only 17,269 16.9
Total 101,920

The Department no longer holds details of the number of staff located within the London pay area in 1979. There has also been a significant realignment of social security regions since that date are no comparable figures.

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