HC Deb 27 June 1988 vol 136 cc14-7W
Ms. Short

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster if he will list the projects helped by the Handsworth task force and the contribution made to each project by(a) the task force, (b) Birmingham city council, (c) the Manpower Services Commission, and (d) other sources.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke

The list is as follows:

Approved projects Task force Birmingham City Council MSC Other sources
Black Business in Birmingham: venture capital fund to assist development of local small black business 88,800
Business Action Team offering free business consultancy to small local business and developing an executive recruitment service 113,605
Federation of Black Housing Associations seminar on construction contracts 4,670
Establishment of Handsworth Builders' Association, to advise and train local small builders 105,000
Handsworth Task Force Development Fund: grants and loans in co-operation with National Westminster Bank and the City Council 250,000 280,000
Redevelopment of the Lozells Road Shops (including feasibility work) 494,198 84,000 1,271,000
Micro Business Support Service to those receiving Task Force Development Fund assistance 34,907 1,000
Rastafarian Enterprise Initiative, expansion of existing community business 23,500
Winson Green/Rotton Park Employment Project 25,000 27,500 107,500
Attock Welfare Employment and Training—CP pilot initiative 10,000 15,000
Birmingham Young Volunteers: support and advice to young people at risk 8,000 23,000
Broadway Lower School Technology Laboratory—computer hardware and refurbishment costs 20,000 39,000
City of Handsworth Alternative Scheme (CHAS): employment and training advice for ex-offenders 38,604 3,750 11,250
Effective leadership in inner city schools: management development training for local teachers 780
Fire service pre-recruitment training programme 7,500 1,500 8,700
Guru Ravidass Cultural Association: skills workshop conversion 18,000 54,000 7,000
Handsworth Employment Scheme feasibility work and subsequent capital equipment funding for bakery and YTS workshop on the Camp lane site 150,610 43,954
Handsworth Under Fives Forum (HUFF) Training for nursery staff 27,800 15,696
Industrial Society providing employment-enterprise awareness training in schools 16,000
Information Technology Network—data link between Holte School, Handsworth Technical College and Austin Rover IT centre 49,956
Inner City Community Sports Leadership training-pilot 5,400 2,500
Lozells Electronic Workshop: training and low cost purchasing-servicing facility 21,864 17,318 67,108 51,954
MACRO Films video-film YTS training workshop 69,045 41,250 20,465 153,750
Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC): training and employment advice to alienated local people 97,005 57,000 20,000
Outward bound self-development scheme 5,300 5,000
Positive Action for training in Housing Mangement (PATH) scheme for people from ethnic minorities 72,000 61,300
Handsworth Technical College personal services workshop (hairdressing, care of the elderly, etc) 58,900 31,500
Positive Image—childcare training centre 76,038 5,000 60,503
Holte School/Industry Centre in conjunction with business and the Local Education Authority 69,760

Approved projects Task force Birmingham City Council MSC Other sources
Schools Outreach pilot preventive care project 32,000
YTS project placement officer, to develop high quality employer led placements for local voluntary sector YTS providers 18,672, 16,463
Villa Cross Self Build—assistance with construction skills training for a group of Bangladeshis wishing to build their own houses 59,200 459,300
Afro-Caribbean Resource Centre—day care for elderly and creche facility 29,000 9,000 65,300 49,000
Handsworth Youth Crime Prevention Scheme—property marketing using CP 1,648 54,473
Handsworth Day Care Centre Latchkey Scheme 5,000 24,611
Ladworth Community Safety project—small grants scheme for local groups 15,000
Lozells Shops security measures 28,500 1,500
Police Foundation—mobile crime prevention workshop 25,000 12,000 15,000
Progress 2000—CP refurbishment scheme to improve nursery provision 44,000 29,300 31,392
Think Green—training in horticultural skills for local people and development of a garden centre as a co-operative 54,700 20,000 32,130 60,000
Homework Centres—bridge funding to assist under-achieving pupils in the Task Force area 25,500
Birmingham Area Improvement Team—security and environmental work to a residential area, involving 64 properties, to improve community safety 149,570 50,000
Handsworth Wood Boys School—equipment for the craft and design technology department 2,500
Handsworth Skills Partnerships—feasibility work 7,500
Prince of Wales Community Venture—capital (training) equipment 8,400
Villa Cross Bingo Hall—conversion into managed workspace for local businesses 300,000 112,000 435,000
Handsworth Employment Scheme—second capital equipment phase, also developing security services and contract cleaning businesses 185,931
Marcus Garvey Supplementary School—audio-visual and other equipment 9,000 5,500

Mr. Grocott

To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, pursuant to the answer to the hon. Member for The Wrekin of 20 June, how many civil servants in his Department are employed at grade 3 and above; and what is the estimated cost of discovering whether they were educated at state or private schools.

Mr. Butcher

Sixty-seven. The cost was seen to be disproportionate.