HC Deb 20 June 1988 vol 135 c452W
Mrs. Dunwoody

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport (1) how many public service vehicle licences are held by ATL Holdings Ltd. or any of its subsidiary companies; when they were granted; how long they have been held; and what were the variations in those licences in the last five years;

(2) how many times the north-west traffic commissioners have reduced the public service vehicle licences held by ATL Holdings; on what dates; for which companies; and on how many vehicles;

(3) on how many occasions, and on which dates, ATL Holdings has had any of its public service vehicle licences reduced because of road safety violations or the use of unsafe vehicles.

Mr. David Mitchell

ATL Holdings does not hold a PSV operator's licence. The current licence of its subsidiary Yelloway Motor Services Ltd., was granted on 8 April 1988 and its first licence on 1 March 1982. The current licence of Crosville Motor Services was granted on 17 August 1987, and its first licence on 1 August 1981. The current licence of SUT Ltd. was granted on 19 June 1987 and its first on 1 May 1987. The current licence of Yelloway Trathens Express was granted on 1 November 1986 and its first on 28 November 1985.

The number of vehicles which Yelloways Motor Services is authorised to operate on its PSV operator's licence was reduced from 50 to 35 with effect from 1 June 1987 because of severe maintenance problems. It was further reduced from 35 to 30 on 8 April 1988 on account of new prohibition notices.

The other variations in the number of vehicles which these companies were authorised to operate over the last five years were:—

  • Yelloways Motor Services was granted a reduction from 60 to 50 in February 1987.
  • Crosville Motor Services Ltd. was granted an increase from 764 to 774 in January 1985; a reduction from 774 to 478 in October 1986 (when the company was divided into two); and a reduction from 478 to 450 in August 1987.
  • Yelloway Trathens Express Ltd. was granted an increase from 10 to 20 in March 1987.