HC Deb 12 July 1988 vol 137 cc179-80W
Mr. David Davis

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services what is the outcome of his review of the role and functioning of the Council for Postgraduate Medical Education in England and Wales; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Newton

Following the review of its future role by the council itself, and further extensive consultation by officials of the Department, I have concluded that change is needed. On 1 August 1988, therefore, the present Council for Postgraduate Medical Education in England and Wales will be replaced by a new Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical Education.

The purpose of the standing committee will be to address issues concerned with the practical delivery of high standards of postgraduate medical education. We will be looking to the committee to identify these issues and, drawing on the relevant expertise in the profession, to put forward proposals clearly identifying the action to be taken centrally and locally. The committee's work will complement the advice which we already receive from a number of bodies concerned with medical and dental education, including the medical royal colleges and the education committees of the General Medical Council and the General Dental Council.

The chairman and members of the standing committee will be appointed by my right hon. Friend from recommendations made by the chief medical officer and the chief dental officer, who will seek advice from relevant professional bodies. The first chairman will be professor

Average Incomes of Individuals in Households 1981, 1983 and 1985
(Adjusted for Family Size and Composition)
Great Britain—Current Prices—Weekly Basis
Per cent He of the income distribution
Below 10 per cent. Below 20 per cent. Below 30 per cent. Below 40 per cent. Below 50 per cent. Total
Tables A1 and A2
All individuals—before housing costs
1981 42.95 50.95 56.65 61.80 66.85 104.70
1983 49.05 58.60 65.25 71.10 76.70 119.20
1985 58.80 68.70 75.90 82.55 89.25 140.95
Table A3
Dependent children—before housing costs
1981 42.55 49.10 55.55 59.85 65.20 91.40
1983 51.10 58.65 64.40 70.20 75.50 106.95
1985 59.00 66.80 73.65 80.25 87.55 125.85
Tables D1 and D2
All individuals—after housing costs
1981 31.40 39.45 45.30 50.70 55.95 93.00

Dame Barbara Clayton CBE MD PhD FRCP PRCPath; members will be selected so as to cover the widest range of educational, professional and service interests.

The setting up of this new body, after extended consultation with professional and education interests, reflects the Government's commitment to maintaining, and if possible enhancing, the standards of medical education of which this country is justly proud.

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