HC Deb 14 January 1988 vol 125 cc348-9W
Mr. Barry Field

To ask the Attorney-General what was the cost of the Land Registry services for each of the last five years in(a) England, (b) Wales, (c) Scotland and (d) by county.

The Attorney-General

The following table shows, for England and Wales, the expenditure involved in providing Land Registry services; and for Scotland, the expenditure involved in providing the services of the Department of the Registers (about 97 per cent. of which is attributable to the Register of Sasines and the Land Register of Scotland). Figures are not kept for England and Wales separately, nor for individual counties in England, Wales and Scotland. Such figures could be provided only at inordinate expense.

England and Wales£ million Scotland Wales£ million
1982–83 66.8 8.2
1983–84 75.6 9.9
1984–85 82.4 10.9
1985–86 91.0 12.2
1986–87 102.2 12.4

Both the Land Registry and the Department of the Registers are self-financing, expenditure being fully offset by income from fees.

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