HC Deb 26 February 1988 vol 128 cc341-2W
Mr. Tony Banks

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will give details of all spending over budget in the last financial year by each department of the London Docklands Development Corporation.

Mr. Chope

Provision was made for LDDC's expected expenditure by votehead, as recorded in table 1 of class X, vote 3, of the main Supply Estimates (HC 227—IX, X: March 1987). A further £2,163 was transferred from the Merseyside development corporation when it became clear that MDC would not require its full allocation. Of this transfer, £1,163,000 was allocated to votehead (F) and £1,000,000 to votehead (G). Virements between other voteheads were either within the LDDC's delegation limits, or were approved by the Department. Outturn compared with final provision, as amended, in 1986–87 was therefore as follows:

£ thousands
Final Provision Outturn
A. Running costs 9,500 10,624
B. Estate management; maintenance, rates, security 3,900 3,301
C. Environment improvement works 6,200 7,100
D. Land purchase 15,000 12,800
E. Land reclamation and site preparation 8,118 8,364
F. Provision and renewal of gas, water, etc main services 13,600 5,363
G. Roads and transport 26,500 8,701
H. Support for industry — grants and loans under the Inner Urban Areas Act 1978 700 483
I. Support for voluntary organisations and social facilities 3,900 4,114
J. Docklands Light Railway 6,000 5,554
K. Housing 200
Gross Total 65,781 66,404
Deduct: (Y) receipts used to offset items A and B 900 1,523
Net Total 64,881 64,881
1 Plus 1,163 transfer.
2 Plus 1,000 transfer.