HC Deb 24 February 1988 vol 128 c247W
Dr. Thomas

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services what specific study has been undertaken(a) by his Department, (b) by his Department in collaboration with the environment and health departments, (c) by consultants to his Department, (d) by the National Radiological Protection Board, (e) by the Medical Research Council, (f) by COMARE and (g) by the Black committee, of the comparative health of girls who attended the Calder girls school in Seascale from 1952 to its closure, with cohorts of girls from different regions over the same period.

Mrs. Currie

A study of children who attended schools in Seascale, but were born elsewhere, commissioned and part-funded by this Department following a recommendation of the Black advisory group, was undertaken by Professor M. J. Gardner of the M RC epidemiology unit, Southampton, and colleagues, and reported in theBritish Medical Journal of 3 October 1987.

The study compared deaths from any cause, and nonfatal cancer incidence among the pupils, with that expected on the basis of national rates. Calder girls' school was amongst those whose pupils were included in the study. We know of no other similar studies on the health of this group.

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