HC Deb 12 February 1988 vol 127 c399W
Sir Brandon Rhys Williams

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will update to 1985 the reply given to the hon. Member for Kensington,Official Report, 27 January 1987, column 215 showing the numbers of working and out-of-work families with children at different income levels.

Mr. Portillo

I refer my hon. Friend to my reply to the hon. Member for Birkenhead (Mr. Field) on 21 January 1988 at columns836–40.

Estimated number of the 10 most common forms of surgery (in order of frequency) performed in NHS non-psychiatric, non-maternity hospitals, England 1985
Condensed1 list operation number Operation Estimated number of operations Approximate cost (current prices) Estimate based on
1. 080 Dilatation, Curettage, Biopsy and Excision of Lesion of Cervix 127,450 £200 to £250 National average cost per patient day in hospital
2. 093 Treatment of Fracture by Operations 105,850 Not available
3. 061 Cystoscopy (with Destruction of Lesion) 87,680 Not available
4. 023 Tonsils and Adenoids 83,550 £300 to £350 National average cost per patient day in hospital
5. 078 Hysterectomy 68,590 £1,200 Study carried out in 1982
6. 038 Operations on Abdominal Wall, Peritoneum and Mesentery 67,710 Not available
7. 039 Inguinal Hernia Operations 66,660 £650 Study carried out in 19822 (average for all hernia operations)
8. 092 Post-natal or Post-abortion Operations 65,800 Not available
9. 014 Operations on Lens 60,100 £950 1986 estimate for cataracts (including lens implant) only
10. 100 Arthroplasty3 53,080 £3,300 1984 estimate for hip joint replacement only
1 OPCS condensed list of surgical operations.
2 Many of these operations are now carried out by day surgery but a separate costing for such operations is not available.
3 Arthroplasty also includes knee joint replacement for which a separate figure is not available.

Source: Hospital In-Patient Enquiry (HIPE).