HC Deb 08 February 1988 vol 127 cc90-1W
Mr. Tom Arnold

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the responsibilities of each of the deputy secretaries in his Department and the number and ranks of staff reporting to each.

Mr. Brooke

The information as at 1 January 1988 is as follows:

Deputy Secretary (Grade 2) Overseas Finance

  • Responsibilities:
  • European Community Group
  • Aid and Export Finance Group
  • Senior UK Director of the European Investment Bank
  • United Kingdom representation at international financial and economic meetings
  • Two Grade 3, four Grade 5 and 38½ other staff

Deputy Secretary (Grade 2) Public Finance

  • Responsibilities:
  • Fiscal Policy Group
  • Financial Institutions and Markets Group
  • Monetary Group
  • Public Sector Finances Group
  • North Sea Development and Policy
  • Three Grade 3, eight Grade 5 and 99 other staff

Deputy Secretary (Grade 2) Industry

  • Responsibilities:
  • Public Enterprises Group
  • Industry, Agriculture and Employment Group
  • Two Grade 3, five Grade 5 and 64 other staff

Deputy Secretary (Grade 2) Public Services

  • Responsibilities:
  • Social Services and Territorial Group
  • Local Government Group
  • Home, Transport and Education Group
  • Treasury Officer of Accounts and Purchasing
  • Financial Management Group
  • Running Costs Group
  • Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
  • Chairman of the Public Expenditure Survey Committee
  • Chairman of the Procurement Policy Committee
  • Seven Grade 3, 18 Grade 5 and 635 other staff

Deputy Secretary (Grade 2) Deputy Chief Economic Adviser

  • Responsibilities:
  • Public Enterprises Analytic Unit
  • Manpower Statistics
  • Economics of Taxation
  • Public Expenditure Economics and Operational Research
  • Micro Economic Analysis of Trade Issues
  • One Grade 3, seven Grade 5, 56½ other staff

Establishments and organisation group, econonic briefing division, the information division and the rating of Government property department (1,046 staff) report direct to the permanent secretary; the defence policy and material group, the general expenditue policy group and the central unit on purchasing (87½ staff) to the second permanent secretary (public expenditure); the forecast and analysis group and the medium-term and policy analysis group (36 staff) to the chief economic adviser; the international finance group (24 staff) to the second permanent secretary finance; the pay and personnel management group, the Civil Service catering organisation and superannuation division (982½ staff including 598½ industrial civil servants at CISCO) to the second permanent secretary (Civil Service management and pay); and the accountancy advice group (43 staff) reports to the accountancy adviser to the Treasury and the head of the Government accountancy service.