HC Deb 22 December 1988 vol 144 cc441-3W
Mr. Ashley

To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list the research known to his Department which is relevant to food poisoning and has been(a) ongoing and (b) commissioned in each of the last five years; and if he will state the source of funding in each case.

Mr. Ryder

[pursuant to his reply, 21 December 1988]: The following list of research projects covers most of the publicly funded research relevant to microbial food poisoning ongoing and newly commissioned over the past two years. A fuller reply could be prepared only at disproportionate cost.

Institutes Project number Title
IFR Bristol 141052 Bacteria and Hygiene in Abbatoirs
IFR Bristol 141053 Bacteria on Meat and Food-borne Illness
IFR Bristol 141055 Define Factors Controlling Microbial Growth and Develop Predictive Models
IFR Bristol 141083 Manipulation of the Microbial Flora of the Gut of Young Chicks to Control Salmonellas in Broilers
IFR Norwich 242110 Microbiological Safety of Chilled Foods Including Salads
IFR Norwich 242114 Microbiological Hazards in Domestic and insttutional Handling of Food
IFR Bristol 141084 Safety and Quality of Poultry Products in Relation to Processing
IFR Reading 343004 Improve Existing and Develop New Methods to Assess Hygenic Quality of Foods
IFR Reading 343154 Election Transfer Coupling as a Rapid Method for Assessment of Bacterial Contamination
IFR Norwich 232031 Determination of Food Constituents and Contaminants by ELISA
IFR Bristol 141037 Effects of Heat, Cold, Drying, Radiation on Bacteria and their Recovery and Growth
IFR Bristol 141068 Food Safety by Predicting Microbial Growth
IFR Norwich 242009 Develop Novel Preservative Systems to Prevent Growth of Food Poisoning Bacteria including Clostrium botulinum
IFR Norwich 242156 Influence of Food Components and Preservative Factors on Food-borne Pathogens (some industrial funding)
Bristol 141035 Rapid methods of Characterisation of Bacteria
IFR Bristol 141036 Classification of Bacteria from Meat and Meat Products
IFR Norwich 232134 Development of Immunoassays for the Rapid Detection of Food Poisoning Organisms
IFR Reading 343206 Enzyme-linked Immunological Biosensors for the Specific Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria in Foods (OC)
BEL 002012 Pathogenic Staphylococci in Dairy Products
BEL 002031 Survival of Campylobacter in Packaged Lamb
BEL 002015 The Microbiology of Meat and Fish Packaged for Retail Sale
BEL 002017 A Study of the Effect of Controlled Atmospheres on the Microbial Spoilage of Packaged Vegetables
BEL 002023 Aerobic Spore-forming Bacteria Occurring in Bulked Milk Supplies
BEL 002022 Development of Direct Epifluorescent Filter Techniques (DEFT)
HRI 071013 Determine the Factors Affecting Growth of Psychrotrophs in Cooled or Heat Treated Cooled Milk
HRI 071048 Determine the Heat Stability Characteristics of Thermal Resistant Sporulating Organisms