HC Deb 25 April 1988 vol 132 cc63-5W
Mr. Bowis

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the housing associations in receipt of higher management allowance for their work in the inner city areas; and if he will give the amount of the allowance in each case.

Mrs. Roe

Higher management allowances are awarded to housing associations to reflect the additional costs arising from tenant needs and estate difficulties which present particular problems, including work in areas of urban and rural stress. The list below details those associations in receipt of HMA as at 1 April 1988 who cited the fact that they worked in such stress areas as at least part of the reason for their extra management costs. The HMA awards made to these associations are also listed.

Higher Management Allowances, Associations working in stress areas
Association Name and Operational Area HMA £ per unit
Baptist HAL, London North 44
Battersea Churches HT, London South 91
Battersea Tenants Co-op, London South 91
Beth Johnson HAL, West Midlands 49
Bethnal Green and East London, London North 44
Birmingham Friendship, West Midlands 107
Association Name and Operational Area HMA £ per unit
Bradford and Northern, North East 45
Brent Peoples HAL, London North 91
Bridge HSL, East Midlands 43
Bristol Churches, West 62
Brunel and Family HAL, North East 81
Caldmore Area HAL, West Midlands 118
Central and Provincial HT, London North 41
Cheshire Foundation, London North 70
Cheviot HAL, North East 26
Chichester Diocesan, London South 62
Christ Action (Enfield), London North 42
Church HAL, London North 91
Circle 33 HT, London North 91
Coastal Counties HA, London South 45
Columbus First HAL, London North 60
Community HAL, London North 91
Community Relations HA, North West 118
Coventry Churches (2nd), West Midlands 118
Coventry Churches HAL, West Midlands 118
Croydon Churches, London South 74
De Montfort HSL, East Midlands 49
Ealing Family HAL, London North (N) 91
East London HAL, London North 62
East Midlands HAL, East Midlands 52
East Midlands Retirement, East Midlands 51
Eaves Brook HA, North West 37
Elizabeth Bates HSL, London North 35
Endeavour HAL, North East 22
Family First Trust, East Midlands 91
Family HA, London South 118
FHA Birkenhead, Merseyside 33
Furnival HSG Co-op, West 55
Greater Hornby HA, Merseyside 90
Grosvenor HA, Merseyside 24
Habinteg HAL, London North 102
Heantun HAL, West Midlands 112
Hestia HAL, West Midlands 118
Holyland HSG Co-op, Merseyside 131
Humanist Hal, London North 52
Hyde HA, London South 104
Irwell Valley, North West 112
Keniston (Second) HAL, London North 66
Keniston HAL, London North 91
Kensington HT, London North 66
Knightstone HA, West 42
Leicester HAL, East Midlands 118
Leicester Students HAL, East Midlands 39
Liver HA, Merseyside 76
London and Quadrant, London South 91
Lotus HSL, West Midlands 17
Manchester and District, North West 102
Manchester 1926, North West 61
Manchester Methodist, North West 93
Martlet HA, London South 25
Medway Churches HA, London South 84
Mercian HSL, West Midlands 95
Merseyside IMP HSES, Merseyside 113
Metropolitan HT, London North 68
Moseley & District, West Midlands 8
Mosscare HA, North West 66
Muir Group HA, North West 34
New Islington & Hackney, London North 91
Newcastle upon Tyne HAL, North East 77
Newlon HT, London North 91
Nina West Homes, London North 62
Normid HAL, West Midlands 96
Association Name and Operational Area HMA £ per unit
North British HA, North West 25
North Sheffield HAL, North East 113
Notting Hill HT, London North 91
Paddington Churches HAL, London North 84
Phoenix HAL, North East 6
Pierhead HA, Merseyside 110
Portsmouth HA, West 112
Presentation HA, London South 91
Princes Park HSG Co-Op, Merseyside 124
Raglan HA, West 62
Railway HA & Ben. Fund, North East 90
Railway Street Co-Op, North East 37
Ridings HAL, North East 118
Rodney HA, Merseyside 96
Salford Community, North West 118
Servite Houses, London North 88
Shackleton HA, London South 77
Shepherds Bush HAL, London North 90
Sir Oswald Stoll Found. London North 91
Soho HAL, London North 91
Solon South West HA, London South 100
Solon Wandsworth HA, London South 83
South East Lancs HA, North West 38
South London FHA, London South 90
South Yorkshire HAL, North East 113
St. Helens HA, Merseyside 74
St. Marylebone HA, London North 91
St. Pancras HA in Camden, London North 54
St. Philips HSL, West Midlands 61
St. Vincents Manchester, North West 18
Staffordshire HAL, West Midlands 94
Stoke on Trent, West Midlands 30
Stonham HA, London South 118
Sunderland River Co-Op, North East 56
Tennant HT, London North 83
Thames HA, London South 118
Third Collingwood, West 67
Three Rivers HAL, North East 48
Threshold Single Per, London South 91
Toxteth Park HSG Co-Op, Merseyside 131
Two Castles HAL, North West 61
United Kingdom HT, London North 91
United Reformed Church, London North 26
Venture HA, Merseyside 90
Walbrook HAL, East Midlands 114
Wandle HA, London North 81
Warrington HA, Merseyside 54
Waterloo HAL, West Midlands 92
Wearmouth Co-Op, North East 57
West Pennine HA, North West 118
Womens Pioneer HL, London North 63
York HA, North East 96
Young Persons HA, MER 109